Luke Nash-Jones (MBGA) and Martin Costello, Swinton Chartists are calling for a day of Brexit Action on January 13th in both Nottingham and Cardiff and on January 14th in London:

The 13/14th of January will be a most important day in 2018 for Brexiteers. In the spirit of the Chartists, from one end of this land to the other, Leave voters will stand up and tell Theresa that we have had enough of her games.

After the Brexit referendum result was declared, we were surprised to hear Vote Leave had closed down operations. While certainly, the vote to leave the EU was a victory, it had not been implemented and still has yet to be. As more and more Leave groups wound down their efforts, we were not content to remain silent. We believed it pure folly to simply accept a weak promise from a politician, and one who was an ardent Remain activist. We felt a need for as many of the 52% to stand together as possible, to keep the British lion roaring loud, to hold Mrs Maybe’s feed to the fire, and to encourage a populist rising in the UK, such as that we have seen with Trump in the USA.

Therefore, we formed a non-partisan activist group, to not just protest on the street for Brexit, but to encourage the populist spirit behind such. We took our name from the People’s Charter of 1838 that called for democracy, for the working and lower-middle classes to have the vote. We felt the rising anti-Brexit protests stirred on by the likes of Bob Geldof were an affront to the will of the people, to democracy.

We are not currently in an election campaign, so we need all Brexiteers, whatever party, to work together. Half of Leave voters were Tories, a quarter were Labour. Our current goal must be a non-partisan effort to encourage the government to deliver a real Brexit.

The “Brexit establishment” is out of touch. We notice that the Tufton Street neo-liberal globalist think tanks resent the EU tariffs that hinder their outsourcing of our jobs, but they ever so warmly welcome mass migration that drives down and stagnates wages; they ignore why we voted. For example, the Institute of Economic Affairs, whose board and advisors overlap somewhat with Vote Leave, stated that Brexit must occur but not in a manner that means the end to the free movement of people; that booklet was written by Philippe Le Gran, an advisor to the EU President Barroso, so we can be sure they are not biased.

We have protested on the streets of London, a number of times, as well as in variations locations in the south of Britain, such as Swindon. Now, as we notice the ECR (the EU super-party which was founded by David Cameron, and is led by Tory MEP Syed Kamall) clearly state that it wants to stop Brexit, we believe Theresa May’s performance to the UK public is a mere farce. Hence, on Sunday the 14th we will protest with Steven Woolfe outside Downing Street.

We are displeased by Anna Soubry and Co’s consistent efforts to stop Brexit, including their forcing through of an amendment to the Brexit bill. Even Tory MP Nadine Dorries called for Soubry to be deselected, so on Saturday the 13th we shall protest in Beeston, Nottingham; the constituency she represents with Bill Etheridge to call for Brexit. Earlier that morning, we shall be in Cardiff with Ben Walker, Neil Hamilton, and Gareth Bennett to lambast the Welsh Assembly for going against the will of the people, who voted in Wales overwhelmingly for Brexit.

Martin Costello
Swindon Chartists

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