Cameron did not negotiate a single concession during his 6 month long pantomime around Europe. Not a single power was asked for, nor sovereignty returned, no treaty change, nothing. Kenneth Clarke MP even said he and a group of civil servants couldn’t think of a single power or soveriengty they wanted returned. He and Nick Clegg, the ardent europhiles, were more than happy with what was being asked for. But what was being asked for? Concessions, maybe but that was only ever a ruse to keep the Press focused on that and not the real reason.

It was all about negotiating the next stage in the EU development, but he had to feed some scraps to his party faithful, his backbenchers, so he asked for Tampon tax to be removed (Struck down by the EU Commission this week, if it hadn’t been them it would have been the ECJ or EU parliament), he asked for “ever closer union” to be removed, but that’s like asking a leopard to change its spots, it’s meaningless. He asked for benefits to be restricted for 4 years to EU Nationals working in the UK, again this is likely to be struck down in the ECJ. This negotiation has been exposed for the sham it was. So this part of the plan has fallen flat, so onto part two of their plan: Project Fear.

So what were the negotiations about? The next treaty, of course. Temporary associate membership of the EU, before full on political union. he even announced his intentions in November 2015 at his prenegotiating speech he made in Chatham House, for those listening.

We need a British model of membership that works for Britain and any other non-Euro member”…@11:30 minutes 

The €uro is failing fast. No currency in history has succeeded without complete political union under one unitary control. The next stage is to accelerate economic, fiscal and monetary policy in the €uro-zone. The project will continue regardless. All non-€uro member states would be asked to forfeit any veto for €uro-zone policies opting for observer status only ( The UK has done this already), until 2025 when ALL non-€uro member states will then have to ditch their currencies for the €uro. Cameron, Clegg el al will be off in retirement or sitting in the Lords or some such and out of the way of course by then.

This new treaty based on the Five Presidents Report by the Spinelli Group in 2017 would require treaty change, therefore a referendum is needed under the European Union Act 2011. This posed a serious problem. The Tories, Labour and Libdems strongly suspect this treaty would likely be rejected in such a referendum, because rejecting it would be opting for the status quo and one in the eye to Brussels, so have gone for the nuclear option of an IN/OUT referendum in the knowledge that many people would bottle leaving. It would give consent to carry on too at whatever pace they want and any dissenting voices would be told YOU voted for it in a democratic election. Put up and shut up.

The establishment would throw Project Fear and armageddon on the voting public, which worked in Scotland. It would use all the power of the government machine and bottomless pit of taxpayer money to scare us all into remaining, every international friend and institution would be asked to recommend staying in, Every economist would be asked etc etc.  The Tories would then take the “Remain” result as a green light or consent required for this new treaty. It would be like deja vu of 1975 all over again despite the obvious cock-up of Cameron’s “re-negotiation”.

They may even pull it off, but the point is this referendum is not a simple IN/Out referendum, it about the next treaty, but no one including the “Leave” side run by Cameron’s old school chum Boris will ever let on the real reason behind it.

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’
Vladimir Lenin

Still voting to leave the EU, but I’ve used my feet, rather than rely on a fixed EU referendum… Now permanently living in Jamaica.