Emmanuel Macron is the new President of France. He won 65% of the votes. His victory ought to give rise to some very sober reflections about the rise of a ‘new democracy’, of new politics in the West.

During the campaign between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron some observers have pointed out that this was the confrontation between nationalists and globalists. The result is clear: the globalists won.

M Macron was, as has been pointed out, an ‘unknown’. We here in the UK first heard of him when, as French Finance Minister, he added to the ‘climate of fear’ by threatening that, should we vote to Leave, France could scrap the ‘Le Touquet agreement’, sending all Calais Jungle dwellers to Britain, while ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for bankers (see here).

But France being France, there’s more to it. There are elections for the French Parliament next month, and commentators earlier this year kept pointing out (see e.g. here) that a win for Marine Le Pen wouldn’t be so bad because her party had only two representatives. M Macron of course doesn’t even have a party, just a ‘movement’. The next few weeks will be very interesting for ‘France watchers’ – after all, a President does need some sort of power base in parliament, no?

So, what does this victory mean for us?

It means, for starters, that the Brexit negotiations have become even more difficult, not just because of the usual French intransigence, but because the globalists, who ‘fabricated’ M Macron and who are, as we all know, utterly anti-Brexit, have now good cause to regard themselves as winners who have the power to manipulate the will of a whole nation. More on that below.

We only need to look at the rise and rise of M Macron, supported by all-out propaganda in the MSM. Even the strange incidence of ‘leaked documents’ just a couple of days before the election looked to me as fabricated, as an attempt to have a ready-made argument should he not win: the Russians did it … I doubt if we will now hear more of that sort of accusation.

We can also ponder the amazing fact that such an unknown was able to create a ‘movement’ out of thin air, and run such a well-financed campaign. We UKIPpers know only too well how much such a campaign really costs, especially when one doesn’t have a large party apparatus as support!

What does this tell us?

It tells us that yes, using social media can work – provided certain International Banks are prepared to give behind-the-scenes support, organising and paying for the boots-on-the-grounds, launching media campaigns, utilising the MSM who are anyway establishment mouthpieces and who will never report without bias. Who pays the piper … isn’t it!

It tells us that lovely slogans, spread across the MSM, are easily swallowed provided they are factually meaningless, because people don’t have the time to analyse. Just look at this phrase:

Addressing the nation, a sober Mr Macron immediately reached across the divide to Le Pen voters, saying he heard the “anger, anxiety and doubts” that many had expressed.” (Telegraph)

The cynic in me says: yes, he ‘hears’ this – but will he do anything about it? Will he do anything about the rise and rise of islam in France? Will he do anything about the illegal immigrants in Calais, in Paris? I doubt it.

We must accept that the globalists and the EU won this election. It was not about French politics. It was about keeping the ‘populists’ out, by all and any means. Just imagine what the international MSM would have said had Marine Le Pen ‘rebranded’ the FN and named her party ‘En Marche’, which means ‘on the move’. They would have immediately pointed out that this is fatally close to fascist slogans. But when international banks support it, it’s of course not extreme ultra right-wing populism, of course not!

The cynic in me says: see, there’s horrible populism and there’s the right sort of populism, as exemplified by clean and sober M Macron, and it’s the globalists who decide which is which. We the people don’t need to think about it – they think for us.

What is so fascinating in this victory is that usually, in times of danger, people will vote conservative. The elections in one of the German federal states yesterday gave, for example, the victory to Ms Merkel’s party. We can assume therefore that Germany will again elect Ms Merkel this September. We know that here in the UK, Ms May will romp home on June 8th with an unassailable majority.

But – M Macron, formerly belonging to M Hollande’s socialist party, is not a conservative. That should tell us that these labels are now irrelevant. It does not matter to the globalists if someone is ’socialist’ or ‘conservative’, as long as they toe the line the globalists prescribe. That line, here, is to keep ‘The Project” going – the EU, the United States of Europe. M Macron, their President, will do just that, as his victory speech shows:

“I will defend Europe; it is our civilisation which is at stake…I will work to rebuild ties between Europe and its citizens.” (Telegraph)

The cynic in me says: isn’t it astounding that a newly elected President of France will ‘defend Europe’, but not France! But then again, we do know, do we not, that the EU has its roots in Vichy France, and that these roots can be traced back to the Napoleonic Empire.

Showing that M Macron is indeed the new ‘President of the EU’, is this:

“Later Mr Macron took the stage to the strains of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the European Union anthem, in the courtyard of the Louvre museum.” (Telegraph)

The ‘Marseillaise’, it would seem, is history.

Nationalism – a dirty word.

Patriotism – a dirty word.

Globalism is what it is now all about – globalism for the New Elite, the new Feudal Overlords, and serfdom for us peasants.

Welcome to the new era of globalist feudalism!