Earlier in the week I wrote to UKIP Daily (Letters to the Editor) about the outrageous ‘A Point of View’, broadcast by the BBC on the 28th of December 2016, which was widely interpreted as drawing a direct comparison between those who voted to leave the EU and those who crucified Christ.

The broadcast has been condemned by many as further evidence of left-wing bias and pro-EU bullying from the BBC, as can be seen by this piece in the Independent.

I complained to the BBC about this and I received the following response:

Howard Jacobson’s essay here did not make a direct comparison between Brexit and the decision to crucify Jesus – the Pontius Pilate reference was part of a critique of democracy, a tradition that goes back to Plato. It was meant to make people think about Jacobson’s central point – that being are “The People” always right?

Well, I have to say I am astounded by this response. If the point being made was that the democratic verdict of an electorate may not always be correct, then, of course, that is a perfectly valid point and is well understood. I don’t think even the most ardent Brexiteer would claim that it is impossible for the 2016 referendum verdict to result in disappointment further down the line. Examples of more appropriate references that might have been used in the broadcast could have included e.g. the landslide election of Tony Blair in 1997. People’s considerable faith in Blair’s election, eventually (as we all unfortunately know) turned into considerable disillusionment. Some might argue the same for Margaret Thatcher’s landslide election in 1979. To provide some balance, perhaps both examples could have been validly cited.

However, what is unacceptable is to cite the decision to crucify Jesus as an example of a democratic decision made by ‘The People’. Jesus was in fact popular with the public, that’s why the establishment feared him. There was no democracy or ‘mini-referendum’ involved in this decision at all. This was a decision made by the High Priests of the Jewish establishment, principally Caiaphas, who realised that Jesus threatened their power. Jesus faced a rigged trial by a kangaroo court – even then, the eventual decision was forced on the Romans by a noisy, bullying mob.

I therefore still think that a public apology is in order from the BBC and the Broadcaster.

The point is that such slurs on the patriotic section of this country are attacks on democracy itself, and, effectively, a form of state censorship. The objective of such attacks is to persecute those who challenge the status quo. The Fear factor (with full establishment backing) was the Remainers’ Plan A. Now that it has failed they are onto Plan B, Project Demonisation, again, with the full force of the state behind it.

This vilification makes it difficult for a patriotic party like UKIP to function, gain support and attract candidates so that it is in a position to win elections. As the third biggest party in the UK, UKIP should be afforded sufficient respect to enable it to function as a normal party, without having to be subjected to the pressure being visited upon them by state funded (and other) broadcasters. Although it actually stiffens the resolve of some (who can see that it’s just the establishment getting rattled)  there are, understandably, many others who cannot cope with the establishment demonization of them, which constantly labels them as  ‘Jesus Crucifiers’, Racists, Xenophobes and Nazis. Such people, regrettably, leave political parties.

Many times I have seen newspaper reviewers on the BBC making fun of UKIP, when the real joke, politically, in this country right now is clearly the Labour Party. The membership of the Labour Party may be considerable, but how much of that is due to the establishment’s endorsement of left wing views?

It’s incredible to think that a local authority once removed foster children from a UKIP couple’s care because they were accused of being in a racist party (see this report)!

However, it would appear to be perfectly OK for the left wing movement within Labour (i.e. Momentum) to indoctrinate children with hard left views (cf here)!

Why can’t the media challenge the Remain position more strongly?

When will we see the media challenge the Remain position of the Lib Dems and considerable numbers of the Conservative and Labour party MPs?

It’s often alleged that there were too many lies and exaggerations propagated during the referendum debate. Well, how about challenging the Remain camp’s state funded campaign of lies and fear, including the leaflet released a week before the vote, depicting someone on the end of a diving board about to dive into darkness? With such a state funded onslaught I’m amazed the Remainers couldn’t manage a better result. To quote a Biblical analogy, this was David vs. Goliath, surely (David being the Leave Campaign). I suggest that the extent of Leave support was actually much higher than registered in the final vote, but some of the Leavers were bullied into submission by the Remain camp’s fear campaign. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of the Remain camp’s propaganda!

The Remainers’ High Priesthood also needs to explain to us all how they would have us remain in the EU (or have a soft brexit) without having immigration on a scale which would endanger our greenbelt and the environment, and undermine our security.

Can the Remainers finally be asked to explain how we, as members of the EU, could avoid sliding down the slippery slope into an EU superstate where, within one Treaty we’d in all probability never be able to leave? What we really need now is to amend the treason act so it will be impossible in future for any Government to make us politically subservient to another state.

If, like me, you are wholeheartedly sick of the BBC’s left wing (and pro EU) bias, then please support the following petition, which asks for the abolition of the licence fee:



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