Editor – UKIP Daily received this press release from UKIP’s press office.
UKIP stands against a tsunami of social media silencing
The removal of Alex Jones’ InfoWars from YouTube, Facebook and Apple iTunes is the latest wave of a tsunami of social media silencing.

Earlier this year, activist Tommy Robinson was removed from Twitter, while it was found that Twitter was “shadow banning” the accounts of various individuals including UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and those who provide an alternative voice to the politically correct consensus.

These are private companies but the politically correct establishment is acting through corporations hand in glove to snuff out anything the globalist elite do not like.

Free speech is under threat in the West, and we must stand firm in defence of it, otherwise, all dissenting voices will be muzzled.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:

“Whatever you think of Alex Jones’ InfoWars, YouTube closing it down is part of a programme to shut down alternative media. Yesterday on the BBC it was said, ‘he hasn’t broken the law he has broken their (YouTube’s) laws’. Only the criminal law or the laws of libel should apply.”

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