We’re pleased to report we had successful EFDD and UKIP stalls at Poole High Street on Saturday morning.
We did the EFDD stall first, handing out the free EFDD ‘Brexit’ shopping bags. These were very popular and greatly appreciated – many people were pleased to have something highly visible to express their support for ‘Leave’. We cleared two boxfulls within an hour. At one point about half the shoppers in the precinct were walking up and down with them! 
After a quick coffee stop, we stripped everything down and converted the stall to a UKIP one. This too went very well. There was hardly any negativity from the public. Most were pleased to see UKIP there and many people came up and asked some intelligent questions. A lot of people were pleased just to have someone ‘normal’ that they could talk to without being ‘judged’. Quite a few passers-by were keen to share their suggestions (few of them printable) on what should be done with Theresa May and her ‘Cabinet’.
By 12.30 we had almost emptied our Branch’s supply of UKIP literature and booklets. Particularly popular were the free ‘Outpost’ newspapers. David Kurten’s pamphlet on ‘Cultural Marxism’ also attracted a lot of interest, especially from some of the younger people and those from Eastern European countries.
Our thanks to all those who gave up their time to help and support us.
By John Butler, Chairman of UKIP Mid-Dorset & North Poole.
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