Do you know, the first time I saw Nigel in the flesh, no I am not referring to a time when he was down to his underpants and confessing to “not quite skinny dipping”; but it was a few years ago when he was making one of his `pop up` appearances during a normal Gainsborough Tuesday market day. As he ambled among the stall holders affably greeting perfect strangers seemingly as lifelong friends. He was accompanied by what I would have called a coterie of “hoodies” in my younger day, sort of embryo gangsters clad in leather jackets and funny gringo hats. Nigel was immaculate in green hunting style jacket and bright yellow trousers, boots of some sort and all topped off with a hat I can only describe as having belonged to some sort of wizard.

The stall holder I was chatting to said “Look he`s dressed as Country”, perhaps he was, the stall holder came from Rotherham or Sheffield – a real `townie` and Gainsborough despite its old heavy industry image and history as an inland port is pretty agricultural, Anyway, I thought a bit about this description, and while I knew there was `something` unusual, it struck me that he was more like the Pied Piper. He appears to have an ability  to “gather people in” .not,  I would hasten to add that I am comparing humans to those charming little furry creatures

This morning, I watched him, ensconced on the BBC Studio settee, dapper, perfectly relaxed, even with that agit-prop Caroline Lucas flanking him on one side and  Jane Moore.(?)On the other; they were there to comment on the Sunday Papers under the prompting of Andrew Marr. Andrew twitted Nigel about whether he still was the titular leader in the background to Diane`s actual leadership.
“No said Nigel, I`ve retired and I am going to devote myself to gingering up other exiteers in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe” “In fact”, he pointed out that” if the UK delays Brexit too long the EU might already have disintegrated” ha ha ha.

Fast forward to the Diane James interview with the old brillo pad on Sunday Politics later where he in his avuncular way, tried to dig out what her plans and policies were, which consisted, apart from spitting right in the eye of St.Theresa, that she would be ensuring TOTAL/HARD/COMPLETE Brexit, unlikely to take any prisoners, together with a sort out on Defence and the NHS for which she was particularly qualified I felt , on very little acquaintance to thinking she was no Nigel ,she appears  capable ,and  doughty (I don`t think she will give any quarter in the battle), but I don`t see her as a spell binding communicator..

Then the bolt hit me, as they say completely out of the blue.
During the war, we were evacuated to the country and lived in a cottage in the middle of a field, we had a dog, a Welsh Sheep Dog, called “laddie” Rabbits used to come out on a sunny afternoon from a nearby copse and graze on the grass in the field. Laddie who normally ran loose would decide he fancied fresh meat for dinner. He circled a rabbit getting ever closer and probably hypnotising the animal until he leapt on it and killed his prey.
This bolt – that`s what Nigel does he has been running rings around the opposition and at the same time gathering in his grassroots army, generally by a form of magnetism, similar to that employed by the Pied Piper. Everybody can see the result 17.4 million people corralled and all milling around in the grounds of Westminster ready to break into Europe.

Nigel the slayer of a Prime Minister, and a Chancellor of the Exchequer infers as he sits on the settee, tunes his pipe or polishes his wand that his UKIP-UK Job is done, clearing up and completion of the feet warming task leading to Brexit can be safely left in the hands of the new leader Meanwhile there are fresh dragons to slay in Europe
Better watch out JCJ, Donald Tusk, Schulz et al Oh! and that other manic dancing puppet on a string from that non country beginning with the letter “B”; he`s got you in his sights next and it would come as no surprise if he succeeds in shooting Mrs. May`s EU fox, before she has untwisted her proverbial under garments.

Better get a move on British Government and get in that clause 50 application, or better still fire the rocket of the Communities Act – better to get out before the EU vessel actually sinks, otherwise we sink with them and lose all.

I`ve no idea how one handles the bankruptcy of a Zone, but if we are still in it I am sure we would be picked clean and we would certainly be at the end of the line (sorry Q) for aid. Some always fail with “full pockets” remember our one and a half zillion debt.