Harold Wilson once said: ‘a week is a long time in politics’. We’ve less than 5 to work with but I think we kippers have a perfect storm brewing and I am asking UKIP Daily and all who read it, to act quickly, and get this message out through every channel you can find.

The combination I am seeing is this;

  • the contrast between those who realise that June 8th is REFERENDUM 2 disguised as an election, and those who only see it as another election HO,
  • That Corbyn is so far left, a lot of Labour Brexiteers are being tempted to either not bother or hold their noses and vote for May’s Brexit
  • That wavering Tories have flooded back believing that May’s Brexit means a clean-break Brexit. We know otherwise but they won’t or don’t – yet.
  • The significance of the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA 72 – which Gerard Batten’s link explains in great detail).
  • The significance of May not committing to repeal ECA 72 as a priority. ie. this year.
  • And not forgetting, the significance of UKIP Daily, that it is about the Party but not controlled by it.

It is absolutely key that voters understand they are being played. And the proof lies in May’s attitude to repealing ECA 72 which she will try to avoid like the plague. If we kippers can spread that message far and wide and get enough people asking that question, we just a chance of spiking her guns, if we are all on the same message.

And that’s it. Focusing on Brexit, Referendum 2, the importance of ECA 72, and exposing May with the Repeal question. NB THIS YEAR.  by June 7th. The referendum 2 understanding is already rapidly gaining traction around here. Is it around you?

There are a few links attached which you may find useful.

  • My Barrow and Furness leaflet which you are welcome to use, or pinch bits from, as you see fit. (It’s designed as 3 widths of A5, hence 6 pages and planned to be unusual enough for people to WTF? and start reading it)
  • The video clip, courtesy of the Daily Express, in which I described Theresa May as an untrustworthy cow. The serendipity of that the clip, (taken when AMW came to barrow 29th April) is the very last word is cow so people have to hear the lot and already I’ve had a lot of positive feedback, it having been posted on Facebook.
  • Gerard Batten’s “Brexit must mean Brexit”. (He texted me today – “No one can say you didn’t warn them”.  I take that as a positive.)

We are grateful to Paul N for saving the Party when it was sinking but we have a genuine opportunity to rock May’s boat on June 8th and HO office are not seeing it.

The Cow comment created an incredible stir – because it was recorded, appeared on Newsnight and was picked up by The Express The Express. If we can create enough momentum with this, the cameras will be here again – at hustings and so on. Then we really can hit our message home hard.

We can put it out on Facebook (a kipper colleague had already created a site for me).

We can direct people from Twitter – check “Perfect Storm on UKIP Daily” – the independent, Brexit-supporting, UKIP font of knowledge.

You may think me foolish but I sense that god is touching us on the shoulder on this one, and that the way events have panned out have unintentionally created an incredible opportunity for a UKIP driven Brexit. If we act quickly enough – hitting the same message.

Focussing on Brexit, Referendum 2, the importance of ECA 72, and exposing May with the Repeal question. NB THIS YEAR.  by June 7th.