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Open Letter in Support of David Kurten


To Mr S. Crowther, Mr P. Oakden, Mr P. Wauchope, Mr P. Oakley and all members of the NEC:

We the undersigned are shocked, disappointed, and disgusted with the appearance of a letter which has been signed by fellow UKIP members with either an agenda to interfere with candidate selection or just have no logical understanding of the content of David Kurten’s comments in a questionnaire he completed in August.

UKIP is a libertarian party, a democratic party, and as such we should all be free to hold whatever personal views we wish, and to answer truthfully when asked about them. If fellow members do not agree with him, or any others, the response must not be an intolerant one such as calling for “suspension”, unfounded accusations of “ignorance” or “homophobia”, or briefing to militant media outlets – this is just lazy, brings the party into disrepute, and in our view has no place in UKIP. Indeed, the correct response in a party such as ours is to address the central point, debate the science and to be amicable. Whether we, the undersigned, agree with his personal views or not is immaterial to the central point of this letter, which is to wholeheartedly support David Kurten’s, indeed all UKIP members right to their own opinion and freedom of thought / conscience.

It is to be noted, however, that these rights are protected within the party by a set of rules on conduct, in particular:

W.1.6 Where a member’s comments or actions in public, online or in the public domain are related to UKIP or their political views, their comments should not be a cause of public misunderstanding of the Party or embarrassment to the Party.

W.1.7 The conduct of members must not be bullying or harassing of other Party members.

W.1.10 Any action which is in public opposition to the Party or its core aims, or which brings the Party into disrepute, shall be considered to be grounds for Disciplinary action under Section AA of the Rules of Procedure. [UKIP constitution- 2.5  The Party is a democratic, libertarian Party]

Of particular note is the appearance of Ms Suzanne Evans, whose name is prominent  on the letter, who has not only been previously suspended for interfering in the candidate selection process (reference Alan Craig), but is also a senior UKIP official as defined in the party rule book, thus subject to the following:

J.3.14 Party officials shall avoid any public criticism of other Party members online.

In summary, it is clear that Mr Kurten has broken no party rules, has not brought the party into disrepute and is indeed doing a fantastic job of highlighting the right of UKIP members to have both a differing view and of answering questions honestly. We should be promoting freedom of thought, not trying to stifle it as they do in the legacy parties. We are not the Lib-Dems, and we should not be hounding, harassing, and denigrating David like the intolerant far left do to their own on a daily basis when they don’t have the “right” views on everything.

We the undersigned, irrespective of our choice for leader, support Mr Kurten’s right to his own views, but would like firm action to be taken against any member who may have broken any of the party rules by writing, signing, and making public the LGBT open letter.

Signatories in support of the above letter:

Ryan Waters – Chairman UKIP Gravesham

Marilyn Laurence – UKIP Daventry

Raheem Kassam – Former chief advisor to Nigel Farage

Cllr Ryan Macpherson – UKIP Ashford group leader

Nicole Bushill – Chairman UKIP Chatham and Aylesford, UKIP Kent County Chairman

Terry Allen – YI South East Regional Chairman, Secretary – UKIP Gillingham and Rainham

Jonathan Wood – YI Treasurer – UKIP Gillingham and Rainham

Richard Palmer – Chairman – UKIP Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Arron Banks – UKIP donor

Ernie Warrender – UKIP Small Business Spokesman

Dean Palethorpe – Chairman UKIP Salisbury

G A Smith – UKIP Westminster and City – Patron member

Deirdre Trotman – UKIP Brecon and Radnorshire

Anish Patel – UKIP Barking and Dagenham (Former NEC member)

Debbie Caplin – UKIP Wirral

Karen Dovey – UKIP Seaford

Carol Allen – UKIP Wiltshire

Sam Pearson – UKIP Gravesham

Anthony Roberts – UKIP Llanelli

Cllr Gordon Davies – UKIP Stoke-on-Trent

Ricky Pengelly – UKIP East Devon

Helen Hims – Former UKIP Somerset County Chairman, UKIP Wells

Keith Acreman – UKIP Salisbury

Andrea Gray – Secretary UKIP St Austell and Newquay

Kevin Solly – Membership secretary UKIP St Austell and Newquay

Paul Daniels – UKIP Newcastle-under-Lyme

Mark Quinn – UKIP Forest of Dean

Pam Watts – Secretary UKIP Maidstone

Tina Brooker – Campaign manager UKIP Gravesham

Carl Davies – UKIP Wigan

[Ed: Ryan Waters has the electronic signatures of the undersigned above, and is prepared to provide them on inquiry. Contact please via the Editor.]

— oooOooo —


After publishing this open letter, Ryan Waters has received requests to add signatures of those who want to sing this letter as well. We decided to add the names to the list:

Keith Edwards – Secretary Cardiff Branch

Helena Windsor –  chairman, UKIP Surrey

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30 Comments on Open Letter in Support of David Kurten

  1. Please add my name to this letter. I totally support David Kurten and applaud his willingness to address the cultural marxist tide presently enveloping our public institutions and shutting down freedom of speech, belief and action. Dr Lisa Nolland, Member UKIP, Bristol.

  2. PurplePottymouth // August 15, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Please add my name to the list of supporters too.
    Helena Windsor, Surrey Chairman.
    A party which stands for common sense must also promote proper scientific debate and enquiry – climate being a classic case.
    If UKIP doesn’t stand against the persecution of Christians who will? Yes they have struggled with gay marriage, a lot of us, however much we support it in principle have, that does not make us homophobic and unlike other religions Christians do not murder people for being gay

  3. Hi

    I would like my name added to endorse this letter.

    Kind regards
    Keith Edwards
    UKIP Cardiff Branch Secretary

  4. Nothing will change until the addressees are removed from the party.

  5. kenneth james ogilvie // August 14, 2017 at 11:23 am // Reply

    I notice that signatories to the supporting letter had Arron Banks,donor, I was under the impression the NEC had suspended him and he was cobbling together support for a new party. When was he brought back to the fold? If a new party is in the offing I can see a lot of support leaving UKIP for that party. At present there is to much back biting and infighting

  6. There are 30 signatories to that letter and I wish to add my own. Suzanne Evans has been described as ‘toxic’ before now, and her latest antics prove the point. Why is she still there, bringing the party into as much disrepute as Carswell did? Carswell jumped, much to the relief of Nuttall who didn’t seem to have the resolve to push him.
    I hope the new leader will get rid of Evans shortly after the election, along with other undesirable members of the hierarchy who have attacked candidates in public.

    • O’Flynn a big fan (shall we say) of Evans, and O’Flynn and Nuttall big mates. Let’s elect a leader who will clean out the kennel.

      • Let’s elect a leader who DOESN’T plan to start with Stalinist purges ?

        • Any comment on the central point this letter is making Rob?

        • Let’s leave things as they are, because it’s all been going so well, Rob? And continues to show evidence of that.

        • Says the former (but still loyal) Politburo member some of whose mates may be feeling a little insecure.

        • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // August 14, 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

          Sir,the rotten cabal that you represent,have turned on us members
          hopefully for the last time,they represent the past,they are the failures who were responsible for that absurd Muslim Appeasing pro bloody
          Halal leaflet,which lost us 20% of our members,and huge loss of support throughout the country.These are the self same people who prevented the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,from standing for us at
          Lewisham East in the General Election.I have no doubt,if they could have had their way,that they and the rest would have stopped Anne Marie from standing to be our new leader,fortunately for them,they knew from what many of my friends,colleagues and my fellow activists,have said on here,that would have been the end of them and UKIP. These are the very same people who failed to dismiss
          Etheridge,Coburn,Collins and of late Hookem for continually attacking Anne Marie,for saying the absolute truth,that Islam is evil.
          They have brought my party into disrepute,we need to get rid of them
          So without further ado,why don’t you tell those failures and traitors whom you represent,to start to clear out their desks,now as it won’t be long until the 29 TH of September when either David Kurten or Anne Marie,will become our new leader,and we will continually remind them that you lot have failed us for the last time,goodbye.


    • It is pretty clear what is going on here. Evans was pushed down the London Assembly list by Farage with Kurten put ahead of her, he got selected and made an assembly member with a salary, profile, etc and she didn’t. She tried getting him deselected, she tried getting rid of Alan Craig his sponsor, but none of it worked. The timing of her attack was no coincidence, she was clutching at straws before the NEC meeting last Friday to sign off on candidates. It wouldn’t even surprise me if she had supplied Pink News with the ammo to attack Kurten. But then to line up with Pink News against him is really going too far, and then in one tweet she couldn’t resist so she had to drag Farage into it, saying how Kurten was chosen by Farage despite being unfit for office, etc.

      It all goes to show how ludicrous John Bickley’s claim is that ‘airing dirty party laundry’ on UKIP Daily is political suicide, you have senior members of the party airing really dirty laundry in public and you know nothing will happen to her.

      What I really object to is the way she got her job in UKIP, she didn’t actually do anything at grassroots level, she just worked the London social circuit and got Annabelle Fuller, then Nigel’s press secretary, to introduce her to Nigel. So Nigel gave her the chance, and she then proceeded to keep stabbing him in the back, even last week whilst attacking Kurten, and she also in another tweet managed to blame Nigel for opposing the ban on non-stun kosher. It just seems like any chance she gets to have a go at Nigel she grabs it with relish to keep opening up the old wound, regardless of any damage she does to the party.

  7. I fear you are right. No matter who wins, there will be an exodus. The only questions in my mind are how many and what sort of party will those remaining be running?

    I honestly hope that one candidate emerges who stands out; a charismatic, common sense, libertarian who will begin the process of reuniting members and regrowing the party. A person who even before the election, shows true leadership qualities by getting different factions to rally behind them and their vision. If we have nobody who can do that then the votes will hopelessly fragment and the exit door is likely to be jammed with leavers.

    I will shortly meet many candidates at the hustings. I do so with a mixture of both hope and foreboding. I have no idea if I will watch a leader in the making or find an anonymous sea of tetchy, debating faces but nobody with the political and strategic nous to lead a party.

  8. Indeed David Kurten has every right to say whatever he wants to. We all have the right to decide whether we agree with him or not.

    If disagreements exist then the decent thing to do is to discuss the matter rationally and respectfully. Not make serious accusations in the media.

    The question of how homosexuality originates seems to be a topic of ongoing scientific research. The nature of such research is that older ideas are superceded by new.

    I am dismayed by the level of harassment that David has had to endure. If it was an attempt to harm his chances in the leadership contest it has certainly backfired. Who benefits? I would like to know. Cui bono?

    • Rivals to the party establishment’s favourite are smeared. Par for the course with current hierarchy.

      The tactic is back firing with UKIP Daily readers but the majority of members are not activists and do not follow the party’s machinations. Their news of the party is from a compliant media spreading the smears.

      If Kurten or AMW wins then it will not be for want of trying by the cabal at the top to tilt the result for their candidate.

  9. There is a venerable tradition of senior party officials abusing their power and positions leaking to the press or otherwise briefing against rivals and opponents. It goes back to the aftermath of the 2015 General Election, if not also before, when Carswell, Evans and O’Flynn took to the airwaves against Nigel. He continued the tradition by publicly calling the NEC `not fit for purpose’ (and so followed particular instability). More recently, Bill Etheridge managed to get an article into The Telegraph claiming, with no supporting evidence, that there were “neo-fascist entryists” [what’s a neo-fascist and how do you spot one?] in the party courtesy of Anne Marie Walters. He has been joined by Mike Hookem in attempting to discredit Ms Waters.

    The absence of discipline at the top, an apparent licence to smear no matter the consequence for the party’s reputation, has become a defining feature of UKIP for the past two years at least.

    Recently, John Bickley squandered any benefit that might have accrued from his article by obsessively complaining about people who comment on UKIP Daily. For two days we had to endure his hectoring and bullying.

    The party’s management has lost all credibility and has certainly lost any moral authority in telling us to stop `bitching’ (the sly allusion of Mr McWhirter).

    The letter is commendable but I predict a response of nothing at all as the cabal continue working on how to promote their candidate in the leadership election.

    • Bickley is symptomatic unfortunately. He sabotaged the comment section of his own article!

      Rather than trying to answer the comments themselves he was questioning the membership status of those making the comments. Bizarre!

    • Mike Hookem is a complete disgrace, Stout. I have just listened to the LBC clip, he agrees on air that Anne is racist. That is simply appalling – if only we had someone,who would dismiss him publically. But let’s not be surprised that this disgusting, smearing, disloyal troughers is going to stay on as an MEP – such a nice little earner for a talentless lying person, one, let’s not forget, that gets paid to, and claims to represent UKIP. This is going too far, imo. It is also a claim made without a shred of evidence. Anne Marie works both with Muslim women and with ex-Muslims.

    • It goes back to the dawn of the party, Stout, and I’ve never particularly cared for it…

  10. Wow – well said.
    Is it likely there will be a reply?

  11. I have no horse in this race. Like many members I will be waiting to see who wins to know which way our party will be going under the new leader. My main fear is that we will end up with a narrow victory with several candidates getting similar vote shares, that could divide the party.
    As far as I’m concerned they can say whatever they wish ( within reason) abut each other so long as all candidates accept the result and get behind the leader post election. Those that can’t accept the result should consider leaving.

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