Guido, the nom de plume of Paul Staines – no sniggering at the back there – runs order-order, a highly successful political blog. While it can occasionally forget itself sufficiently to criticise Mrs May and her bumbling incompetence, mostly the blog is supportive of anything that the Conservatives say and do. It is implacably anti-UKIP. From being a thorn in the side of all politicians its slant has, over the last couple of years, become more and more welded to the views of the Establishment. So far he is sound on Brexit, but his direction of travel is concerning. 

This week there was a post about UKIP which posed the question ‘Is UKIP Finally Finished?’. Here’s the essential part of that post:

‘Is this the final count for the single issue party soon to be without an issue? ‘

This is so far removed from any contact with the reality of my observations over the last five years that I felt compelled to reply. I posted a long explanation of how we are by no means a single issue party, and why his capture by the Borg that is the Establishment is bad for politics, bad for Brexit and bad for his own soul. There are thousands of posts on the thread and it may be that my post has just been buried, but I have searched and my guess is that it has been censored. Either way I think it addresses matters that need an airing. Hence this post. This is what I wrote:

“Single issue party, Mr Staines? Here’s what we did in the last four years in Suffolk:

  • UKIP tried to get Suffolk CC (SCC) to publish all the expenses relating to individual councillors – everyone else voted against except the Greens who didn’t turn up. We are not allowed to see what our councillors are doing with our taxes.
  • UKIP tried to get SCC to release land for social housing – most councillors, Labour, Con, LibDem, voted against. Labour voted against social housing!
  • UKIP tried to get SCC to release details of the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and their influence on development in Suffolk. We asked the Chairman if he would report to full council on his meetings with the LEPs – he is the county’s democratic representation on the LEP boards. He stood up, said ‘No’ and sat down. The Cons thought this very amusing. Perhaps they had not read this important report!
  • UKIP fought the establishment of a regional government under the guise of ‘devolution’. Enough support for this resulted in the plot – one of Cameron and Osborne’s little wheezes under the direction of the EU – being abandoned.
  • UKIP fought against cuts to Suffolk’s fire service, a service already one of the most efficient in the country. We lost, but managed to point out that Surrey, when pushed to maintain services, had twisted Osborne’s arm and been given more money. We exposed the gutless careerism of the Tory group.
  • UKIP campaigned against wind turbines: without UKIP hundreds of houses in south Haverhill would be worth 13% less had we let the local landowner go ahead with a scheme which would have made an obscene profit. We opposed the ludicrous Sizewell C with its ‘strike price’ funding which is scheduled to channel thirty or so billion pounds to a firm which is owned by the French government – we will be funding the redesign of a poorly designed reactor and subsidising a commercial rival to British industry – and were pressing for SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) as a sensible, British designed and built alternative. This matters – UK’s power grid is dangerously overstretched and our industry is disadvantaged by high energy prices.
  • UKIP was just beginning a campaign to press for primary legislation enabling East Anglia to resist social dumping from the London boroughs which are eyeing the huge housing developments slated for Norfolk and Suffolk.

All this while delivering the boots on the ground that won Brexit. Not exactly ‘single issue’ after all!

That, Mr Staines, is just in Suffolk – local problems, many of which have regional and/or countrywide relevance, some of which must be addressed if our nations are to prosper outside the EU, and all ignored by the usual suspects.

Your continual attacks on UKIP demean you. May I suggest that you find a picture of Lady Chakrabarti and stick it on your bathroom mirror. Look at her eyes. Feted by the party to which she yielded her loyalty, given a position to which she lost entitlement along with her self-respect, she looks like a hostage. She took the flattery and abandoned common-sense, enjoyed the glad-handing but lost the respect she had earned from all sides of politics.

You began by shining light into dark corners. Now you have gone for the spotlight, for the flattery, for the insincere plaudits of those who exploit the voters, siding with those who stand up to their trotters in the trough and smarm you into looking the other way. You are a tool of the political class, those who are happy to sell out their country, their people, for the sake of influence and cash. They have assimilated you.

Look at your bathroom mirror. Look at Lady Chakrabarti’s eyes. Then look at your own. Is it worth it?”