In days of yore when I masqueraded as a building contractor, it was my job to make it hot, via the pen, for underperforming subcontractors………….. one was so overwhelmed by my inexhaustible logic; he wrote to me as follows “If  Mr. Turner would care to look in his  one sided cupboard, he would find……………”

I know, Mr. Turner might have  noticed there were two sides to the question, so what follows is purely a personal opinion and my cupboard still lacks some carpentry..
I am appalled, in fact I find it difficult to believe how UKIP can have ignored such a golden opportunity that has fallen at their feet, even young Webb Ellis had the enterprise to “pick up and run” with opportunity when it fell at his feet.

I`m talking  about a big gaping hole, a political vacuum into which UKIP should have jumped, at least two months ago, for the life of me I cannot understand how they have missed it, I do know, in fact, we have been navel gazing, indulging in fratricide, patricide and for all I know matricide; it has certainly been political suicide.

Just think we have just won a resounding Brexit  Referendum victory and acquired 17.4million friends, who despite an absolutely shamefully run Remain campaign, have seen through the presentation of a tissue of lies and mendacious deception practiced at the behest of their EU masters and  recognised, as one  the perfidy of the three failed parliamentary legacy parties, their fellow travelling accomplices from the establishment, the MSM and the BBC

The political vacuum?
Just consider, the Labour party hopelessly divided, Limpdems  AWOL and ex-disgraced premier`s Conservatives also despite their assumption of responsibility for Brexit negotiation also similarly divided, even though some had seen the light and defected to vote LEAVE or and the GO camp out of 650 MPs approx.  450 were confirmed Remainiacs, or, as Mr.Farage preferred it Remainians. Whatever, it was an assembly of putative recidivists and now replacement xenophobes, some still longing for  the comfort safety and oh so binding suffocating silken threads of  that EU Care Home for Elderly Failed European Nations, the box which the soon to be replaced lame duck President of the USA had consigned them and  all of them  contaminated with 40 odd years  of blind unremarking obedience to, at best, an experiment that had failed, at worst, membership of what I term an evil empire (ref. a certain Mr.Barosso for definition of Empire ) in which we are unwilling supplicants and which had robbed and despoiled Greece and Cyprus  and a load of other countries well on the way to ruin at Brussel`s behest (I saw a programme on RT on Saturday where the Connolly organisation in Ireland is saying the Apple tax problem could cause an Irish IRexit)
The Political vacuum then was the needs and views of 17.4 million voters for Brexit were in effect unrepresented in parliament and certainly by the party which had and still was solely committed to their cause.

Nigel Farage and UKIP were the catalyst that brought about Brexit, the majority of 17.4million  are  his “people”, I know the vote LEAVE mob won the official nod of approval, it wouldn`t have suited  (been seemly ) Mr .Cameron to have members of his cabinet associated with the GO campaign of Mr.Farage..

It is my contention that UKIP should have immediately after the result was published formalised the Cross Party Group of Conservative and Labour MPs with his GO  Grass Roots campaign organisation as a group within and outside parliament monitoring and contributing input of TOTAL requirements for full and complete return of Control of all aspects of Law, Border Control, Security  etc. This grouping would not require cross party migration, but for the 2020 election would be fully functional, if properly organised could possibly  be the major party

David Davis has already adumbrated  the whole 17.4million to his camp and I note Boris is supporting a  pressure group campaign for “HARD” Brexit (Could that be his version of TOTAL Brexit?) and Saint Theresa has already pinched UKIP`s Grammar School policy. Pinching all our ideas HS2,Hinkley??

What happened to those lists of names and addresses that both leave campaigns assembled from returned leaflets?  Efforts must be made to “gather in” the 17.4m This new grouping should be demanding the names and addresses. I learned that the GO campaign is defunct it  is a Limited Company what happened to the assets.?

I think it is about time to hand back Nigel`s resignation to him again and complete the job he started,
I will not say anything derogatory about the present candidates, but is there anybody  of world wide import other than Nigel  Donald Trump could have asked  in UKIP  to fulfil his election task.

My one sided cupboard says it is not too late to play “catch up” Come on UKIP “digitum extractum”