The information below was sent to me by the Rev. Peter Mullen.  It is truly shocking and worth repeating.

The European mass media has devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of pages to the murder of an elderly priest in Normandy.  Understandable, because this occurred in our own backyard. But let’s put this atrocity into perspective.

David Curry, president and CEO of Christian Watchdog Group Open Doors, has reported that in 2015, more than 2,000 churches in Africa were attacked by Muslim arsonists and murderers and more than 7,000 Christians were killed.

Muslim terrorist organisations such as Islamic State, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram are particularly keen to perpetrate wholesale slaughter inside Christian places of worship. Mr Curry added: “In Nigeria, an average of five churches are attacked every Sunday.”

Similar figures are reported for the persecution of Christians by Muslims in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan.

Syria and Iraq were home to populous and flourishing Christian communities for two thousand years. But Christianity has been almost completely wiped out in those countries.

Christians and followers of other religions are repressed and persecuted in North African nations, as well as for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In the face of these massacres, genocide by any other name, taking place across three continents we get reassurance from the people in authority, such as: The BBCThe GuardianTheresa MayJeremy Corbyn, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope.

These luminaries constantly give us all the reassurance we could possibly need, and they are unanimous in saying: “THESE ATROCITIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM!”