Can there be a more disgusting spectacle than that given us by EUrophile politicians here and in the EU?

Disgusting and very revealing because the way they behave shows that they simply do not accept that No means No.

The performance of those ‘top politicians’ – as we can read daily in our papers – shows how they disdain our decision, the decision made by 17.4 million voters on June 23rd. It shows that for them, it’s about hanging on to the tattered bits of power Brussels and the EU provide them with, and that the people of the whole of the EU, not just we here, can go to hell.

Look at them, from M Sarkozy to Mr Verhofstadt to the Labour politician Mr Peter Hain: again and again we’re told by them that No cannot possibly mean No. They tell us how they can ‘give’ us nice, new, shiny baubles to play with, in the form of a lovely new ‘treaty’, for which we can all vote again in a new referendum to correct our heinous error of June 23rd.

M Sarkozy ‘promises’ a new Treaty for us, should he get elected next year. Why that promise should interest the French voters is his secret, but we here across the Channel know what is behind that ‘promise’: he wants us to take in all the Jungle dwellers, and only if we’re back in the EU can he enforce that.

Mr Verhofstadt is back to his old threats, of making negotiations impossible. He seems to think that Brussels and he himself have the final say: that Brussels will ‘veto’ anything our Government will come up with. He should have read the articles published here earlier this week: it’s not up to him or Brussels or the EU Parliament. But what can one expect from a man who on the one hand wants more and more ‘EU Institutions’ while declaring that he really really loves us:

“I like Britain. I race British cars. How more a lover of Britain can you be than racing a British car?”

And then there’s firm Remainer Mr Peter Hain,, who according to this report is still ‘in touch’ with many powerful figures in Brussels. That gives him the inside track allowing him to tell a fringe meeting at the Labour conference that Brussels is aiming to change the interpretation of Article 50 so that it would not be ‘final’. To give him his due, he does say that this would not necessarily mean a new referendum … but then, hasn’t Mr Corbyn said that a Labour Government under his leadership would give us a second referendum? Aren’t the Remoaners still trying to stop the PM invoking Article 50, while a certain Mr Schulz – not exactly a Brexiteer – bashes her for not already having done so?

So what can we conclude from these unedifying statements by the power-hungry EU politicians here and across the Channel?

Firstly, that we, the people, don’t matter. Our votes don’t matter. According to EU ‘rules’ we must be made to vote again and again until we vote for the result they want.

To achieve this, the old ‘good cop – bad cop’ routine will be used.

French politicians show the way: threats on the one hand and offers of a new, EU-Lite treaty if only we do what they say. After all, who knows better than the French that we, in the form of our civil ‘servants’ in Whitehall, would be delighted with new regulations and directives which kind, generous Brussels works out for them and which we all accept without opposition while French policies, as always, are governed by a supreme disregard for any EU rules if they’re counter to French aims. Our politicians seem to have forgotten that it was M Sarkozy himself who had no difficulties to repatriate the huge numbers of gypsies from Romania a few years ago, disregarding Brussels directives and Brussels moans. So they can do it – but don’t want to …

Then we have the power-hungry, Britain-hating duo in the EU Parliament, Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Schulz. Their hatred of the UK is of long standing – only, our May-Goverment seems to have forgotten about that. Those two bullies think that they and they alone have the power to take revenge on our, the people’s decision for daring to leave the EU by ‘forcing’ us into triggering Article 50, but then delaying and thwarting any negotiations while spending our EU money on ever new Remoan initiatives until we give up.

After all, moving the goalposts is what Brussels do. Re-interpreting what Article 50 means – Out is Out – so that somehow we can be forced to remain, forced to keep paying billions into Brussel’s coffers, forced to accept that new EU Army because we’re still somewhat IN, forced to accept Corpus Juris, the EAW and any new power-grab by M Juncker – that’s what their carrot-and-stick act is about.

And let’s not forget the traitors, the remoaners, here in our country: politicians in all the establishment parties who are doing their utmost to thwart our, the people’s will, aided and abetted by the usual suspects in the MSM  and indeed Whitehall. They are doing the job of M Sarkozy, Mr Verhofstadt, Mr Schulz and M Juncker, from trying to thwart Government to declare Article 50 by spurious legal demands, in the hope to get Parliament to vote on Article 50 – which is clearly not necessary – to smearing all Brexit voters as ‘racist’, as a certain member of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has done.

Allowing ever more ‘immigrants’, paying Danegeld to dictators like the one in Turkey to thrashing weaker economies in Southern Europe: this is what it’s about, and as second-largest economy, as the country with the only functioning Armed Forces, as second-largest net payer, Brussels cannot possibly allow us to go.

Of course, with those hints of a ‘new’ treaty to keep us in, one wonders why they didn’t offer those to a certain David Cameron when he shuttled between EU capitals and Brussels to get something which would make us vote IN on June 23rd. Perhaps the EU grandees thought they could make us stay ‘on the cheap’ …

Well, they’ve learned differently now. While our government prevaricates, while our Mandarins seem to be eminently capable of dragging their feet and finding more and more reasons not to do what they don’t want to do, it’s again up to us to make sure that Brexit will happen. Holidays are over, we can all write again and again to our MPs, telling them that they can and will be de-selected and lose our votes if they disregard and disrespect our voices.

Let’s remind them that NO really means NO – and, just as in a case of rape, our NO must be respected!

Or else …!