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Prime Minister David Cameron accused those campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union of lying, saying on Tuesday he had to challenge their views after watching TV news bulletins. The prime minister called an unexpected news conference at short notice during which he tried to move the focus away from immigration in an increasingly heated campaign before the June 23 referendum on whether to remain in the 28-member bloc. It was a tactic that Cameron, who is leading the “In” campaign, also used in a television debate with anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage, whom he accused of wanting to turn the country into “Little England” rather than Great Britain. Opinion polls have suggested that the “Leave” campaign may be gaining momentum.


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The Prime Minister was failed to answer a hard-hitting question on “no go zones” in the United Kingdom during his Q&A session with audience members on ITV tonight. Speaking on the topic of uncontrolled immigration, Asian-background Harry Bhopara slammed the Prime Minister’s broken promises on bringing down net migration. Mr. Bhopara said he could no longer get appointments with a doctor, nor get on the housing ladder, and harking back to Mr. Cameron’s closing statements from his town hall event last week, he said that Mr. Cameron was rolling the dice on Britain’s future by staying in the EU.



Cambridge and Peterborough may be less than 40 miles (60 km) apart but the two English cities could hardly be more different when it comes to Britain’s looming referendum on whether to remain in the European Union or to leave. Cambridge, famed for its 800-year-old university and booming high-tech sector, strongly supports EU membership, opinion polls show, while Peterborough has turned very eurosceptic under the pressure of high levels of eastern European immigration. Cambridge’s academic prowess is a big draw for researchers, scientists and innovators from EU countries taking advantage of their right to free movement within the EU. Many fear they may lose the right to work in Britain if the nation votes to leave the bloc on June 23. “We should be making it easier for the best people to come here and contribute, not make it harder,” said Julian Huppert of the “Scientists for the EU” group and a former member of parliament for Cambridge.



MPs could stop Britain leaving the EU even if voters choose to do so in the referendum, David Cameron’s father-in-law claimed yesterday. Tory peer Lord Astor, who is Samantha Cameron’s stepfather, forecast there would not be a House of Commons majority to revoke the European Communities Act 1972 supporting the UK’s membership. “An exit from the EU is actually not deliverable”, he said, adding: “The referendum is merely advisory – it has no legal standing to force an exit. Parliament is still sovereign.” Insisting that either an Act or “paving Bill” would be vital to start Leave negotiations, he said: “The Government, whether still led by David Cameron or not, would probably not win.”





Brexit business leaders have issued a stunning riposte to David Cameron’s claims that being part of the EU is good for our economy after a senior bank boss separately warned that Brussels may be plotting to force Britain to join the Euro if we vote Remain. Top economists and entrepreneurs in the Leave camp have come together to issue a damning dossier on the Prime Minister’s economic arguments, which they describe as “so full of holes” they are barely “worthwhile” making. Their bombshell broadside comes after a top financier at one of the world’s leading banks said voting to Remain in the EU will “hasten a remodelling of the EU structure” which could see Britain forced to accept the Euro or leave the Brussels club.





Britons narrowly favour remaining in the European Union according to two polls published in Tuesday’s newspapers, in contrast to surveys released on Monday which showed the campaign for Brexit ahead. Support for remaining in the EU had a one-point lead in both an online YouGov survey published for The Times newspaper and an ORB telephone poll of those definite to vote conducted for The Daily Telegraph. Britons will vote on June 23 on whether to remain part of the EU, a choice with far-reaching consequences for politics, the economy, defence and diplomacy but divergent polls have made it difficult to predict the outcome. The ‘Remain’ campaign rose by 2 percentage points to 43 percent in the YouGov survey, overtaking the ‘Leave’ side which fell to 42 percent in a poll of 2,001 adults conducted on June 5 and 6.



Voter registration

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The government’s ‘Register to vote’ website was unavailable for several hours just before the deadline approached for people wanting to take part in the EU Referendum. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Liberal Democrat’s Tim Farron have demanded an extension for people to register to vote.


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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other MPs say voter registration for the EU referendum should be extended after technical problems hit the official website. The difficulties happened just before Tuesday night’s deadline. Users reported a page displaying the message “504 Gateway Time-out” instead of the online registration form. The government blamed this on “unprecedented demand” and said half a million people registered on Tuesday. A government source said the website was accepting registrations as of 00:45 BST on Wednesday – 45 minutes after the deadline had passed.



Members of the public attempting to register to vote in the EU referendum complained that the government website had crashed hours before the deadline. The development could mean that tens of thousands of potential voters may be disenfranchised and unable to cast a vote in what is expected to be closely fought contest.  Voters have been encouraged to register before 11.59pm on Tuesday 7 June to be able to take part in the EU referendum. However, the Cabinet Office website would not allow voters to input their details at 10.40pm on Tuesday.



The service which allows people to register to vote online crashed under the strain of people signing up to vote in the EU referendum. People trying to register to vote reported errors and timeouts as midnight on Tuesday 7 June approached.

Anyone who registers after midnight on Tuesday will not be eligible to vote in the European Union referendum. At 10.15pm on Tuesday there were over 50,000 users accessing the voter registration website at any one time and attempting to sign up before the deadline. However by 10.45pm the website stopped letting people through.



The Government’s voter registration system crashed tonight just two hours before the deadline ahead of the EU referendum. Anyone who wants to vote on June 23 has to have completed an application before midnight to be allowed to take part. But around 10pm the system on Gov.UK appeared to go down for around an hour.  The Electoral Commission tonight said: ‘We are aware of issues with the government registration website and know that they are seeking to resolve these as soon as possible.’


Euro 2016


AFP – Despite putting unprecedented security measures in place for Euro 2016, France remains deeply concerned over the jihadists’ ability to strike a soft target. Millions of foreign visitors, holidaymakers and sporting fans as well as the world’s press are set to descend on the country in the next month — creating endless nightmares for its overstretched security services. “From the point of view of preparation, we have done as much as possible. Everyone has been mobilised: police, paramilitaries, many soldiers,” a senior counter-terrorism official told AFP, on condition of anonymity. But, he said, “to be totally honest, I’m worried.”




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Non-EU migrants illegally entering an EU state in the Schengen zone should not face detention on those grounds, says the European Court of Justice. Migrants staying illegally should instead be returned to the country from which they came under the so-called Return Directive, it said. The ruling applies to migrants crossing borders within the passport-free area and on leaving the zone. It will infuriate critics of EU policy, but contains several important caveats.



BARMY Brussels judges have left our borders virtually defenceless after ruling that illegal immigrants trying to sneak into Britain CANNOT be detained by French authorities. In a mind-boggling decision today unelected, unaccountable EU judges said that French police were wrong to lock up a Ghanaian immigrant who was attempting to cross illegally into the UK. Critics today branded the judgement “insane” and warned it has seriously undermined our border controls, leaving Britain wide open to serious security breaches.


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Brussels wants to tackle the migrant crisis by inviting yet more people into the EU. Under a European Commission plan, migrants from Africa and the Middle East will be given US-style green cards granting them work rights. They will also be able to bring their families. The move comes on top of the million migrants who reached Europe last year and the 206,000 in the first five months of 2016. Officials believe the offer of a right to come to Europe will curb illegal migration. They also propose handing £6.2billion in aid to African countries in an apparent attempt to repeat a £4.7billion border deal with Turkey.

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Leave campaigners and migration watchdogs have warned that the EU’s highest court has undermined border security by ruling that France cannot jail illegal immigrants trying to reach Britain through the Channel Tunnel. A judgment by the European Court of Justice will prevent the future imprisonment of non-European immigrants even if they have entered a country in the Schengen travel area illegally.




Foreign criminals

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Violent foreign criminals have exploited EU rules to stay in the UK, Vote Leave has disclosed in a dossier of 50 offenders including murderers and rapists. The details have been disclosed by Justice Minister and Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab, who says it is evidence the UK’s membership of the EU makes Britons less safe. He says UK attempts to deport violent criminals have been frustrated by the EU’s freedom of movement rules, which allow European citizens to live and work freely in other EU countries.




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Vladimir Putin tried to sidestep England’s defence by sending an attack sub down the English Channel – just days before the Three Lions take on Russia at Euro 2016.  But HMS Kent tackled the Soviet sub and will man-mark it until it exits the Dover Straits at around 10am today. The act of Russian aggression has sparked fears that Britain could be on the brink of a new Cold War. In a defensive swoop that England boss Roy Hodgson would be proud of, the heroic Navy crewmen intercepted the sub – which was carrying torpedoes and missiles – as it made its way down England’s eastern coastline.


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Vladimir Putin has sent an attack submarine into the English Channel – just days before England battle Russia in the Euros. The Sun can reveal the kilo-class submarine Stary Oskol – armed with missiles and torpedoes – will pass through the Dover Straits at 10am tomorrow. England’s heroes in defence on board Royal Navy frigate HMS Kent had intercepted the Russian supersub in the North Sea. Exclusive pictures obtained by The Sun show the diesel-electric powered submarine – sailing above the surface – monitored by HMS Kent.



A Russian submarine has been intercepted by the Royal Navyas it cruised towards the English Channel. The sub was being escorted by frigate HMS Kent on Tuesday evening and is expected to pass the Strait of Dover on Wednesday morning. This shows that the Navy is maintaining a vigilant watch in international and territorial waters to keep Britain safe and protect us from potential threats. It is understood the Stary Oskol, a Kilo-class submarine capable of carrying cruise missiles and torpedoes, was first detected in the North Sea where Nato forces are monitoring the waters. The Ministry of Defence said it will continue to be shadowed by the Type 23 Duke class frigate, which had been taking part in commemorations for the Battle of Jutland centenary.



North Korea

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CRAZY Kim Jong-un is continuing his march towards the apocalypse – by sparking up a power station capable of producing nuke material.  A processing plant for plutonium taken from the secretive nation’s power stations has been fired up once again. The nuclear material is then repurposed for use in the country’s growing arsenal of nukes. The worldwide nuclear weapons watchdog have warned it could mean the warlike regime can produce a new warhead every year. Earlier this year the tyrannical North Korea government carried out a series of nuclear weapon tests as it squared up to the United States and bitter enemies South Korea.