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The outcome of the EU referendum vote is on a knife edge with little more than one month to go, according to one of the largest surveys to date. Among a huge sample of 22,000 voters, Remain has a narrow lead of 43 to 40.5 per cent, according to new data from the British Election Survey. But the advantage is wiped out among voters who say they are very likely to vote – giving Leave the victory by 45 per cent to 44.5 per cent.


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David Cameron has said the leader of Islamic State would be happy if the UK voted for Brexit. So, according to the Prime Minister, would Vladimir Putin. Making his case for Britain to remain at the World Economic Forum, Mr Cameron listed a number of reasons why the country was not diminished by working with European counterparts. Then added: “It’s worth asking the question: who would be happy if we left?”


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Isis would welcome Britain leaving the European Union, David Cameron has claimed. Taking questions following a speech at Mansion House organised by the World Ecomomic Forum, Mr Cameron said he suspected Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the terror group’s leader, would be happy with Brexit. Mr Cameron has said in the past that leaving the EU could play into the hands of Britain’s enemies, but this is thought to be the first time he has suggested Isis would actively want to see the UK leave the EU.



British Prime Minister David Cameron took “Project Fear” to another level today as he claimed Islamic State would be “happy” if Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU). Speaking in London, Mr Cameron claimed that the terror group’s chief, Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, would prefer Britain to leave the EU, as would Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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David Cameron today risked fresh ridicule after claiming Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists want Britain to quit the EU. A week after suggesting a Brexit vote on June 23 could lead to World War Three breaking out in Europe, the Prime Minister has now claimed the leader of the depraved terror group would welcome the UK cutting its ties with Brussels. After delivering a speech at Mansion House in the City of London, Mr Cameron signalled his belief ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and combative Russian president Vladimir Putin were the only international figures hoping for a Leave result.


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The Remain campaign’s ‘Project Fear’ has been turned into ‘Project Knee Cap’ after Labour’s shadow Chancellor John McDonnell delivered a veiled threat of deselection to MPs who back the Leave campaign. In a calculated speech at the TUC headquarters in London, the hard left Mr McDonnell claimed that he wanted to make the “positive case” for the EU and show how it offered “hope”. But in the next breath he delivered a sinister message to Labour Brexit supporters, including highly respected MPs Gisela Stuart, Kelvin Hopkins, Kate Hoey and Frank Field, that “Labour Leavers will bear a heavy responsibility for backing a Tory Brexit”. The message was understood as a threat of de-selection for those who have had the courage to make the left wing case for throwing off Brussels rule.


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Leaving the EU will stop innocent Britons from being locked up abroad under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) system, Nigel Farage has argued. The Ukip leader said the warrant allows British citizens to be extradited to countries which require little evidence to charge suspects. This means they can be left “rotting” in foreign prisons “without facing a proper charge”, the anti-EU campaigner added. He said: “Our own citizens are subject to being extradited possibly for offences that aren’t even against the law in this nation.”


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The European Council president has said the only alternative to the EU is “political chaos” and key Leave campaigner Boris Johnson’s recent comments were “absurd”. Donald Tusk said he was speaking out to defend his “vision of Europe”. He said he could not “remain silent” after Mr Johnson compared the EU’s aims with Hitler’s. Leave campaigners said EU chiefs joining the referendum debate would help their cause.


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A BID is underway to get Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson to team up as an “irresistible force” in the battle for a Brexit vote. The Daily Express has learnt that Brexit campaign group Grassroots Out is pressing for the two biggest hitters in the efforts to throw off Brussels rule to share a platform and push home the message in the final weeks of the campaign. It comes as a new TNS poll shows Leave three points ahead with just over five weeks to go before the historic vote on June 23. Many in the Brexit campaign now believe that victory can be sealed if the Ukip leader and former London mayor team up.


Tony Blair

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The Chilcot report will reveal Tony Blair made a secret deal with George W Bush to support the Iraq War, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed. The Labour leader said his predecessor’s warning Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons which could be activated within 45 minutes will be proved false. The comments reignite a row that surfaced during the Labour leadership race about Mr Corbyn’s stance on the party’s decision to intervene in Iraq.


The Labour Party

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Labour is aiming to win seats it has not held for decades and some it has never won before in 2020 with a “bold and ambitious” programme for government, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader said he “does not underestimate the scale of the challenge”, having acknowledged this month that the party was not yet doing enough to win a majority at the next election. But he said it was right to aim to win seats that have never had a Labour MP before as well as those that have previously been held by the party, in spite of Conservative “gerrymandering” of constituency boundaries and electoral registration.



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Nicola Sturgeon has been confirmed as Scotland’s first minister after she overcame a token challenge for the post from the Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie. Sturgeon was re-elected to the post by 63 votes to five, giving her control over more than £30bn in spending, after the three largest opposition parties abstained during the formal election contest on Tuesday.



The Post Office

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Unions called on Post Office managers yesterday to resign in protest at plans to make 600 workers in the company’s cash-handling business redundant in response to severe government funding cuts. The loss of money collectors and distributors across the network would be in addition to an expected cull of about 500 front-line jobs due to the closure and franchising of crown post offices. More than 50 in-branch financial product salespeople have also lost their jobs.The Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Unite warned that the Post Office was heading for “extinction” unless senior staff quit en masse over the business plan agreed with the government.


GE food

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Genetically engineered (GE) food is safe to eat, top scientists have said, following extensive research into the controversial products. The practice of genetically engineering crops has been criticised for its potential impact on human health and the environment. But a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee has dismissed claims they are not fit for human consumption after completing a study of more than 900 pieces of research and publications from the last two decades. The US government advisory body – which has more than 300 Nobel laureates in its membership – said its committee found there was no evidence to suggest genetically engineered foods had adverse effects.