The Tories are stoking up fears of a so-called ‘no deal’ Brexit to stop Britain from meaningfully leaving the European Union. The intention of the EU and their servants in the Tory Party is to straightjacket us in a ‘deal’ to either create Brexit in name only or stop Brexit entirely. 
For two years the European Union has been playing political games with no concern for the economy. They are content to impoverish the people of Europe in order to protect their precious political project. The plan of the EU is to make Brexit look as difficult as possible in order to discourage other nations from leaving. 

A new ORB poll published today shows just 22% of the public think May will get the right deal for the UK, compared with 60% who think she will not.
The poll also shows 76% disapprove how May is handling Brexit, this is the lowest public approval rating of Theresa May’s negotiating strategy in the poll’s history. Theresa May was today blasted by former Chancellor Nigel Lawson, he told TalkRadio: “We have a weak Government led by a Prime Minister simply not up to the job.” The shocking collapse in public support for the government’s negotiating strategy comes as Liam Fox says the chance of a No Deal is greater than Theresa May’s Chequers plan getting through Brussels.

Leaving the European Union without a negotiated settlement would pose a significant risk to public safety, police leaders warned today as sterling fell to an 11-month low amid growing fears of a no-deal Brexit.
In a leaked letter the organisation representing police and crime commissioners urged Sajid Javid, the home secretary, to draft urgent contingency plans for a hard Brexit. They warned that forces across the country would face “a significant loss of operational capacity” instantly, losing vital access to cross-border investigative powers and databases.

A no-deal Brexit will put public safety at risk and reduce policing capacity in Britain, leaders of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) have warned the government. 
In a letter they said the loss of key EU databases, the European arrest warrant system and full Europol membership “could pose significant risks to our local communities”. “These shared tools, measures, initiatives and capabilities which have been developed over the last 40 years of cooperation across the EU have saved many lives,” said the document.

A no-deal Brexit poses a substantial risk to public safety, with police officers instantly losing vital access to cross-border investigative powers and databases, the home secretary has been told in a letter from the national body of police and crime commissioners.
In the leaked document – marked “official sensitive” – the police leaders urge Sajid Javid to immediately draft contingency plans, warning that officers faced “a significant loss of operational capacity” should the UK crash out of the EU in March. They say that they are becoming “increasingly concerned that such a loss of capacity could pose significant risks to our local communities”.


EUROSCEPTIC political parties are set to expand their strength by over 60 percent at next year’s European Parliament elections, according to a shock survey, in a stark warning to EU chiefs.
The survey, compiled by Reuters and based on national opinion polls conducted in the EU27 nations, points to a rise in anti-EU transnational groupings in the Parliament next year. The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) grouping, which includes parties such as UKIP and Italy’s Five Star Movement, could increase their number of seats from 45 to 59.

THE European Commission has excluded French ports as part of its plans for a new shipping route linking Ireland with the bloc post-Brexit in a move that could prevent them from accessing billions of euros in EU grants. It will instead look at the routing of one of its corridors to connect Dublin and Cork with with ports of Zeebrugge and Antwerp in Belgium, as well as the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, to transport trade directly from Ireland to mainland Europe. While the UK can no longer be part of EU routes after Brexit, circumventing it prevents Irish exports to Europe from getting caught up in British customs.

An EU plan to exclude French ports from new shipping routes linking Ireland with the Continent after Brexit is “scandalous and unacceptable”, the leader of the northern French region said yesterday.
Xavier Bertrand, the president of the Hauts de France region that includes the ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkirk, urged the European Commission to review its decision to ship goods via Belgium and the Netherlands instead of France. The proposal adopted by the European Commission last week is intended to prevent Irish exports to the Continent from being delayed by UK customs checks if Britain can no longer be part of EU routes after Brexit.

The EU is risking street riots across Europe and imperiling public safety if it continues to stubbornly refuse to do a Brexit deal, leaders today warned.
Tory  MP Sir Bernard Jenkin said that furious farmers will take to the streets to vent their fury if Brussels lets the UK crash out of the bloc and then slaps hefty tariffs on trade. He compared the scaremongering over the consequences of Britain’s looming departure to the unfounded fears that the millennium bug would send all computers into meltdown.

EUROPEAN farmers would “riot on the streets” if Brussels imposes trade barriers with Britain in a “no deal” Brexit, a senior Brexiteer said yesterday as he insisted the EU would in the end act in its own producers’ interests. Veteran Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin accused the Government and parts of industry of spreading needless “gloom and alarm”, as he insisted cross-Channel trade would simply continue as now.
Separately, the European Commission was stung into denying senior Tories’ claims it was being so obstructive in Brexit talks it could accidentally force Britain out of the bloc without an agreement on future relations.

European Union officials fear they may “lose Spain” to populism as a result of the migrant surge which the country’s new Socialist Party government has encouraged.
“Right now we can’t afford to lose Spain,” a high-ranking Brussels bureaucrat told El Pais, noting that the rise of anti-mass migration, pro-sovereignty politicians resistant to EU diktats in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Italy was already causing headaches for the bloc. “In the current scenario, and because of its demographic and economic weight, Spain is a fundamental piece to reinforce the pro-European bloc,” the official confessed.

Brussels has hit back at Theresa May’s government, insisting it will not be to blame if the UK crashes out of the EU without an agreement.
Negotiators are working “day and night, 24/7, for a deal”, the European Commission said – rejecting Liam Fox’s allegation that its “intransigence” was making a no-deal Brexit odds-on. The comment came as No 10 declined to say whether any progress had been made in the prime minister’s Friday night talks with the French president, beyond describing it as “a good meeting”.

Conservative Party

Theresa May has been blamed for “chaotic” preparations for a no deal Brexit as a row broke out in Whitehall over how to advise businesses to get ready for the possibility.
Civil servants have been ordered to compile 70 “technical notices” by the end of this month to explain to firms and self-employed workers what they need to do to be ready for Britain leaving the EU without a deal. But ministers have complained that they were not consulted before Mrs May made an announcement about the technical notices last month, and officials are grumbling that they are having to draw up extra documents “just to make the numbers fit”.


NORTHERN Ireland is at the centre of a “raging” battle which could see the unity of Britain crumble but politicians don’t want to discuss the possibility people will vote for a united Ireland, former NI First Minister Peter Robinson said, arguing the “battle for the union is on”. Mr Robinson said everyone who doesn’t want to discuss the eventuality the majority of citizens would opt for a united Ireland in a Border poll is talking “claptrap”. The former First Minister branded as “chloroformed” those who, he said, don’t want to speak about the referendum itself and its possible outcomes.


Nicola Sturgeon will demand to know if Theresa May  has a “plan B” to avoid a “catastrophic” no-deal Brexit  when the two leaders meet today.
The Scottish first minister hit out at the prime minister’s strategy for withdrawing from the EU, ahead of welcoming her to Edinburgh to what looked likely to be frosty talks. Ms Sturgeon attacked crashing out without an agreement  as “utterly unacceptable” – but also warned of the growing and equal danger of what has been dubbed a “blind Brexit”. This outcome would see the UK secure a withdrawal treaty but only a vague blueprint for a future trade deal.

Sky News
Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon are meeting face to face in a Brexit showdown expected to be dominated by increasing predictions of no deal. In crunch talks in Edinburgh, the Prime Minister will claim Brexit can result in a brighter future for the whole UK – and is promising a major funding boost for Scotland. But Scotland’s First Minister, a fierce opponent of Brexit, is challenging Mrs May to set out her “plan B” for Brexit and claiming no deal – or a “blind Brexit” – is unacceptable.

Labour Party

SENIOR Labour MPs have been holding secret away days at a luxury 12-acre holiday estate in Sussex to make plans to oust Jeremy Corbyn.
The revelation comes as Mr Corbyn’s leadership became further embroiled in accusations of anti-Semitism. Mr Corbyn’s hard Left supporters launched what appeared a coordinated attack on social media attacking deputy leader Tom Watson and demanding he resigns for standing up to anti-Semitism in the party. The Daily Express has learnt that for months senior moderate Labour MPs have been planning a fightback with including at least two away days involving a core group of around 12 senior MPs at a luxury venue.


Moderate Labour MPs have been holding secret meetings in a luxury farmhouse to plot a takeover of the party, it was claimed last night. Around 12 MPs are said to have met at the Sussex holiday estate at least twice to plan the fightback. The group was said to have included former leadership candidate Liz Kendall and Stephen Kinnock, the former party leader’s son. The £144 for one night accommodation on a 12-acre site is set within wonderful gardens and accommodation includes a stunning Grade II Listed Sussex farmhouse – Fair Oak Farm – built around 1600. The most recent meeting was in May, it was claimed.

BBC News
Labour has dropped its inquiry into senior MP Dame Margaret Hodge despite her refusal to apologise to for allegedly shouting at Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism in the party.
Dame Margaret said she was “pleased” after general secretary Jennie Formby wrote to inform her she would face no further action for her alleged “abusive behaviour”. But after journalists were briefed the decision had been taken after she expressed “regret” to Labour chief whip Nick Brown for the way she raised her views, Dame Margaret hit back insisting she had said no such thing.

Labour has ended its disciplinary action against the MP Margaret Hodge, launched by the party after she called Jeremy Corbyn “an antisemite and a racist” over his handling of Labour’s dispute with Jewish community leaders.
Hodge was informed that she was under investigation after confronting Corbyn in the  House of Commons, shortly after the party introduced a new code of conduct on antisemitism that was criticised by several Jewish groups. The code adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, but excluded several examples that Jewish groups had called for the party to accept in full.

ITV News
An investigation into senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge for allegedly shouting at Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism has been dropped, the party has said.
General secretary Jennie Formby has written to Dame Margaret ending the inquiry into alleged abusive behaviour and informing her that no further action will be taken. It is understood the decision comes after Dame Margaret expressed her regret to the chief whip Nick Brown for the manner in which she had voiced her views. Writing on Twitter, Dame Margaret welcomed the decision, but insisted there had been no apologies on either side.


Strict government controls on immigration drive up the number of people entering a country illegally, a new study has found. 
While visa restrictions cut overall migration, academics said they can be “ineffective and counterproductive” because they force more people to find unlawful ways to cross borders. The study also found that restricting the number of visas granted to students and highly-skilled workers does little to cut overall migration. Tighter restrictions on low-skilled workers does appear to reduce migration, but also leads to a “significant portion” of prospective immigrants turning to illegal ways to enter a country, it said. 

A new report shows that almost half a million homes are to be built on land that will be released from the Green Belt.
Pressure group, Campaign to Protect Rural England’s annual report also shows the number of unaffordable homes increasing to 78% from 72% last year. The report comes as mass migration continues into Britain, with ONS figures  showing 280,000 net migration in 2017. Migration Watch, an independent body opposed to mass migration responded to the new figures on Twitter, saying “Before allowing yet more building on our treasured green belt, the government should do much more to honour its promises & reduce the level of net migration which, in 2017, was at the 3rd highest level for a calendar year in a decade.”

Child abuse

Paedophiles who download images of child abuse will face tougher prison sentences under a government crackdown as official figures show that just one in four are jailed.
The Solicitor General today says that sex offenders who download or share indecent images should be dealt with by the court as harshly as those who abuse children themselves. Robert Buckland told The Telegraph that downloading and sharing child pornography is just as “insidious” as direct sexual abuse. 


Leading universities should be more open to vocational qualifications and degrees if they want to improve diversity in higher education, the chair of Education Select Committee has said.
Conservative MP Robert Halfon has also called for all students to be offered work experience and careers guidance by universities, as he argues that poorer students will only risk the expense of higher education “for the purpose of getting a job at the end”. His comments come after Tim Bradshaw, head of the Russell Group, which represents the most selective UK universities, used an interview with The Independent to call on the government to bring back maintenance grants for the poorest students to help widen access to university.

Dog meat

Campaigners have called on Theresa May to ban the eating of dogs in Britain after claiming the disturbing practice is on the rise across Europe.
International canine welfare group, the World Dog Alliance (WDA), is launching a campaign in the UK this Autumn for a full ban on dog meat consumption. Although the habit of eating canines is met with revulsion in most countries around the world, killing dogs to eat and consuming their meat is legal in Britain. The Hong Kong based WDA believes immigration from the Far East is secretly spreading the habit of eating canines across Europe.

THERESA May is looking into banning the eating of dogs in Britain, in a major boost for The Sun’s fledgling campaign.
Downing Street announced this morning that the PM will “look closely” at drawing up a new law to outlaw the sick practice after The Sun highlighted fears it is on the rise in the UK. An international canine welfare group fears immigration from the Far East is spreading it across Europe. Despite widespread public revulsion with the habit in countries like China, neither killing dogs to eat nor consuming their meat is illegal in Britain.


Earth may be on a runaway trajectory towards a ‘hothouse’ climate which will see huge swathes of the planet become uninhabitable and 200ft sea level rises,  an international team of scientists has warned.
A new review found that even if targets to cap global warming at 2C are met, it may already be too late because of a ‘domino effect’ of other factors such as the ongoing reduction in Arctic sea ice and the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Lead author Professor Will Steffen of the Stockholm Resilience Centre said Earth was reaching a tipping point where it would be impossible to control devastating climate change.

OUT-of-control global warming poses an “existential threat” to humanity that could render half of planet Earth’s current land “uninhabitable” within decades, scientists have warned. An alarming report by climate researchers has warned that Earth is reaching a “tipping point” where climate change becomes uncontrollable and threatens the existence of humankind. If average global temperatures exceed 2C above pre-industrial times, Earth will enter a “hothouse” state whereby climate catastrophes will occur “like a row of dominoes”, the study says.

ITV News
Earth may be decades away from a climatic tipping point that triggers runaway global warming and threatens the future of humanity, scientists have warned. The threshold will be reached when average global temperatures are only around 2C higher than they were in pre-industrial times, new research suggests. They are already 1C higher, and rising. Feedback mechanisms acting “like a row of dominoes” will then spin the world into a “Hothouse Earth” state of uncontrollable climate change. Long term, the Hothouse Earth climate will stabilise at a global average of 4C-5C above pre-industrial levels, the study shows.

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