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News review – Tuesday 10 January 2017


Angela Merkel has made clear the UK will not fully access the single market without free movement, after Theresa May said she wants a Brexit deal with both border controls and “maximum freedom” for British firms in Europe. The German Chancellor is demanding the UK not be able to “cherry pick” the best parts of the EU without accepting the basic terms of membership. But her most recent comments followed reports this morning that Ms May is planning for a hard Brexit, which the Prime Minister later claimed had misrepresented her view. Speaking in Cologne, Ms Merkel said there could not be negotiations based on “cherry picking”, adding that it is important that “we also make clear on the other hand that access to the single market can only be possible on the condition of respecting the four basic freedoms. “Otherwise one has to talk about limits [of access].” Ms May fuelled speculation that Britain was heading for a “hard Brexit” outside the single market in an interview on Sunday in which she said she was not aiming to preserve “bits” of the UK’s EU membership.

ANGELA Merkel has laid down a cast-iron ultimatum to Theresa May, embarrassingly snubbing the Prime Minister on the day she claimed she did not want a hard Brexit. The German Chancellor made it abundantly clear that unless Britain adopts all four of the European Union’s key freedoms then access to the single market will be denied. But just minutes earlier, Mrs May had expressed optimism that Britain would be granted access to the economic club, hinting that a bespoke Brexit deal could be in the pipeline. Mrs May said: “Well, I’m tempted to say the people who are getting it wrong are those who print things saying I’m talking about a ‘hard’ Brexit, ‘it’s absolutely inevitable it’s a hard Brexit’.


France is reportedly hoping to take Britain’s senior position in Nato amid claims the UK’s role within the alliance could be at threat after Brexit. The UK has held the position of deputy supreme allied commander – the No 2 military post in the alliance – since 1951 but this may have to be transferred to a member of the EU under options being discussed, the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) said. The role is central to securing Nato manpower and equipment for certain EU missions organised under so-called “Berlin-plus” arrangements. “There is already some discussion of the possibility that the assignment of the position . . . might have to be transferred to a Nato member that is a member of the EU,” Rusi deputy director-general Professor Malcolm Chalmers wrote in a briefing on the UK’s post-Brexit foreign and security policy.

Britain could lose its leading position within Nato after Brexit under options being discussed by member states. The tradition that a British officer holds the No 2 military post in the alliance is under threat as other European countries eye the coveted role, the Royal United Services Institute think tank indicated. The move would represent a loss of prestige for Britain, which has filled the post of deputy supreme allied commander almost continually since Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in 1951. The alliance has always been led by an American. Defence sources identified France as most likely to exploit Britain’s exit from the European Union to improve its military standing within Nato.


Jeremy Corbyn has abandoned his outright support for the continued free movement of EU citizens, saying he now wants “reasonably managed migration”. In a landmark speech, the Labour leader will bow to growing voices in his party by accepting that post-Brexit restrictions on immigration “will be part of the negotiations”. The rethink will come just weeks after Mr Corbyn stood up for free movement – to the despair of Labour MPs who believe the stance guaranteed doom at the next election. He claimed any work visa scheme would be “fraught with difficulties” and would penalise British people hoping to cross the Channel to work. But, in a speech setting out Labour’s approach to Brexit, Mr Corbyn will change course, saying: “Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle.

Jeremy Corbyn will use his first speech of 2017 to claim that Britain can be better off outside the EU and insist that the Labour party has no principled objection to ending the free movement of European workers in the UK. Setting out his party’s pitch on Brexit in the year that Theresa May will trigger article 50, the Labour leader will also reach for the language of leave campaigners by promising to deliver on a pledge to spend millions of pounds extra on the NHS every week. He will say Labour’s priority in EU negotiations will remain full access to the European single market, but that his party wants “managed migration” and to repatriate powers from Brussels that would allow governments to intervene in struggling industries such as steel. Sources suggested that the economic demands were about tariff-free access to the single market, rather than membership that they argued did not exist. Corbyn’s speech and planned media appearances represent the first example of a new anti-establishment drive designed by strategists to emphasise and spread his image as a leftwing populist to a new set of voters.

Sky News
Angela Merkel has warned the European Union must consider limiting the UK’s access to the single market if it refuses to accept free movement. The German Chancellor said Britain could not negotiate its future relationship with the bloc “based on a form of cherry picking”. Ms Merkel’s remarks came after the Prime Minister told Sky News that Britain could not hold on to “bits of EU membership”. The
pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar for two months in the wake of the comments, but Theresa May sought to play down their impact and said she was referring to the need for a new relationship with the EU. She said: “People wanted us to take control of immigration and people coming to the UK from the EU. “But we also want the best possible deal in trade with and operating within the single European market for British businesses and likewise for European businesses operating in and trading with the United Kingdom.”

Jeremy Corbyn will soften his stance on immigration as he sets out a positive vision of Brexit Britain. The Labour leader is to refuse to bow to growing pressure from his ranks – including senior allies – to back tough new curbs on free movement of people. Yet despite having long defended the principle as an “intrinsic” part of Europe, he will use his first speech of 2017 to get all of his team back on side by telling voters the party is not ideologically tied to an open-door policy. But he will stress that he still believes keeping full access to the EU single market is more important than top-down curbs on immigration. Mr Corbyn will say: “Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle.

Sky News
Jeremy Corbyn is to attempt to end confusion over Labour policy on immigration after his deputy Tom Watson struggled to explain it in a Sky News interview. In a speech on Tuesday on Brexit billed as part of his New Year relaunch, the Labour leader will say his party is not wedded to free movement for EU citizens as a point of principle. The move marks a shift by Mr Corbyn, who up to now has strongly defended free movement and put himself at odds with Labour MPs who are demanding curbs on immigration. His stance has been contradicted by the Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and at the weekend two Labour MPs, Stephen Kinnock and Emma Reynolds, demanded a two-tier system.

Europe will see a huge increase in Africans migrating to its shores in the next few years if Brussels fails to protect the borders, according to Austrian military intelligence. Analysis by the Austrian Army Intelligence Office (HNnA) shows population growth and rising unemployment in Africa will add an extra 15 million people to the continent’s “workforce surplus” by 2020. Unless the European Union (EU) makes changes to its asylum policy and increases aid payments to the most affected countries in Africa, an army of young people who are unable to find jobs at home will be tempted to migrate to Europe for a better life, the HNaA warns. A report by the agency, seen by
Bild, says Brussels should take measures to properly secure Europe’s external borders, and improve deals with African nations which enable failed asylum seekers to be sent back to their country of origin.


“Lies” were responsible for the electoral success of Donald Trump and Brexit, and the role of teachers is to push students towards “progressive rebellion”, according to a piece in this week’s
TES. Writing in the weekly magazine for educators, which was formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, Oliver Beach called victories for populism at the ballot box last year “frightening” and said teachers must counter the “post-truth” climate from which he claims they resulted. Beach, who appeared on the BBC show ‘Tough Young Teachers’ before quitting the profession, cites “post-truth politics” as “the most frightening development” of the last year. Asserting that the decisions of “naive voters” to opt for Trump and Brexit were “based on lies”, citing the property tycoon’s campaign promise to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, Beach said educators must prepare students to ‘empower and encourage’ young people to “challenge and question” right-wing politics.


Nicola Sturgeon has ruled out holding a second Scottish independence referendum this year but said another ballot remained “highly likely”. The first minister suggested she would wait to see the direction of the Brexit negotiations. “There is not going to be an independence referendum in 2017, I don’t think there is anybody who thinks that is the case,” she told STV News. The majority of Scottish people voted remain in the EU referendum, and the Scottish government has already drafted legislation for a second referendum vote on independence which it has said it will use if it is the only option to protect Scotland’s place in the single market. Over the weekend, Sturgeon denied she had been “bluffing” about the potential for a second poll but indicated that a soft Brexit, which kept the UK in the single market, would be enough to take the referendum off the table in the short-term.

NICOLA STURGEON was ridiculed today after she ruled out holding a Scottish independence referendum within the next 12 months. The Scottish First Minister has consistently threatened a new independence vote if her EU demands are not met in the wake of last summer’s UK-wide Brexit vote. But the SNP leader has insisted she will not be pushing for a second referendum in 2017, which critics immediately derided as “blindingly obvious” and an “empty gesture”. It comes amid a fresh blow to Ms Sturgeon’s hopes of building an economic case for Scottish independence after it emerged UK taxpayers are facing a £24billion bill for decommissioning oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Despite the First Minister’s regular threats of a new independence vote following the EU referendum, opinion polls have continually shown little appetite among Scottish voters to break away from the UK in the wake of the Leave result.


VLADIMIR Putin today railed against a US hacking “witch hunt” against his country after outgoing president Barack Obama warned the Kremlin is preparing a campaign to oust Angela Merkel from power in Germany. The Moscow chief launched a blistering broadside against the current White House administration, calling it “unprofessional” and saying he was looking forward to working with a more “sober” American leader. His remarks come amid a growing war of words between Mr Putin and the departing Mr Obama following the publication of a joint report by three intelligence agencies blaming Russian hackers for influencing the US election in favour of Mr Trump. The Kremlin had remained largely silent on the claims until now, but today a spokesman for the Russian leader tore into the conclusions by the CIA, FBI and NSA which he called “groundless”.


UKIP’s role in politics is more important now than ever been before, Paul Nuttall claimed as he vowed to stop any Brexit backsliding by the Government. Paul Nuttall said although Ukip was key in ensuring Britain was given a vote to leave the crumbling bloc, the eurosceptic party had an even bigger job to ensure the Government delivered the will of the British people. Speaking on the BBC’s Daily Politics show, Mr Nuttall revealed his plan to hold Theresa May and her Conservative Government to account during the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. “Let’s be clear, what people voted for on June 23 was to control our own borders, to control our own finances and sign free trade deals all over the globe,” he said. 
We forced David Cameron into giving the referendum in the first place by being strong electorally and we intend to ensure Theresa May doesn’t backslide by doing the same thing.


More than a quarter of accident and emergency units are dangerously overcrowded after the busiest day on record for the NHS, senior doctors have warned. Taj Hassan, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said that 25 to 30 per cent of A&E departments were dealing with fewer than 75 per cent of patients within four hours — the “magic mark” for safety. “When it gets below 75 per cent it becomes very overcrowded and that is when it becomes unsafe. There are delays in assessment of patients, there are delays in pain relief, there are delays in antibiotics being given, and basic patient dignity is compromised,” he told The Times.

An accident and emergency doctor has taken to Reddit to explain what really goes on in a busy UK hospital. The user, under the name Joan Dark, describes herself as a senior registrar in a “busy urban tertiary trauma centre” and admitted that emergency medicine “is a machine and you get sucked in and spat out”. She added she does not “really have any anger towards” Jeremy Hunt and said that although it “is a bit strong” to describe the NHS as in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, “maybe it is a term that needs to be used to reinvigorate some debate”. She said: “I don’t have an overarching plan to cure the NHS, if I did I would expect significantly better pay and a nice government office, but I do have a wish list of things I’d like to see that would best help the emergency department.

Frontline doctors have issued an unprecedented warning that patient safety is at risk at many A&E units across the NHS because hospitals are overwhelmed, as the health secretary provoked controversy by suggesting the four-hour treatment target should exclude people who waste time by presenting with minor ailments. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine said a substantial number of A&E departments were falling significantly short of the four hour standard – but Jeremy Hunt said that as many as 30% of those turning up were neither an urgent case nor a genuine emergency. The college, which represents doctors in emergency care, warned: “In our expert opinion, when an emergency department falls below 75% against the four-hour standard, it shows a significant level of overcrowding and begins to put safety at risk. Present figures suggest a substantial number of departments are falling below this level.”

Jeremy Hunt last night begged patients to stay away from crisis-hit hospitals. 
Announcing drastic measures to ease pressures on the NHS, the Health Secretary claimed 30 per cent of people using casualty units did not need to be there. Some had trivial issues such as broken fingernails, drunkenness and back ache. As well as appearing to blame patients, Mr Hunt: Suggested the four-hour treatment target could be limited to serious cases; Gave hospitals the green light to cancel non-urgent operations to free up beds; Said paramedics would be told not to bring elderly care home residents into hospital unless they were seriously ill; Urged casualty units to post GPs on their doors to redirect non-urgent patients to walk-in centres and pharmacies.

Jeremy Hunt condemned millions of patients to “indefinite” A&E waits yesterday as he said the promise to see every patient within four hours should be scrapped. In a shock statement to Parliament, the Tory Health Secretary said the long-standing pledge to treat every A&E patient within a four-hour window should now apply to “urgent” cases only. Labour’s shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth accused Mr Hunt of “rewriting and downgrading” one of the NHS’s most important pledges. Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb added: “This is a slippery slope towards the downgrading of standards of care across the NHS. “If the Health Secretary thinks it is acceptable for patients to be left waiting indefinitely in A&Es then he is sorely mistaken.

THE NHS winter meltdown continued yesterday as desperate hospitals cancelled ops, begged patients to stay away and even treated adults on a children’s ward. One under-pressure A&E declared a critical black alert as it struggled to deal with a patient every 90 seconds. A badly-injured rugby player had to be taken to hospital in the back of a pick-up truck because the ambulance took too long. And a car passenger who suffered spinal damage in a crash waited five hours for paramedics. Britain’s leading emergency doctor Dr Mark Holland said he was stunned that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had scrapped A&E’s four hour targets. Dr Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: “Healthcare professionals and medical bodies across the country are reporting difficulties from the front line en masse, yet we are faced with dismissal. “Mr Hunt is completely out of touch if this is what he believes to be an accurate reflection of the situation.”

Ice age

A CHANGE in Atlantic currents will trigger an apocalyptic Ice Age in Europe and America, researchers fear. A new study by Wei Lui, a Yale University researcher, reveals that the ongoing process of climate change could trigger catastrophic collapse of a vital Atlantic Ocean current known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). This current is a natural process that moves heat from hotter countries to the North Atlantic region that includes northern Europe and North America. The plot of the 2004 sci-fi movie The Day After Tomorrow was inspired by possibility of the current’s death. As in the film, the collapse of the current could plunge large parts of the Northern Hemisphere, especially North Atlantic countries, into extreme winter conditions that transform the entire region into frigid wastelands. Mr Lui cites climate change as the main threat to the current and says that it could be fatal for many countries like the USA and the UK.

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36 Comments on News review – Tuesday 10 January 2017

  1. Hopefully Merkel will be out at the next election. (Heaven knows surely no-one on their right mind could support her?) Even if she is not the German industrialists will have to force the issue if they want to protect their market share.

  2. GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // January 10, 2017 at 4:41 pm // Reply
    Please read the above link,and you will see how Mad Cow Merkel the Mother of all Migrants policies of importing 1.4 Million of the Devil’s Henchmen.has f**k*d up Germany for good.

    I say to Mad Cow get stuffed,and you can shove your immigrants where the sun
    don’t shine.They are not coming here on some one kway ticket costing £19.99,by Easy Jet,we are already bursting at the seams with Mozzie Migrant Invaders.Mad Cow is seriously deluded,and needs to be put down,just like
    all of our past and present so called numpty useless leaders.They should all be arrested for crimes against the people and state and taken to the Tower,and executed by public firing squad.No trial for these vile verminous traitors,none of their
    cronies from The Britain Hating Human Rights Act Lawyers would be allowed to represent them,they would be the next scum who should be rounded up and wiped of the face of the earth.
    I would start with War Criminal Blood on his hands Blair,next would be David Halal is safe with Cam-Moron,next would be Sharia May.These traitors and all of their loathsome cronies have done their damndest to turn our once safe and peaceful
    country into a Moslem Embracing State.
    Their policies have just about brought our once great and former Christian Country to it’s knees.Their policies of Regime Change in the Middle East,together with that Mozzie Obama,have led to the rise of Isis,whom they helped to arm,and led to the death of all Christians living there,once they were 20% of the population of the M.E.,sadly know only 1% remain.There is only one safe country Christians can know live,and that is Israel,and the Islamists aided by the other traitors in the EU are siding
    with the terrorists whose main aim in life is to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.
    Thankfully with Donald Trump that will not now happen..
    I keep telling people,brave men fought and died for our freedoms,only for our useless
    Lscum leaders who have never ever done a proper day’s work in their lives,hand over our country to the Moslem Invaders,whom they alone have invited in,against the wishes of the people of Britain,we were never asked anyway.
    If we in UKIP don’t rise up soon against the madness of allowing aliens who should not even be in our country,and rubbish the policies of the traitor Sharia May,then we will have let down both our Party and our Country.
    Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP.Pontypridd.

    • Geoffrey,

      Do you feel better for getting that off your chest?

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // January 11, 2017 at 2:19 am // Reply

        DD,yes by jove I feel so much better after getting that off my chest,in fact I would say I am actually euphoric,and at an all time high,my heart rate has
        slowed,and the pain from my unstable Angina has almost disappeared,
        I am for a while at peace with the World,but I know in my heart that just won’t
        last,as soon as I see what our totally useless leader Sharia May has done to delay Brexit,or bring in more unaccompanied Syrian Child Immigrants,whose average age is actually 24,I am once again spurred on by her absurd stupidity,and lack of intelligence,that I am once again off,tapping away at my
        I Pad,trying my very best to right the wrongs of the traitors who govern us,I
        get so hyped up I cannot wait to post my comment,even though I have checked for spelling mistakes,my old I Pad has a mind of its own,and when
        I go and read what I have written,I am appalled with all of my spelling mistakes.I know i should not look for excuses,but I have only realised last Thursday evening that I have a real problem with my vision,and I have made
        an appointment with my Optician friend,today at 1PM,so I will know more then.
        DD keep up the good work,it is much appreciated,please excuse me for being so bold,but am I to believe that your are indeed a lady,are you at liberty to confirm,of course i will respect your wishes if you prefer to remain as just
        plain Donald Duck,my kindest regards,Geoff.

        • Geoffrey,

          Yes indeed I am a lady, but like you I hate all these politicians who have systematically destroyed our once proud and honest country. This government needs to go, if May is the best they have then I feel it is our job to get rid of her before she inflicts even more damage.

          Personally, I feel if they let the NHS crash then they should crash with it, we all know that they will lay blame on someone else, but not the obvious causes staring us in the face: incompetent managers, bed closures and the over riding pressure of just too many people to treat. And we all know what the reason for that is, except for the government who will not say the truth, because they are ultimately to blame.

          I say again in order to save this country and redeem it for it’s rightful citizens this government has to go, it must be our mission, it is a bold one but why are we here if not for that aim.

    • Geoff I love your posts. No-one puts my frustrations better or more pithily than you. I especially love the handle Mad Cow Merkel. Thank you, after reading that, I feel better too!

      • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT // January 11, 2017 at 2:47 am // Reply

        Dee thank you so very much for your kind words,I too am cheered immensely that you have taken the time to thank me,I too feel so much better
        Dee I must thank you for everything you do on this wonderful platform that we have with UKIP DAILY,which is run so very professionally by dear Viv.
        Your always manage to comment so knowledgeably on just about every
        subject that is published,your time and effort and your promotion of our true and honest party UKIP,is appreciated immensely,long may you continue.
        Am I correct in believing that you write on other online websites,as I am sure that I have seen the name Dee,when I have read or replied on these other sites,please be kind enough to let me knowThank you once again,keep up the good work,my kindest regards,Geoff.

        • Oh dear, Geoff, perhaps I have been outed! I do comment under Dee on Breitbart, and now my avatar is an upside down Turks Turban (a kind of squash I managed to grow this year) for some reason my iPad delivers photos upside down and I am not tech savvy enough to correct it! Also comment on other sites. I see you too use an iPad, they are a blessing for those of us unable to sit for long at a computer – mine has changed my life! Thank you also for your kind comments. I fear we will be stuck with Mad Cow Merkel for a long time unless something even worse happens in Germany – the Germans have not yet become guilt free in a majority.

    • Geoff, I share your anger but we will need to be wilier than a fox in our plans to defeat them.

  3. Is the Kremlin really preparing a campaign to oust Merkel from power in Germany? Wow, good for them! How quickly can they do it?

    Save us and the Germans, Putin, from the mad mullah-lovin’ Nutti – sorry, Mutti – Merkel, patron saint of all immigrants, especially islamic sex-starved, misogynistic gropers and kiddie-rapists. There are lots of them: 1000-strong crowds were seen out in hope of a grope in Cologne at New Year, just like last year, but this time there were more bobbies on duty and most Germans had stayed at home anyway instead of going out to enjoy themselves. Or maybe they were worried about getting mown down by a raving muslim maniac driving a lorry. Result! Muslims conquer the streets of Europe.

    It never occurred to me before to wonder if I’d be safer in Russia under Putin, but this guy actually realises that muslims are a threat to his country and doesn’t like so many of them being allowed, even encouraged into Europe. His IQ is higher than Merkel’s; maybe she is showing the first stage of dementia.

  4. NHS: How bad does it have to get before T May sacks Jeremy Hunt? He was useless under Cameron and is twice as useless in her government. Hunt on TV always looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights whether on TV or in the House. His whole demeanour signals to me a man out of his depth frantically trying to appear as if he knows what he’s doing.
    No wonder Hunt hardly ever sits on the Front Bench during PMQs, but lurks at the back near the doors. My guess is that none of the other Ministers want to sit next to him for fear of catching a dose of his incompetence.

    • Panmelia,

      You cannot catch something you have already got.

    • Panmelia,

      I agree with you he is useless, you would think after the long drawn out negotiations with the doctors to come to some sort of settlement and avert strikes, the least the government could do would be to give them decent working conditions to work in so they can treat the public.

      Someone is to blame for this mess and somehow I don’t think it is the doctors, but it may be incompetent overpaid administrators along with this incompetent government. I am absolutely sick of this situation arising every winter, and we have not really had a bad winter yet, so that cannot be kept being used as an excuse by both sides, with yet again the poor public who pay all these cretins wages paying the price.

  5. Thinnish Free-Thinker // January 10, 2017 at 11:57 am // Reply


    • I have ordered a book called “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster” by Gavin Cooke. From an extract I’ve seen, he seems to think that population change is the ultimate goal of globalists and Cultural Marxists, not only for Britain, but Europe and the white nations generally. Why? Cheap labour amounting to slavery and a central world government. And wealth of course, unimaginable wealth for the wholly immoral and unscrupulous few.

      Now, on this site, ‘David’ (I’m not sure which one) has often suggested that this is the game plan, hence unlimited immigration being encouraged into Europe, but I wasn’t sure that I could believe it. Someone else on here suggested that islamics re-populating countries was favourite because with everyone in the grip of satan’s own religion, controlling the slave workers would be easy.

      It’s easy to be carried away with theories of evil global conspiracies, but I will be interested to look at Gavin Cooke’s evidence. There are certainly some very peculiar things happening in the world which make one wonder if our leaders are mad, bad or stupid. They seem to make decisions that undermine the chances of survival of the indigenous people of this and other European countries. We’re running out of time to reverse the effects of their wicked or insane or moronic carelessness.

      • The elite believe they are simply creating a more sane and prosperous world. Just like the communists did. If you point to the resulting miseries they’ll say it’s a worthwhile price for a better world. Just as Juncker did recently. He said he knew how to make a better world in a hundred years. Merkel says: “We can do it”.

        Jim Rickards relates in his book that he met the head of Bilderburg. He says the elites believe they are doing good and it ‘insulates them from self-examination’.

        During the 1990s I wrote a web article called The Ethnic Cleansing of London to a chorus of ‘totally mad’. Walk down the street now and tell me I was wrong. The enormity of it all makes people refuse to see what is in front of their eyes. It’s like Stalin’s purge victims thought it must all be a mistake and they’d soon be released.

        Goethe remarked that the most difficult thing to see is that right in front of you. I honestly don’t think Nuttall gets it at all. I am now concluding that he’s an innocent about the world. Farage is not.

        • I fear even if Nuttall gets it he isn’t up to doing what needs to be done. We really need to recognise that contrary to what Ajax thinks, it is not so much the various ethnic groups that are the most real and present danger, it is the fact that Islam is the tool that will be used to subdue us. There are many ethnic groups that will fight Islamisation with us, imo. There is no doubt that we are being ethnically diluted, I think that is inevitable, but the clue to the real plan is the suppression and demonization of Nation States and cultures and the encouragement of all things Islam. Already in Europe women are staying home, wearing shapeless clothing and eschewing make-up in order to stay safe. The work of subjugation proceeds rapidly now thanks to Merkel. Marine Le Pen is France’s only hope, and Paul Nuttall has said neither he nor UKIP support her party.

          • No the biggest threat is not the Muslims. They are just doing what Muslims do. It’s the elite among our own people.

            The late Lord Beloff described Britain as ‘a nation of quislings in peacetime’. Ain’t that just right the way so many have gone along with the path to their own destruction for social convenience.

          • UKIP needs a leader with fire in his belly. Nuttall just doesn’t have it.

          • Yes, Mike, I see what you mean. I believe that there are many Muslims that had hoped to throw off the shackles of Islam once they got to the West – and it is our traitorous Governments that have, through cowardice (remember TBlair allowed Islamist extremists here on condition that they left Britain alone) allowed the same practices here as in the ME, and both men and women are as controlled here as ever they were there, thanks to all that. So Muslims are not the threat technically, Islam is, but what Muslim will stand up against it? Very few brave souls, they know the penalty, and many daughters have been killed for trying. So they are as unable to stop it happening as we, at present, are.

        • Mike, I recall taking my young son to London for a “Smash Hits” concert in 1990. I had not visited London since 1975 and coming in by National Coach, I could not believe my eyes. I felt I was in either Kingston, Bombay or Karachi instead of my country’s capital city. Now, I believe, less than 50% of the population is native British.
          It’s things like this that make you wonder if others can see what’s going on and if they’re bothered about it. I was bothered in 1990 and I still am, with all the more reason.

      • Panmelia is certainly is, and has been set out in the Coudenhove -Kalgeri Plan, just Google it. That was way back in the late 1920’s, I think, and the Bilderberg Group has entheusiastically joined the club. Try Googling who the members are, if you haven’t already, you won’t be surprised. I read an interesting report from a whistle blower, meetings are always secret members not allowed to bring spouses or even their security to the meetings.

        I think when the plan was set up they weren’t thinking that Islam would be the tool that would do their dirty work for them, the rise of Islam has come in handy.

  6. Of course, NV. The real question is why isn’t the leadership shouting this out every day!
    The only thing that needs to be negotiated is pensions – fair enough.

  7. George Orwell is buried at Sutton Courtenay near Didcot. I think everyone should make a pilgrimage to visit this great man’s grave in a country churchyard. Every year his insights prove more relevant. Oliver Beach is straight out of Orwell. Say it how it really is for a change and that’s ‘post-truth’ politics.

  8. How is the EU going to enforce this lack of access to the Single Market, then? Will they impound any goods coming from the UK on the docks of, e.g. Rotterdam or coming into continental airports? Some countries might, initially. Suppose the support for such a block isn’t uniform across the EU? Suppose some countries say, we’re not going to police this, we’re letting these goods come in via our country. On Freedom of movement, how would they prevent us from saying that, from today onwards, you can’t come into the UK without a work permit or visa. What could the EU do about it? Once we’ve said we’re leaving we should just refuse to obey any EU regulations and negotiate new deals.

    It’s like handing your notice in on a job, people expect you to start looking for another job and having interviews. We can’t keep on playing by Queensbury rules. Why don’t we just ignore the EU?

    • Thinnish Free-Thinker // January 10, 2017 at 11:52 am // Reply

      Excellent! The eurocrats are just bound up in words —and threats. They don’t understand any other kind of reality — like human beings seeking to engage and to trade freely with each other.

    • ANV

      Exactly! Just tell Merkel to ‘get stuffed’, trouble is May has not got the guts, she is pathetic, another M. Thatcher she certainly is not.

      • There seems to be a problem with the wording in the Express report on Brexit. Thresa May is reported as saying that she is not just ‘talking’ about a hard Brexit because it is inevitable that there WILL be a hard Brexit.
        But at the beinning of the item, it says the PM was snubbed by Merkel on the day she, the PM, claimed she did NOT want a hard Brexit.

        Misunderstanding, misreporting, miswording, confusion? Can anyone clarify?

        • May is claiming she was ‘misreported’ (see the link). Was she? No way of knowing but if politicians don’t like what the media are saying about them, this is a good get-out.

        • Panmelia May has said both, so no wonder it’s difficult to report coherently.

          • Dee,

            Mrs. May contradicts herself all the time then says that everyone else is misquoting her, it is a tactic she has used all her career. The simple truth is she does not appear to know what she is doing, and is not clever enough to dig herself out of the hole she has dug for herself, so she plays the inevitable blame game.

            I don’t know about you but I have had just about enough of it, May should go and a true brexiteer should replace her.

          • DD – Bring on John Redwood! In our dreams, we’d be out in a day.

    • I expect the answer is that Maybe and most Tories don’t want to, NV.

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