By now, most will have heard about the mass sexual attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, perpetrated by ‘Syrian’ refugees. ‘Syrian’ because, no matter that some perps came from other MENA (Middle East And North Africa) countries, they’re all ‘Syrians’ now.

Slowly, slowly reports of similar mass attacks by similar groups of ‘refugees’ are being published in the EU MSM: Zurich, Salzburg and Vienna, Helsinki, Sweden and a handful of other big German cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.

On the one hand, it’s nice, isn’t it, that we get to learn about these attacks, albeit a week later and albeit only after one local paper in Cologne reported this two days afterwards, because the social media were already full of this.

On the other hand, it is astonishing how similar the attitude of police, politicians and MSM in all the different countries are. I don’t exclude our own politicians, police and MSM because we all know how something like Rotherham became possible.

We can now read in German papers that, yes, the police have been told by the governing politicians not to mention the ethnic origin of perps, that the German MSM are following a voluntary code of never mentioning the names of perps if they’re obviously not German, that police leaders are being told by their ministers to ‘prettify’ statistics so that ‘the public won’t become upset’ by the number of crimes perpetrated by those who are not “Bio-Germans” – I love that expression for native Germans …

But that is not all by any means.

The majority of quality national online papers in Germany are populated by journalists who see nothing wrong with not publishing anything about what happened in Cologne until it simply can no longer be brushed under the carpet. The reason is that this attack, and moreover reporting it, would strengthen the AfD, which is, in case you didn’t know, a right wing, eurosceptic party when looked at without prejudice – but which is nearly as bad as Hitler’s NSDAP for any well-thinking German, especially any German journalist, who is of course more green and left than main-stream conservative.

Suppressing news for political reasons …. hm, didn’t we have that already in Germany?

And then we have the professional feminists, politicians and ‘journalists’. They are providing us with examples of whataboutery which are unsurpassed in ridiculous arguments. One Green female politician told us that mentioning these mass attacks is racist, and anyway, it’s not a ‘refugee’ issue because it’s an issue of male, patriarchal oppression and German men do the same. Well, perhaps not all at once, but they could, they could! And what about the Octoberfest! They drink there, don’t they, and women get groped …

Yep – about 20 reported rapes/attacks, over two weeks, and with over 2 million visitors. In Cologne alone, there are now nearly 200 reports over a few hours and perpetrated by about 1,000 ‘refugees’. Whataboutery at its finest!

Some ask where were the German men defending their women … Those who did were beaten up and ended in hospital – but you won’t read much about that except in local MSM. So what about showing civil courage? Yeah, right – because just as here, those men defending their women would get their collars felt by the police for racially aggravated violence while the perps get their knuckles rapped and sent on their way.

For all the whataboutery, for all the ‘mustn’t say anything because it would make the plebs even more racist’, journalists are not looking at how the people – here in the UK, in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland – have been misled, to say the least, by an unholy alliance of politicians, locally and nationally, police, and hacks. And they still keep quiet and don’t ask the right questions …

We still haven’t learned, never mind accepted, that the vile accusation of ‘racism’, especially when patently not true, has led to and perpetuated what happened in Rotherham, Rochester, Birmingham, Bristol – and in Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Helsinki, Vienna ….

Whataboutery, fear of being labelled ‘racist’, local politics imported from MENA countries, like Tower Hamlets: these we must fight. And yes, we must hold the feet to the fire, nationally and locally, of the establishment, this unholy alliance of politicians, administrators and hacks. If the ordinary Germans can start doing it, so can we!

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