As a young man, for one reason or another, I’d spend a lot of time driving around Europe and I loved the place as I expect many of you used to as well.

One of my favourite European excursions was when once or twice a year, I’d scrimp and save to buy ferry tickets and drive to France or Switzerland for a skiing holiday. I’d always have an overnight stop, one of my favourite being in Lyon, where I’d dine with my partner at a favourite restaurant with it’s lovely food, washed down with lots of lovely French booze.

In the days before the Euro, eating and accommodation in France was affordable and so this was no extravagance. I was fond of France, Germany, Italy and a number of other European countries and felt that Europe generally was one of the most amazing places on Earth and I’ve travelled some.

Nowhere else on Earth were there so many different distinct cultures in such a relatively small area. It was easy to drive through three or four countries in a day and enjoy their different cultures and particularly for me, their different cuisines.

Europe then always was a multicultural place, it had the highest concentration of different cultures in the world, very unique, very civilised and in my experience, one of the best places in the world to be.

Compare that to today when looking at cities like Paris, with alien and hostile invaders camped out on the street, raping women and children. A hostile Muslim invader with a culture so alien to our own that this can never end well, despite what mainstream media propaganda would have us believe.

A very different culture indeed. I remember a time in a particular Muslim country, some friends took me to a Kebab restaurant, the Kebabs were lovely, but they didn’t go down so well when I visited the toilet.

In many Muslim countries, they clean their backsides with their hand, in this case, they’d been wiping the excrement on the walls of the toilet, the heat had baked it on, dead flies and other insects were stuck to it, the stench was beyond belief.

It would be fair to say then, that Europe is literally turning into a Muslim sh*thole. This is where forty or so years of Liberal / Socialist, European Union, big government has brought the once very cultured and civilised Europe.

When Margaret Thatcher said: “the problem with Socialists, is that in the end, they always run out of other people’s money,” there was never a truer word said. This from Zerohedge:

“Socialism: So Bad Women Are Willing To Be Sexually Abused To Escape It”

Venezuela, with its Socialist, big government and million percent inflation, has driven its population into perdition and absolute desperation. Many South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina are headed the same way. Many of us here in the West feel that we’re above this sort of financial and economic catastrophe, I assure you we are not.

Europe has had, in the form of the European Union (or Common Market / EEC), Liberal, Socialist rule for many decades, its banks, since the Financial Crisis of 2008 are still teetering on the brink. Most of the EUs member countries are struggling with  unsustainable and massive debt and a decade of money printing has done nothing to alleviate the problem.

There are many references and articles regarding the above available, but for now I’ll leave you with this one: “European debt crisis” 

After decades of the European Union, the future of Europe is looking very bleak, financial and economic hardship will lead to racial tension. We’ve already had the violence and this will get a lot worse over time. The multicultural, Socialist, Utopian dream as peddled by globalists such as the European Union, its and our politicians is becoming increasingly exposed as a pack of lies and this is why the United Kingdom needs to be gone as soon as possible.

Great Britain, our country and homeland, after being tied to the European Union for so long, isn’t in much better shape, if at all, than the EU itself. We’re horribly indebted at a national and personal level and interest rates it seems, are set to rise.

In 2016, I wrote an article for UKIP Daily, entitled: “De-facto Islamic Rule” . Little did I know at the time, just how quickly my predictions would materialise. We have Muslim Mayors in many UK cities including our capital city, London. There is a strong possibility that we may soon have a Muslim Prime-Minister, Sharia Law is rampant, as are the hordes of Muslim rapists and child groomers in our country.

On the 23rd of June 2016, 17.4 million of you, very wisely, realised, that in spite of our troubles, we didn’t have to follow Europe into the Politically Correct perdition that is the European Union.

Today’s political landscape, I think by design, is such that there are often no good choices when it comes time to vote, well, we do have UKIP. The only other option to UKIP would be mass civil unrest and unfortunately I think this is coming, our country and way of life are now more threatened than it was during two World Wars and make no mistake, we are at war.

Rest in Peace Europe: I support UKIP!


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