Something quite unprecedented has been taking place ever since the 20th of January. Unprecedented because the Inauguration of President Trump on that day has given rise to mass protests not just in the USA but here in the UK as well.

First, we were treated to the rather unedifying spectacle of that ‘Women’s March’ on Jan. 21st. Why British women should ‘rise up’ against an US President was unfathomable to me, the only apparent reason: ‘because – Trump!’

According to the meejah it was all ‘spontaneous’, so one really must congratulate the organisers for getting so many women on the streets within 24 hours, mustn’t one!

There are however a few indicators that this was by no means such a spontaneous ‘uprising’. Firstly, and forgive me for being facetious, there was the mass appearance of ‘pink pussy’ woolly hats. Those things don’t knit themselves, as anyone knows who has ever wielded knitting needles! So where did they all come from? It couldn’t be, could it, that this ‘spontaneous march’ was being prepared ever since it was obvious that Trump would be the next President, after the Electoral College did not cave in to the demands of the losers to give it to Ms Clinton?

I shall refrain from commenting on the handcrafted fabric vaginas so many women proudly wore hanging round their necks – except remarking that I was reminded of the cart-horses of old with their huge harnesses round their necks.

What was noteworthy was that the woman who was the main organiser of this march is a muslima who advocates sharia law. Of course, that was only reported in the dreaded ‘alt media’ so hated by our pristine, truthful MSM who would never mention that – even though it’s factual. See for yourselves, here!

More important though is the fact that many of the groups organising this spontaneous march are backed by George Soros, see for example this report, or this oneWhy should that concern us here in the UK? Because of the next wave of ‘spontaneous protests’ following the Executive Order of President Trump to halt for 90 days visas from seven countries! The MSM went into hyperdrive on that one – ‘Muslim Travel Ban’ – and so did our politicians. None of them took the trouble to find out that this list originated from the Obama administration. This Executive Order by Pres Trump was deemed to be so heinous by our own MSM, “we” simply had to have our own demos, duly taking place on Monday evening (30th Jan.). We find again that the groups organising those protests are supported by George Soros, and again only the horrible ‘alt-media’ reported this (here and here).

This was a beautiful exercise in observing our ‘truthful’ media – the BBC first and foremost – providing us with real ‘fake news’ so that “The Narrative”, that President Trump is bad for us and the world, be maintained at all cost!

Ah, but there’s yet more fake ‘outrage’ in our country:

Our PM Theresa May had invited President Trump to a State Visit while she was in Washington DC last Friday. Now, with the ‘spontaneous’ uproar against the alleged ‘Muslim Travel Ban’, virtue-signalling UK politicians stood up and demanded that President Trump be un-invited, as not being worthy. And lo and behold – a petition was got up to demand just that, garnering millions of votes in a suspiciously short time. Many of us remembered just such a ‘huge’ petition for a second referendum last year, which was, as it turned out, ‘signed’ by ‘script bots’.

This time round though a counter-petition was immediately set up, demanding that President Trump’s invitation should stand. Petitions, as we know, must be debated by Parliament if they reach over 100,000 signatures. It is a nice occasion for MPs to grandstand, without much political consequences. The ‘Ban Trump’ petition won’t be debated, the “Let Trump Visit” petition will be debated on February 20th. This is important to us for two reasons:

Firstly, there are so-called ‘heat maps showing which parts of the UK petitioned for or against the Trump visit, which are very interesting indeed. Here is the one (you have to scroll down a bit) showing from which regions most of the ‘No Trump’ petition signatures originated: London and the university cities! The rest of the UK – not so much. In contrast, this is the heat map for the ‘Yes to the Tump visit’ signatures. What a surprise: they come from the whole country, except … London and university cities …!

Secondly, the date of the debate – February 20th – is just three days away from the two by-elections in Copeland and Stoke. And wouldn’t you know – our own luvvies are now calling for a ‘massive demo’ on just that day, to show that “The People” are against the visit.

UKIP must make use of the data on those maps, and of the arguments in the debate by Parliament, in the final days of electioneering! Just as in the EU Referendum: the country stands against the Metropolitan elites, the same elites who deem us too stupid to know what we are doing, the same elites who have a ‘narrative’ which they keep pushing. Their ‘narrative’ is that they know best, and that we, the people, are thick, ignorant and not worthy to vote.

After the Glorious June 23rd, and after the election of Donald Trump by all those ignorant peasants, the ‘elites’ still cannot believe what is happening. Thus their huge effort to get us peasants back into our boxes, to make us mind their exhortations.

The international elites have declared war on us, the people. We here have won the Referendum, but we still don’t have Brexit.

The fight must go on – and February 23rd will show that we’re not going to give up. Let all members, let all branches use this information in the coming days, so that February 23rd 2017 will become as glorious as June 23rd 2016.


Ed: We add the following letter by our contributor Pamela Preedy, on the Petition for the Trump Visit, in support of her appeal:

Sir – The following is a message I sent out to all our Branch members in an effort to boost the number of signatures on the petition. It would be great if everyone who visits UKIPdaily did the same:

“Are you tired of hearing about the petition opposing President Trump’s visit to the UK?  We can all guess at the type of people signing it – we’ve been hearing the constant drone of their anti-democratic discontent since the Leave voters won the Referendum. Now, they’re trying to demonise a democratically elected President of the United States who hates the EU almost as much as we do and supports our Brexit. 

There is a Parliamentary petition entitled “Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the UK”. It currently stands at around 250,000 signatures. I hope you agree with me that our voices should be heard in the form of a signature on this petition, standing up for democracy and the will of the majority in this country. Please sign the petition and send it to everyone you know who feels as we do. If they circulate it to friends and family too, we can add our voices to an overwhelming message of support for a political ally in our struggle against the EU. Here’s the link:

Let’s turn the whole country maroon on that map!”

Respectfully, Pamela Preedy

Photo by Aimee Custis Photography