Ed. staff: This contribution has come in from an ordinary member of the public. His name is David Harrison.


The prime minister is treating the electorate like fools. We are anything but.

Politics is a brutal trade. This can be witnessed on a daily basis by turning on the television or reading the newspapers’ analysis of parliamentary proceedings. I am neither politician nor journalist. What I am, however, is an ordinary member of the British electorate-the ‘man in the street’. It is my section of society who will, more than any other group, decide the outcome of the EU referendum. Never have I observed the conduct of any campaign as more shabby, dishonest and shameful than that which has been run by Remain. New depths have been plumbed by their scaremongers alongside a new and pernicious form of brutality. Not only in the vile personal attacks against Leave campaigners, but also unleashed against the British public, especially through the threats to our pensioners and the disgraceful plans for a ‘revenge’ budget should we vote leave, which undoubtedly represent the politics of the gutter. That this is led and orchestrated by a British prime minister and chancellor is in my view a national scandal quite unlike anything I have previously experienced.

All this leads me to one question. Why is Mr Cameron who has previously stated his opposition to how the EU is run, saying that Britain could cope perfectly well outside, so desperate for us to stay in? This on the back of a meaningless so-called re-negotiation which asked for little and got nothing. Indeed his attempts to clothe his abject failure in the pretense of great triumph is to insult a proud and intelligent people who deserve very much better than to be treated as an idiotic rabble. We should not, of course, be surprised by this, as it is now beyond doubt that both the prime minister and the chancellor are fully superannuated members of the sneering establishment elite which is embodied perfectly by the anti-democratic EU,and its commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, who last month told prime ministers they should stop listening so much to their voters. Another of Mr Juncker’s notable quotes came in response to the Greek financial meltdown, when in 2011 he said, “when it becomes serious, you have to lie.” Any obvious similarities to Remain’s tactics are definitely not co-incidental.

That the EU hates democracy and is wholly unprincipled is proven by these quotes. It is also anti-business, profligate, corrupt and controlling, with an agenda for full political integration and an EU army. The idea that we have ‘special status’ within it as the prime minister continually assures us, would be risible if it were not such a serious matter. The modest reforms supposedly obtained can be overturned at any time. It is falsehood to say otherwise.

I have noticed that one of Remain’s consistent ploys has been to accuse Leave of having no credible economic vision in the event of a Brexit. I would argue that no vision has been articulated by Remain save a package of known untruths, many of which have been found out when put under scrutiny. It is not rocket science, however, to believe that the public purse will be in somewhat better shape if an extra 10 billion pounds a year becomes available to it. Neither is it rocket science to believe that Britain will be better off outside an organisation whose accounts have failed to be signed off for several years, has caused massive youth unemployment across Europe, has brought economic meltdown to the continent of Europe and has sown unrest and discord across the whole of Europe. Despite this it refuses to reform, but continues to implement the policies responsible for this. Far from making Europe a safer continent, I believe the EU has become the single biggest risk to lasting peace. We should be very thankful for NATO in this regard.

As an ordinary voter I now come to the subject of uncontrolled immigration. Clearly it is the great lie of Remain that we can control this from inside the EU. This is a complete myth as Leave have rightly highlighted. Now I am not saying that Leave is perfect but they have concentrated on facts, avoided nasty personal attacks and run a largely principled campaign. Those who support Leave have long voiced their euroscepticism. Contrast this to Remain, in which several cabinet ministers who have frequently postured as sceptics, have put personal ambition before private conscience and come down in favour of staying in the EU. I know who I would rather trust on immigration. The fact is that Britain will change into an alien land if we permit this influx from the EU to continue. We cannot control it while we remain and we will not be allowed to.

The facts are clear. To go forward as a prosperous, independent and sovereign nation, able to negotiate in the world and decide who we do and don’t let in, we must leave the corrupt, sclerotic, dictatorial EU.

If we were asked the question: ‘do you want to lose your country forever’? It is safe to assume the answer would be a resounding ‘no’! When we enter the polling booth let us ask ourselves this same question. If the answer is no then our only course is to believe in Great Britain and vote leave.