It is now nearly two years since I left UKIP. Although I held Nigel as an absolute HERO, for his courage in not backing down on his beliefs when vilified and verbally and physically threatened, the party Elite allowed in newcomers who to my mind saw UKIP as a career move. These newcomers were propelled into positions of power and then serving MEPs were replaced on the EU elections list by new members who had yet to show their loyalty to the party, because of their so called ability to speak etc. Have we heard much from them since they gained their lucrative membership of the EU Parliament, apart from certain people saying that the party isn’t quite right, so IT should change into one they are comfortable with. Why join in the first place unless it was seen as a career opportunity. Then what really persuaded me to go was the way Godfrey Bloom was pushed aside. Members voted for who they believed should represent UKIP in the EU if the public voted for us, but Bloom was not put forward as a potential MEP and finally left the party. I emailed the Chairman and specifically asked  how many votes Bloom had received was flatly  informed that his position  on the table of selected MEPS would not be disclosed to me, a paid up member. Surely, whether he stood should have been the opinion of members not the whim of an Elite group.

Many of us may not have agreed with everything Bloom said, but he had courage like Nigel, and spoke up about what he thought was right, nobody was forced to agree with him. I am sure he would have never let himself be browbeaten into sitting on the fence or apologising for other members expressing their point of view, which is more than I can say for some of Nuttall’s present top team selection. I believe Nigel, Kassam, Bloom and JRE would have made a formidable leadership team, people we could get behind.  I know I would have been willing to give whatever was necessary to support these brave men.

UKIP’s only MP recently sat down next to the likes of Thornberry at a Guardian event and said  Brexit  “does not mean Nigel Farage’s vision of Brexit”, after, according to reports, recently hinting at returning to the Tories. I can imagine what he would have been rewarded with by Bloom if he was in the vicinity. Have UKIP leadership done anything about his remarks and general attitude to the party, I doubt it. As far as I am aware there has been no open critisism, which is certainly something Nigel has received from Carswell and Evans in no uncertain terms.

The recent leadership elections seem to have been interferred with (by whom?) so that conditions were put in place or perhaps behind the scenes interference, in order that the membership was not given the full choice of candidates to vote for, then conditions imposed so that JRE was restrained from critisising Evans and Nuttall. Is this the party of open democracy and free speech that I once joined? I don’t think so.

I can only hope that Paul Nuttall will listen to the membership and represent their views not just that of an Elite, who think it is their party and members are just there to pay their subs and do the footwork at election time. I’m sure members have differing views, but I doubt if most ordinary members would have the same views as Carswell, otherwise they wouldn’t have joined the Tories or Lib Dems? Millions of our countrymen have voted for UKIP in the EU elections and also in the General Election, didn’t they vote for UKIP because they wanted someting different to LIb/Lab/Con?
Admittedly, it is difficult to stand up and put your head above the parapet when there is a small army of anti democratic louts ready and waiting to shoot you down, perhaps even literally, but in my opinion this wonderful land of ours is desperate for a Hero who has the courage to stand up to voice the views of the generally silenced. At the end of the day no one is forced to vote for a party that has views they don’t agree with, but after millions of our fellows have laid down their lives for free speech don’t we deserve a choice? I personally disagree with everything Jeremy Corbyn says and stands for but would defend his right to free speech as much as I would defend mine, though I have my doubts if he would reciprocate.

These days I often think of my grandfather who died a short time before I was born. He volunteered to fight for his country in the First World War. He was gassed and spent time in a prisoner of war camp, which I believe was not the best of experiences. He survived but suffered from poor health till he finally succumbed. I wonder what he would think of the so called Free Society he and his comrades sacrificed so much for. There has to be someone out there with the courage to lead those of us denied a voice by the All Knowing Elite and their cronies. I remain Looking Out For A Hero.