London friends (and a few from outside the capital too),


Given our humble position in opinion polls – this partly thanks to the previous Leader & Consort – especially in London where we’re down to 1%, why should we even bother?

There are many reasons why we must:

Because UKIP will rise again.  Because we must give people the option of voting for UKIP, which won’t happen if a UKIP candidate does not appear on the ballot paper.  Because unless we field a requisite minimum number of candidates in these elections, we will forfeit some advantages conferred upon ‘major’ parties.  Because, unlike with General Elections, Local Elections cost nothing in terms of deposits, and act as a free Opinion Poll.  Because paper candidates need not do anything apart from get their valid nomination papers submitted.

And because we don’t give up, we don’t get easily rattled, we fight for what we believe in – and we never surrender!

The statutory deadline for submission of completed, valid nominations (i.e., all the documentation, including 10 signatures of currently-registered voters in the ward concerned) to the local authority concerned is 4 pm on Friday 6th April, 2018.  That is one month away and cannot be extended. Email [email protected] if you have questions.  Turning up at the council office without an appointment just a few minutes before 4 pm will have only one outcome, even if no mistake has been made in the paperwork.

Potential candidates must be vetted by UKIP, if not already on the approved list as at 1st March, 2017.  To arrange that, use:

Note a branch Chairman can fill this in on behalf of a potential candidate who has no online access – this having got the necessary information from the person, naturally, as well as her or his consent.

Please – do this now.  Leave it to the last moment, we may be swamped and unable to cope. Email [email protected] if you have questions.

And, of course, a candidate for UKIP must be a member of UKIP, even if only just signed up.  To incentivise your friends or family to stand, note that until March 31, 2018, they can join (at for just £20!  Assure them that the process is painless; if necessary, offer to act as their Election Agent.

Vetting is followed by being nominated by UKIP – this means, officially approved to use UKIP’s party name and logo (the “£” sign, I humanely shot the wretched lion) in the election.  Without this, the candidate will merely appear as an Independent in the election, not as with”UKIP”.  Documents proving this have to be provided by us (by the National Nominating Officer or the regional Deputy Nominating Officer – for London it is one and the same person) to the appropriate election officer in the local authority concerned with the nomination papers.  Email [email protected] if you have questions – preferably one consolidated set of questions per branch; do not deluge the poor chap!

Within London – congratulations to Sutton branch, which intends to field two dozen candidates.  Havering branch is probably in the same league.  There are several other contenders – well done!  ***

Don’t let our enemies, without and within, triumph.