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LISA DUFFY: my proposals for reforming the internal structure of UKIP

[Ed: Lisa Duffy, candidate in the current leadership elections, has sent us her proposals for the reformation of UKIP’s internal structures.]

Below is an outline of how I see the internal reform of our Party which we need, and which I will set in motion if I am successful in becoming your Leader. It has become very clear over the course of the Leadership election that in order to move our party forward constitutional change must happen to make our party a cohesive, inclusive, grassroots based election-winning machine.

National Executive Committee:

The NEC must stay. It is your grassroots voice. Without the NEC you lose your voice at the top of the Party. The NEC is also the governing body of  UKIP Ltd,  and the NEC members are the directors of UKIP.

Under my leadership I will be looking for constitutional change. and would aim for this to start at the end of September.  I will work for these changes to be ready to show the members for approval at the Spring Conference next year.

The proposals I am putting forward for the NEC are:

Regional Representation: it is important that the grassroots members have a representative that is working on the NEC and to whom they have access.

Members able to observe: I would like to enable the members to watch NEC proceedings as if it’s a local council meeting. On items of confidentiality they would be asked to leave the room as at local council meetings.

Keep the present format of election of NEC members: this keeps continuity.

NEC around the country: the NEC should travel around the country for their meetings and hold a reception for members to meet and greet afterwards. My suggestion would be the NEC meets once a quarter outside London.

Constitutional Update

The constitution needs updating so it is fit for purpose for the future.

Party Chairman: This is currently the gift of the leader. I would like to see this changed to the ‘gift of the grassroots’. This will require constitutional change.

Conference Motions: I would ensure that all conference motions passed reach the NEC for discussion.

Internal Discipline: internal discipline needs to be more consistent. All complaints must be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt and investigations to be completed within 28 days unless further investigation is required.

Please let me know your thoughts on the proposals above at

Putting the right team in Place

Nigel Farage has done a great job for UKIP. With your grassroots support he secured the EU referendum and built UKIP up from scratch. Now the focus has to be on winning seats in Westminster and for that we need a different leadership style.

My focus has always been on building and developing our Party right here in the UK. I am confident I can build the right team to quadruple our membership; put wheels under our 2015 manifesto; develop a support structure for our branches, our candidates, our Councillors, our Assembly Members and the significant number of MPs we are going to win in 2020.

To make this happen, this is my plan:

Deputy Leader: I plan to appoint three deputy leaders responsible for policy, communications and operations.

Shadow Cabinet: I will introduce a shadow cabinet of top spokespeople to feed in policy ideas and challenge the relevant Secretary of State in the media.

Elections: I will establish a campaign team that is in place all year round and that will fight local, regional and national elections.

Membership Officer: I plan to create a membership representative and a membership development team to boost the people’s army.

Talent Bank: I am asking members to get in touch and let us know what talents they have, in skills and policy. It is important to ensure the grow our party that we utilise the talent which our grassroots members possess.

I believe that in order to move our Party to the next level we need to build a team in UKIP and to make use of the talents of our grassroots members. I am a strong individual that believes in team work. UKIP is a jigsaw and each one of us is a part of that jigsaw. My expertise in UKIP has been in finding and nurturing the part members play. from delivering leaflets, driving the car, becoming a Councillor or a PPC.

I have media experience on national and regional television, having been on Any Questions, Channel 4 News Live, BBC Politics shows and the Victoria Derbyshire show.

I am not afraid of challenges and will make sure that UKIP remains the Party that will talk about difficult and challenging subjects such as immigration, and that we as a Party will always stand up to political correctness.

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5 Comments on LISA DUFFY: my proposals for reforming the internal structure of UKIP

  1. Talking of the “Gift of the leader”
    Matthew Richardson according to “Independence” is listed as Party Secretary, I assume this is the official position of Secretary as required in a limited Co.When Nigel first resigned, I understood he resigned as well – the later, he re-appeared, as it were “out of the blue”
    As it was an official appointment, required by law, was he ever officially “engaged”?.
    I mention this position, because I assume he is paid and like Panmelia I was wondering where the money is coming from..
    Oh! and the there`s YBF, as I understand it some sort of Conservative think tank, how do they figure in our affairs?

  2. I like Lisa’s ideas on reforming UKIP’s internal structure, especially the appointment of a Membership Officer. But I do wonder where the money is going to come from to pay for three deputies and a new Officer.
    Lisa has great energy and drive and has the knack of leading from the front while making everyone feel they have a vital job to do.
    My concern is Suzanne Evans and how much influence she hopes to gain by backing a potential leader, having been ruled out of the leadership election herself. Suzanne thinks UKIP should move to the centre ground (see her statement on the link) and she cannot resist having a dig at Nigel either. I think that the centre ground is already well-populated by liblabcon and I’d hate to see UKIP moving in that direction.
    Lisa’s is the best of the five electoral addresses received in the post today with the ballot paper. Perhaps she needs to make it clear, though, that she wants to keep UKIP’s edge as a distinctive party that rejects spin, tells the plain facts and, above all, opposes political correctness. I believe that few, if any, UKIP members aspire to occupying the ‘centre ground’, which is a very muddy, churned up place reeking of corruption and strewn with garbage.

  3. “The Party Chairman is currently in the gift of the leader”
    Lisa, supposing you become leader, who will be your first party chair/person?
    I would suggest Nigel to occupy the position as in the “Putin manner”.
    I wouldn`t worry about toxicity 17.4 million votes have provided the perfect antidote.
    It`s time for UKIP and whatever metamorphic “New Deal” party emerges to stop creeping around and stop ducking every time the MSM adduces some vital faux pas to UKIP which in effect takes them clean out of the debate.
    Talking of “Grassroots” there are now a large portion of 17.4 million of them, they need to be “gathered in” – Nigel is their “known” grand daddy, – most of `em haven`t a clue who the rest of UKIP are so he MUST be the spokesman for them.
    Remember we are the only organisation uncontaminated with EU ideology and 17.4 million people must be united as the true Brexit party.
    I`ll vote for you Lisa, as I do think you really want the job and as long as you agree to deliver a “New Deal”

  4. I disagree very much with Paul’s comments.
    I don’t know why he thinks Diane J will be UKIP’s salvation. My own view is that she never really wanted the Leadership ( hence lodged her application only at the last moment) and if she attains it will be a disaster – with bland views seeking to give offence to no one ( we already have the Legacy politicians for that ) ; and actually, whilst certainly telegenic, she is not that bright : so once she faces a serious, probing, interviewer there is potential for disaster ( à la Greens Leader’s ‘BrainFreeze’ last year over where the money would come from to build a gazillion new council houses. )

    I believe criticism of the persons who happen to be NEC members at present is misplaced : it is not their fault that the electoral method is what it is.
    A national postal ballot sounds democratic, and in a sense it is.
    But the problem is that most of the Candidates are of necessity unknown to the general Membership. The latter therefore tend to vote on ‘name recognition’ and / or seeing which stars in the UKIP firmament nominate / second particular Candidates.
    So we end up with zero NEC members from the Northeast or Yorkshire, for example, which not only is bad for UKIP in those Regions but bad for UKIP nationally as it is not receiving the input / expertise which those Regions have to offer.
    Organizing NEC elections on a Regional basis ( and annually ) has the potential to CURE completely those defects.
    Hustings could be held in each Region where the much smaller number of Candidates for NEC could easily set out their stalls / respond to questions from the floor. Thus the Region’s members would have the opportunity before voting to know much better the Candidates – both their experience à la CVs and their policy views. And their ability to argue their case.
    The electorate in each Region being so much better informed the NEC would surely be a more representative body. If elected annually it would be difficult for it to become out of touch with members’ concerns. ( I believe there would still be continuity because incumbency would give an advantage to members wishing to stand again, let us say for a maximum of three years, but still: facing annual elections would be an appropriate encouragement to NEC members to stay in touch with their electorate.)
    On a slight tangent, another suggestion : all UKIP Annual Conferences between now and the next Election need to be held in the North : Newcastle / Gateshead; Liverpool or Manchester; Sheffield. And perhaps at the end of the Members Only Conference there could be an open to all the public afternoon where key UKIP speakers could address and take questions from said local, interested people.
    I realize security issues have to be addressed but still – it’s an opportunity to get the message across and encourage new members to join.
    Good Luck LISA : I have had the pleasure of meeting you on a number of occasions : I believe your heart is very much in the right place. Can you obtain pledges to work with you from such as Paul Nuttall and Patrick o’ Flynn ?
    PS: I think your 3 x Deputies plan is too complicated. Stick to Regional basis for NEC elections !

  5. Most of us know next to nothing about NEC members, except for a few words in the “Independence” magazine. We have no way of holding them to account, except once ever 3 years ( I think).
    I do know my regional chairman, I can and do correspond with him when necessary and he responds fairly quickly. Sorry Lisa, your proposals will not do, I don’t want to be ruled by a somewhat self satisfied clique.
    As a branch chairman I do sometimes suggest ways forward to my members but I would not dream of manipulating events to push my personal opinion. I work for them, not them for me. As an example I deeply dislike the idea capital punishment, ( I have police service in my past and know mistakes get made ), but that’s what a majority want, I’d live with it.

    Right now my members are furious at the way the leadership contest has developed, I understand why it worked the way it did but rather more foresight could have avoided such a messy end result. They believe Evans and Wolfe should have been on the ballot paper, even those who would have voted for neither. They are sad at Nigel stepping down and Paul not standing, but that’s their choice and it does give us a chance to shed the “toxic” label so unfairly applied to us by the media and old parties.
    We claim to be a grassroots party and in practical terms that’s true, come elections it’s feet on the ground that do the work. We must be seen in this light by the public, perceptions matter a great deal, in politics sometimes more than facts.
    I’ve done posting now on the leadership matter, it’s up to all our members to have their say, I hope they vote for Diane but I’ll accept and support whoever they choose, as we all must if we want to break the monopoly of power of the old parties. A united UKIP can go on the great things, a divided party is bound to fail.

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