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LINO – Leave In Name Only or: capitulating to the EU

Twenty-four hours ago the announcement of “a breakthrough” hit our screens and online papers. I cannot remember a time when I felt more ashamed for our political ‘elite’, more angry at the way they’ve sold us out and are continuing to do so, and more disgusted at the Remainers in government, the MSM and in the comments pages. One way to gauge the impact of this announcement is to look at who praises or defends it: watch how the crypto-remainers now come out of their holes …

There were straws in the wind pointing to this abject surrender – no longer just appeasement but humiliating surrender plain and simple. There was Juncker’s suspicious praise for Ms May – and his warning that the Brussels negotiators must help her to stay in office. Juncker knows full well that, should she be toppled, the next Tory Leader might well be an actual Brexiteer, with Brexiteer Ministers, willing to scupper this surrender.

There was Phil Hammond’s budget, planning for extra “Brexit” money to go to Brussels. Why do that – unless you know full well that it will be needed because Brexit won’t happen?

There was David Davis’ extraordinary announcement before the HoC Select Committee, that there were no government papers on Brexit impact assessment. In other words – why waste time and labour on these assessments when you already know Brexit won’t happen?

Therefore, having become suitably suspicious of how ‘government’, i.e. Whitehall and its Mandarins work, we can conclude with confidence that they have done and are doing their utmost to keep us in the EU. Never mind that their ‘preference’ means that we’ll now be in a worse place than had we voted to remain: their pensions are safe, and they can all still visit their friends and colleagues in Brussels from M Barnier down. We plebs, all 17.4 million of us, will foot the bill, as punishment for our temerity to vote OUT.

But that’s not all, not by far! Something the congratulatory pieces and interviews from Cabinet ministers didn’t mention, something the redoubtable EUrosceptic and brexiteer John Redwood in his diary pieces doesn’t touch upon (to name just a few prominent Tories), was explained by Henry Bolton in his interview on the BBC’s Daily Politics (embedded video clip here): that surrender ‘document’, in his well-informed opinion, was crafted and written in Brussels. Yes, that’s right: our feeble but powerful Mandarins can’t even write a proper surrender paper! Without Brussels, we’re nothing, do you understand? 

While someone like John Redwood makes reassuring noises (“this only means we can progress to trade talks, it’s not agreed until everything is agreed”) others simply crow with delight. The headlines in the papers say it all.

The ordinary people, unless they’re staunch Remainers, have a totally different opinion. Anger and scorn abound. I predict their voices will become even louder once they’ve delved into the fine print.

Take for example the ECJ – or CJEU (Court of Justice of the EU) as it’s now called. According to this document, “we” have agreed that EU citizens living here can go to the ECJ and we will have to abide by their decision – not just for the ‘transition period’ but for another eight years after that – that’s ten years. I’m sure we all remember the court cases where a convicted criminal from an EU country has won the ‘right’ not to be deported and goes happily on with his crime spree … Even the formidable Jacob Rees-Mogg hasn’t quite hammered home the fact that any EU citizen here in the UK will therefore have more rights than any of us natives.

Worse – since we’ll be ‘aligned’ and subject to Brussels, there won’t be any defense against the EAW. The EU police, Eurogendfor, will be able to ‘intervene’ should our feeble government think it necessary. PESCO will affect our Armed Forces. After all, why wouldn’t Phil Hammond go ahead with demanding the reduction of our Armed Forces by another 20,000 or so, down to 50,000, if our commitment to the EU Army were in doubt!

Then look at the ‘Trade Talks’ Juncker et al have now graciously permitted our government to begin. What ‘trade’? We’ll be stuck in the Customs Union and the Single Market, forever. No chance of negotiating our own FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) with Commonwealth Countries, for example. We’ll have to do as Brussels says.

It gets even worse. While we were justified to think, talk and write about the Brussels surrender, that old EU warhorse Mr Martin Schulz has come up with a surreal proposition at his Party’ Conference. He wants to establish the ’United States of Europe’ by 2025 (read it here).

Having surrendered now, that’ll be us included. Or will it? In good old teutonic fashion he says that those who don’t like it will be thrown out … so can we go then? Don’t bank on it: our Civil Serpents will see to it that we will like it indeed!

There’s one last point to ponder: we know how well-connected the links between Whitehall and the establishment media are. They go beyond the mere ‘briefings’ by Whitehall ‘officials’. The Mandarins and editors go to the same parties and dinners. A word here, a word there and the MSM know what to write and report.

We remember how UKIP was frozen out of the EU Referendum campaign. We remember how in the past 18 months we were deemed to be so insignificant that the establishment got away with telling everybody that UKIP wasn’t needed any longer because ‘we now got Brexit’. Too many voters believed them, and too many members believed them as well, thinking now was the time to give UKIP a make-over with another single issue to fight for.

How wrong they all were! UKIP is needed more than ever. We must gather our forces, we can no longer afford the time to navel-gaze, fence-sit and snipe at each other and the leader. If we cannot now stand up against this capitulation, stand up for our Independence – because that’s what Brexit is about – then the 17.4 million Leave voters may well ask what UKIP was for.

Do we really want our children and grandchildren read in their History books that all we Kippers managed to achieve on June 23rd 2016 was voting for LINO – ‘Leave In Name Only’ – because we stopped fighting and went home?

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28 Comments on LINO – Leave In Name Only or: capitulating to the EU

  1. We have been sold out by a remainer masquerading as a leaver. Now we know the lie of the land it is time to start courting all those MP’s who worked tirelessly for the referendum, their parties have blown it persuade them to cross the floor if possible without bi-elections. No MP’s keep their promises to the electorate ask Soubry.

  2. I agree entirely with your analysis Viv, and I believe Mrs May has now completely sold the UK down the river and committed us to staying under EU control.

    On Radio 4 News today it is explained by Sir Andrew Cahn, head of a Government body to promote UK trade and investment, that the UK(May) has given the most ground because “we(May) agreed to pay far more money than we said we would”, because we(May) agreed to ECJ jurisdiction” and we(May) fudged the NI issue by saying ” we will stay in the Single Market if we can’t find another solution”.

    In effect, we have already said we will NOT walk away. The deal on NI commits the UK to stay “aligned” to the Single Market and Customs Union whatever the outcome. Because we cannot countenance any sort of hard border in NI we have said the whole of the UK will conform to EU rules even if we do not reach a Free Trade agreement.

    The “negotiations” are over. We are now trapped. This is the time for UKIP to really start making an impact on the public consciousness!!!

  3. UKIP have a very hard job getting the MSM to acknowledge them an even harder job to get them to take the Party seriously.
    UKIP undoubtedly have to lead the campaign against the now overwhelming conspirisory to keep us in the corrupt monster that is the EU.
    However I fear that HB is not the man to stand up to the abuse and the dismissive, contemptuous Remoaning supporting media. He is not the man to galvanise the Leave majority.

    • He may not be a galvaniser-of-the masses – but AFAIK, Nigel hasn’t left the Party and will certainly be happy to take on the job of galvaniser while Henry does the nitty-gritty. Btw – from what I’ve observed of his appearances on telly: he’s not just standing up to e.g. the sneerer-in-chief, Ms Jo Coburn of the BBC, but in his quiet way is shutting her and the rest up. And anyway – Nigel had 20 years of practice, Henry less than three months, and IMHO he’s doing better than our previous leader already.

    • Henry has got off to great start sorting out the chaotic party management that Nigel left behind. Henryimpressed me with his cool and informed TV manner and he will get better with every TV interview and debate he undertakes. Give him time. He is the man to take the Party into the future because UKIP is needed more than ever.

      I also think he will eventually attract more Party members than Nigel ever did (40,000)when he fine tunes the manifesto. Sticking my neck out further, Nigel could never win a seat to Westminster despite emptying the coffers of the Party on many occasions – Henry might just pull that off, his mannerisms and quiet diplomacy are quite different to Nigel whom most loved or hated.
      Henry is by far the best person to lead UKIP and I would rather Nigel sticks to doing his media stuff of which he has huge talent.

      • To Viv and Jake, i do hope that you are right. I don’t believe that HB is “the man”, but i really do hope that i am wrong and that you are right.

  4. Look at it this way: Teresa May has not yet handed over her basket of `goodies,(bargaining chips), only offered. Now let us hear from the EU, then she can unload her basket bit by bit until the EU’s empty basket holds `Independence’ for us and they can have whatever is left in her basket. Nothing is agreed until all is agreed!

    • I`d like to go along with you Jac, but I cannot see anything in her basket and we are making less of an effective effort than the Greeks did and look how they ended up, ragged, bagged and shagged, with their assets stolen and in debt forever.
      Now with the best of will we all expected them to get “something” for their efforts
      The EU ran rings round them, just as they are presently doing with us.
      Just another pie in the sky thought that goes along with the basket theory.
      David Davies`s basket of assumptions (85?) that he says don`t exist – I would love to think they do – except he can`t show them because they are so good and would give the game away to the EU whose whole policy is to ensure we don`t prosper after Brexit

      • Roger, I hoped what we heard from Davies in the the committee wasn’t all that Davies had, but he seemed to have lost his usual swagger. I wondered if the unCivil Service had done rather less research/work than he’d been led to believe and I’d like to believe he’s not telling either the EU or the remain committee the actual state of play. Unfortunately I can’t – maybe next week when my wrists heal!

  5. My God! Have you looked at the photo. A picture paints a thousand words. The eyes have it..dead eyes..sold her soul! She is not weak clueless,she knows exactly what she’s doing? Killing us!I said on day one she would betray us! Puppet!!

    She cares for all the dross of the world , and her beloved E.U. Before us, the real Briton’s soon to be extinct.

    • Sir Andrew Cahn said today May fudged the NI issue by saying ” we will stay in the Single Market if we can’t find another solution”. This means we will NOPT WALK AWAY. May’s betrayal is now clear for all to see.

      She might say we have left the EU in March 2019, but in reality we will be totally under EU control. The UK will be the first Dominion or Colony of the EU!!!

  6. I see I’ve posted the same comment twice – sorry!

  7. ‘Theresa the Appeasa!’ The only thing this woman has had any success with is climbing the greasy pole! She clearly didn’t ask herself during the sham ‘negotiations’ what Maggie would have said or done, or she would have said No! No! No!! Instead she smiles weakly and signs anything the EU put in front of her, including her public statements. No backbone whatsoever.

  8. This is serious stuff. The critical issue is getting UKIPs message across and our version of the facts our there. Legal challenge is one thing, but a disillusioned and angry public is another. We need to raise the profile of this and other channels to the broader electorate. Especially the young. Each and every one of us. Starting today

  9. How right I was thoroughly to distrust Vote Leave: Boris, Gove, Matthew Elliott, the stool pidgeon Carswell, only interested in keeping the Conservatives In Name Only in power.
    I am convinced we will never leave properly until we have drained a large number of these swamp monsters from parliament. We desperately need a third party, well managed and well resourced, with a determined plan of action. Is it UKIP, do you think?

  10. UKIP are back in business!

  11. Tuesday was a fateful day in the Brexit almanac, Theresa May’s Brexit lunchtime deal making disrupted, exposed by the full glare of DUP search lights as she crossed the Lancaster house red lines. Possibly Good Friday Bill Clinton’s 19th October 2017 meeting with Theresa May had a hand in this. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have not been shy about interfering in UK EU-Brexit politics. Red lines, Head lines and Dead lines led to Friday.
    Depressing Friday eclipsed Tuesday with the TF50 negotiation report and press photos of the triumphant smiling Theresa May. Soubry, Juncker, Gove, Verhofstadt all praising Theresa May, Nigel Farage angry. This litmus test immediately indicated the UK leave camp had been sold out by the Conservative government.
    The government negotiation tactic has been “delay, pay and stay” and the UK is now shackled to the EU for years to come. With no clean break, the neutered Brexit referendum result is transferred to the next general election. If a week is a long time in politics, the wait for the next General Election is eternity, plenty of time for the attention of the public to be switched elsewhere.

  12. The next question is, will the EU actually be around by the end of the transition period? With Martin Schulze demanding a United States of Europe by 2025, and the visegrad countries facing court due to refusing migrant quotas expect more trouble ahead.

    Here is Ricard North’s analysis:

    My take is that nothing has changed, the UK is being kept in a holding pattern, preparing for reentry. We will be kept in the single market and customs union indefinitely. They will tell the public how good it is, and people will just accept it, ‘well because its working and there’s no point rocking the boat right, and its good for UK business?’ Public apathy and ignorance will keep us in.
    The remaniners have been wearing down and chipping away the leaver camp.
    Expect the UK to apply to rejoin in 5-10 years time, this time we lose the VAT derogation’s, and more importantly the pound. Game, Set & Match, trapped for ever.

    What we actually need is a Leave version of Gina Miller, take the government to court over this….better still maybe Nigel needs to make a comeback….

    • Another good reason to argue for why we need to be OUT NOW!
      I voted to Leave because I did not want to be part of any United States of Europe, which some people have been suggesting for years will happen, but have been dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’, in the same way that those warning about the ‘EU Army’ were dismissed.
      Events are being engineered to break the resolve of the Leavers and things are only going to get worse I fear.

  13. Now we see the emperor has no clothes,they’ve been bluffing us for a very long time they are all great pretenders.”United states of Europe” will come to fruition regardless of the cost in lives or otherwise. In the meantime the endless flow of immigrants will get worse until we drown.

  14. Irrespective of whether we are in or out or LINO, the other issue has not gone away. The point of no return is somewhere between the years 2030 and 2040. Beyond that point it becomes somewhat irrelevant whether we are ruled from Brussels or not.

  15. Lie yes gives LINO!

    Gove’s comments reported in the news this morning that we can vote for a change of direction at the next general election show the man is an idiot. What we want is the correct direction NOW.

    And who does he think the electorate can vote for to deliver a change of direction? UKIP has the answer, and with united forces we must promote it NOW. I look forward to seeing him loose his seat to a UKIP MP.

  16. Indeed sold down the river by May as expected. Yet another PM who looks like getting away with treason.

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