Today’s first letter is from our contributor Mr Bav. It’s on “the Bookmarks Incident” and is a warning of the coming MSM storm against UKIP which sadly has been provoked by some Kippers and which has been taken up by the Left on social media and in the London MSM.

Letter withdrawn by the author

in order not to create an unnecessary legal issue.

The rest of today’s letters reflect the ongoing dissatisfaction with the way the Government and MSM are dealing with or addressing Brexit. The next letter is from our correspondent Septimus Octavius who points out a trap laid by Remainers:


The news report published by the Daily Telegraph on Sunday, claiming that a “no deal Brexit”  would be illegal under EU law is pure silly season nonsense. Nowhere in Article 50 is there any requirement for reasonableness!  On the contrary, Article 50 is crystal clear about what happens: the UK is released from the Treaties of the EU at one of two moments.  The earlier such moment is that at which a Withdrawal Agreement comes into effect at any moment before 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019; the later is that time if no such Withdrawal Agreement has come into effect before that time.  It is a beautifully binary law, incapable of any misunderstanding. A “no deal Brexit” is therefore entirely lawful.

A more critical legal point, of course, concerns the trap laid, probably by Dominic Grieve, in the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018.  It will be recalled that if a Withdrawal Agreement DOES come into effect before that time, the ECA 1972 will immediately reinstate all the Treaties of the EU straight back into UK law!  There are only two ways this trap can be avoided, the first one being a “no deal Brexit” and the second being a Withdrawal Agreement expressed in its own terms to come into effect at 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019.  In either of these cases the repeal of the ECA 1972 and the Release from the Treaties happen at the same instant, and the UK escapes by the skin of its teeth.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Next, our reader Cllr Ivor Jones sent us this letter which speaks for itself:


Here’s one of my latest ‘outpourings’ to the press. Perhaps it might serve to inspire other members to put pen to paper:

“Dear           ,

Mrs May, (the professional pedestrian currently wandering around Italy) appears to be hopelessly in thrall to her (unelected) pro-Brussels advisor.   

That Referendum result, as in any election, was the sum of each individual’s decision on where to place their X. That one mark represents a great many things to every voter in that booth. In the case of Brexit, and before considering anything else, the basic question is simply “Do you wish to be ruled by an unelected, unaccountable, corrupt bureaucracy based in Brussels?” Yes or no. That has to be the fundamental starting point, and everything else stems from there. Anyone in any doubt, especially in view of those oafish tactics as demonstrated by Mr Juncker and his chums, must be appalled by the contemptuous attitude and undisguised malice clearly shown by those people towards all of us.

Shamefully, those same people are enthusiastically aided and abetted by certain MPs and members of that other unelected, unaccountable, corrupt plutocracy, many of whom are handsomely bought and paid for by the EU.

Their behaviour is at best grotesquely unpatriotic. At worst it is tantamount to high treason.

Have they really any idea of the implications of the Lisbon Treaty, the Treaty of Rome, or of the ‘Acquis Communautaire’? Did John Major and those other Maastricht-debaters actually read and understand the ramifications thereof? If so, they certainly didn’t want us to know about them.

This country is now in a most parlous state due to indecision, duplicity, incompetence and treachery. We have to send an urgent powerful message to our so-called ‘negotiators’ that they show some true pride, purpose, patriotism and passion, or face the serious consequences. They must get on with it and deliver the unambiguous result for which we voted in 2016. Yours faithfully etc “

Respectfully, Ivor Jones, UKIP Councillor, Minehead Central

In today’s last letter, our contributor Julian Flood proposes that we must take back the language of “Brexit”:


If we command the vocabulary we control the thought.

I doubt if Orwell said that, but the sentiment is his. When a topic occurs in the brain it brings with it associated words that shape how that topic is processed. Take, for example, Brexit. In the MSM, on the BBC, much of the Remainder commentary has already colonised the way Brexit is described — ‘hard’, ‘crash-out’, ‘cliff edge’ etc. This colonisation of thought processes must be resisted.

Let’s not have ‘hard’ Brexit. That sounds ugly, scary, painful. Let’s have ‘clean’ Brexit, that sounds pure, washed, desirable. Let’s not use the phrase ‘legal oversight by ECJ’, let’s talk of the unpleasant reality which is ‘interference in our legal system by unelected

foreign bureaucrats’. No ‘common rule book’, speak the reality of ‘dictats to our industry by foreign competitors’.

I’m sure your readers can come up with other examples.

Respectfully, Julian Flood


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