Today’s first letter is from David Challice, UKIP Head Office Manager. He alerts us gain to the possibility of a snap GE:


There was always a Plan for Brexit, it’s just that no-one outside Downing Street ever realised what it was…  even David Davis and Boris Johnson. Chequers has unveiled it in all its dirty glory. After Mrs May became PM, David Davis would be appointed Brexit Negotiator in a new “leaving the EU” department. But it would be a Potemkin Village, a sham, built of clapboard and nails, smelling of slapped-on paint, hastily erected to give an outward appearance of something it was not.

While David Davis and his assistant Steve Baker were shuttling back and forth to Brussels, the real Brexit Plan was secretly being devised by Olly Robbins, an unelected civil servant. The Real Deal was shown to (and cleared by) Angela Merkel a few days prior to Chequers. David Davis (and Steve Baker) only got to see it at Chequers, when they realised Mrs May had been stringing them along, treating them like idiots for the last two years. That’s why they resigned.

And then Boris went…  probably spurred into action because Davis had beaten him off the starting-line and he felt he had to go too.

UKIP is now at 8% in the polls. May is betraying Brexit. The Tory Party is in open revolt.  The Tory branches are incandescent with fury, with 66% of them rejecting Chequers.  There are about 47 “letters” currently lodged with the 1922 Committee, and UKIP is preparing for a general election. In those circumstances UKIP will never support anything Theresa May ever says or does on Brexit. She has now proved her duplicity and contempt for 17.4 million Leave voters and frankly is toast. It’s just a question of when the smoke-detector gets activated.

Personally, I think the crunch will come in October, possibly November. Mrs May will try to suspend Article 50 to buy time, and the EU will try to extract more concessions. There is a dirty great snowball rolling straight at her (and the Conservative Party) and who knows the result. But we have to be ready for that increasingly likely general election.

Respectfully, David Challice, UKIP Head Office Manager

The second letter is from our contributor Roger Gough who takes a closer look at the film BBC Newsnight showed before their interview with Gerard Batten last week:


Last week BBC TV ‘Newsnight’ ran a feature put together by one of their in-house reporters, Gabriel Gatehouse. It featured film of Gerard on the podium in Whitehall (at a Free Tommy Robinson/Free Speech demonstration attended by thousands) giving a speech in which he called out the prophet Mohammed as a paedophile. In order to show how thick (or misguided) the attendees and/or Tommy supporters were, he interviewed one white, middle-aged English woman and asked her why she was attending. She replied that she didn’t think it right that Muslim men were allowed to have sex with underage girls. He rubbished her suggestion and to prove she was wrong he revealed that he had visited many Islamic countries and as a result could categorically state that her assertion was wrong. “Who told you this?” he asked her more than once in a boorish fashion whilst attempting to publicly belittle her. It worked. She was not a woman who made notes in order to produce them to BBC reporters when asked for her source of ‘news’, she was simply acknowledging what I  and millions of other people, including Gerard, believe to be a repulsive tenet of Islam. She was a concerned UK citizen who had actually got off her backside in an effort to help right what she and a majority of the electorate perceive to be a grave wrong amongst many which are being imposed on the UK citizenry. But BBC mission accomplished; she was made to look a misinformed fool and, by association, so was everyone else that attended. She probably even voted Leave! (He didn’t ask my opinion although I was available).

On 22nd July at 7am on the Radio 4 ’Sunday’ programme (religious matters), an item discussed a new weapon in the fight against the problem of underage sex by muslim men and forced marriage: teaspoons. No joke !  Currently, so severe is this problem facing society in the North of England particularly, that schools there are uniting to combat it. Girls at risk of such a fate – ie all girls of muslim families – are being given metal teaspoons to covertly carry in their underwear so that if they are going overseas ‘on holiday’, but believe that forced marriage is the ulterior motive of their trip, they will be stopped when passing through and activating anti-terror scanners at airports, taken to an interview room without the attentions of their male “minders” and their fears listened to. These facts were provided to the BBC by concerned muslim women and shows conclusively that Gatehouse (in my book anyway) was guilty of deliberately broadcasting “fake news” in his Newsnight piece in a particularly reprehensible and unprofessional way.  I believe that UKIP – not least because it was an item featuring Gerard – should complain to the BBC without delay and demand a public apology be accorded the woman who Gatehouse belittled.

In March this year the BBC’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Fran Unsworth – Auntie’s public apologist for the Cliff Richard ‘search’ debacle – declared the following; “Broadcasters and the rest of the news industry have a responsibility to tackle fake news and I want the BBC’s global reach to lead the way”. To obtain such an apology I believe would play particularly well with voters at this time.

Respectfully, Roger Gough


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