Today’s letter are on the continuing Brexit mess, especially as described in the MSM. The first is from our reader Mr King:


Gordon Brown was (rightly) adamant that we must NOT join the Eurozone.

He must know that all EU members are expected to join the Euro by 2025 and that the EU is good at massaging away our opt outs and vetoes.

So WHY on earth does he want us to stay in? Something happened to his brain? Reading this report, one has to wonder.

Respectfully, Mr King.

Jim Stanley, Chairman and County Organiser for UKIP Oxfordshire, sent in the following letter:


I fear we are all guilty of falling into the trap of accepting a creeping acceptance of the EU invasion of our mindset. Let us examine the term EU Citizen. I have checked some definitions. Firstly, a Citizen is a Member, Native or Naturalised, of a State or Commonwealth, so to describe an Australian as a Citizen of the British Commonwealth, is factually accurate. The European Union is an Economic and Political Association of certain European States, with internal free trade, and common external tariffs. These definitions are from the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

The EU sees itself not as a group of individual Nation States but as a Federal body, a single Country, if you will, where National boundaries, cultures and identities are ignored. Even such august publications as UKIP Daily and Kipper Central perpetuate the myth of the EU as a Nation State, by referring to those who live within the boundaries of the EU as EU Citizens, a status they cannot hold as the EU is not yet a Federal State.

Europe is slowly but surely integrating themselves into our daily lives. Product placement is a well known advertising tactic, from Coca Cola on a table in a cafe scene on TV to Aston Martin and BMW giving cars to be driven by James Bond in movies: Bond drives a BMW, so I want to as well!

I live less than 20 miles from the Mini production plant located in Cowley Oxford, what is more British than a Mini? I can see no reason why, in the latest TV advert, the Mini Countryman is shown in Left Hand Drive, with European plates, being driven, not in its country of origin, but somewhere in the EU. Very often car adverts have a notice saying the model depicted is not available in the UK. In short, they sell us cars that we cannot even buy in the country that they are made!

Why is Mueller, the yoghurt of British Athletics, and German Supermarket Chain Aldi the Supermarket of British Athletics? Frankly, can you imagine that Sainsburys were the Supermarket of the French Tour de France cycle team? The French industrial complex would never let it happen, so why do we? Have we lost pride in ourselves? Do you remember “Buy British Buy Best” campaigns of the 60’s? Time was we were proud to support our industry, even when we produce cars as uniquely poor as the Austin Allegro. They may have been bad, but repairing the things kept me employed for years!

The time has come to have some pride in our Nation, buy local products and support our Country. By definition, the EU has not one single citizen, because the EU does not have the Nationhood Status required to have citizens. I am not a citizen of the EU, I am a British Citizen, proud of my Nationality, secure in being a Patriot, loyal to my Queen and her successors. I recognise the supremacy of the British Court and Law within their jurisdiction as has been the right of every Englishman as laid out in Magna Carta, Rights that cannot be revoked by any overseas authority, and should any such revocation be carried out at the behest of a foreign power, any such British person or Government seeking to do so is guilty of High Treason, following the due process of British Law.

Enough is enough, the time has come to take back our Nation, our control of our Laws and Destiny restored to British Government, a Government elected by the people acting solely for the benefit of the British People and no one else.

Respectfully, Jim Stanley, Chairman and County Organiser for UKIP Oxfordshire

Our correspondent Roger Arthur sent in the following letter:


Some days ago we read in the DT that ‘the public’ is becoming exhausted by Theresa May’s Brexit ‘offers’. This scenario is looking increasingly likely, with Ms May as PM:

The EU will continue to run down the clock  right to the end. She will not be ready for a no-deal exit in March and will ask for an A50 extension.

The EU will likely agree to that, if she will engineer another referendum, or general election. In the meantime pro EU forces will do their utmost to prepare and scare people into changing their vote, from leave to remain.

Many will be so jaded with the whole process that they will vote to remain under EU direction, just to get it all over with. That is what the EU hopes. As Juncker said of the French referendum, on the EU constitution:

“If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we CONTINUE.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Finally, our reader Keith Taylor makes this brief remark regarding the ongoing scandal that is crime in London:


As Boris Johnson seems to be now getting the blame for the Latest London Attack due to his comments on the Burka, shouldn’t we in truth be addressing:  “Stop The Khan-age in London”  which under the present Mayor Sadiq Khan’s tenure has seen a prolific rise in knife crime along with other incidents?

Respectfully, Keith Taylor


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