The  first of today’s letters is this urgent appeal by Freddy Vachha, UKIP Regional Chairman London:



Sorry for the extremely short notice, but UKIP is staging a targeted protest on Tuesday (today!)

Venue: Directly outside Carlton Jumeirah Hotel, 1 Cadogan Place (off Sloane Street), Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9PY

Time: Tuesday 5th December 2017 between 6 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

Rationale: We’ve come to learn that the hotel is hosting ‘The Exit From Brexit Dinner’,  to attend which guests have paid £200 per head.  Let’s show the attendees their folly – and we don’t need to pay a penny for the privilege of doing so.

Local UKIP branch Chairman Richard Braine (cc:, contact number 07956 638368) will have banners/placards, so just wrap up warm and bring a loud voice – or several voices.  Of course, we’ll be on best behavior – we always are.

Once we have reminded Nick Clegg, David Lammy and a veritable Rogues Gallery of other “elite” LibLabConGroan Remainers and Second-Referendumers (i.e., how to subvert the democratically-expressed will of 17,410,742 people who followed UKIP’s lead and Voted to leave) how much noise real European patriots can make, we will retire to the Nag’s Head nearby for local UKIP business (if a member, you’re welcome to stay on) and our much-cheaper grub’s likely to be better, too!  ?

While there’s another event tomorrow in Kensington High Street, far from the action, please come and sing for us in Knightsbridge beforehand.

Do forward this on to Brexiteers, whether or not in UKIP, who might be able to attend.  I’ve informed all email-users within UKIP London already.

Earlier, Sadiq Khan seized on the leak that Theresa May (the one who wants to pay Brussels an extra £50 billion simply because they demand it – that’s the equivalent of £137 million per day for a whole year) may foolishly permit, post-Brexit, Northern Ireland “special status within the EU”.

This “Mayor” (sic) then immediately tweeted that London too must stay in the Customs Union and Single Market!

Evidently, the brainy fellow plans to erect an International Border, with numerous Security, Customs and Immigration posts, all along the outermost lane of the M25 – or is it along the wriggly 150+ mile periphery of the Greater London region? You simply couldn’t make it up. He seems not to have grasped the geography of N.I. with respect to mainland Britain.

I’ve sent Sadiq a greeting already.

While I’m sure the Khan of Tooting Bec has “warm” feelings towards our Assembly Members Peter Whittle and David Kurten, his emotions towards me are reportedly much warmer still – and it’s rumoured he too will be in attendance at the Remainers Grand Dinner today.

Freddy Vachha, UKIP Regional Chairman – London

The next letter is from our correspondent Roger Arthur who quotes a paragraph from a letter by Sir Richard Aitkens referring to the ongoing Brexit talks on the jurisdiction of the ECJ:


This is an extract from the closing para of a letter from the Right Hon Sir Richard Aitkens,’ letter to the PM, dated 28th Nov.

“If (as seems on the cards) the CJEU [Ed: = ECJ] were given the exclusive right to interpret the proposed UK/EU treaty in relation to EU citizens rights to enter and stay in the UK, the right of the UK to control UK borders and the rights of all citizens who lived in the UK would be lost forever. That would be tantamount to REVERSING the result of the 2016 referendum.”

It is worth noting that the rights of around 2m EU citizens who live in Canada, are not subject to ECJ jurisdiction. The same applies to around 165 other countries which are not in the EU. If any part (or person) in the UK is left permanently under ECJ jurisdiction, then that would be a gross betrayal of the referendum outcome.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Our correspondent Septimus Octavius just sent us his letter on the same topic, the jurisdiction of the ECJ after Brexit:


There are only two rules of natural justice, one of which is “nemo iudex in causa sua”, which means nobody can be a judge in his own cause.  This means that there is only one red line in the Article 50 negotiations; that is that the ECJ must have absolutely no jurisdiction over the UK after the UK is released from the Treaties.

That release of course frees the UK from the ECJ, so the only way it gets a look-in thereafter is if it is a term of an Article 50 Agreement that it does. This must not be allowed to happen. The UK can give what it likes and agree anything else in a deal, but not that.  This is because the ECJ is the court of the EU; indeed that is what it was called until it shrewdly changed its name to create an illusion of objectivity.

Letting the ECJ have even a scintilla of sovereignty over the UK post-Brexit would be a recipe for certain disaster.  Our own courts are perfectly competent to rule on any UK matter post-Brexit, and the ECJ must remain powerless over those courts.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

And finally, a Christmas Campaign proposed by the UKIP Torbay Branch, which we all can participate in:


If at all possible could you please publish our Christmas campaign:

Christmas Card for May

Could I ask all UKIP & Brexit supporters to take part in the Christmas Card for May campaign?

What I would like you to do is send Theresa May a Christmas Card with a simple message inside:

“Don’t pay the Brexit divorce bill”!

Let’s make sure she’s snowed under with Xmas cards over the Divorce bill.

10 Downing Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 2AA

Please pass on far & wide

Respectfully,Mike Simpson