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Letters to the Editor – Thursday, 4th May 2017

Today, voters go to the poll in local elections across the country. The first letter by our reader Keith Edwards in Cardiff is a reaction to the electioneering by the LibDems, but while it’s ‘local’, it describes a strategy which we’re certain will be used by the LibDems across the country in the coming General Election, so take note:


Lib Dems’ desperate electioneering takes an intrusive turn!

For some weeks we have been subjected to the familiar persistent election campaigning we usually get from the Liberal Democrats in Plasnewydd (Cardiff). I lost count a long time ago of the number of leaflets I have received from them, along with the letters personally addressed to us. It must be over 20. Their increasingly desperate-sounding leaflets and letters seem to come through the letterbox almost daily. They have a technique of disguising their letters, trying to trick us into not realising it’s them – plain white window envelopes and notes faked-up to look like they’re handwritten pleas from a concerned friend. I’ve got wise to these ruses and, like their other junk mail, they go straight in the recycling.

Last week I was surfing a news site on my phone – a site hardly sympathetic to the Lib Dems – only to get an advert pop up for, yet again, the Plasnewydd Liberal Democrats.

Now they crossed a line. I received an email to my personal account from who else but the Liberal Democrats. It was from Grangetown (Cardiff) Welsh Liberal Democrats and I live in Plasnewydd, so something seems to have gone awry there. Nevertheless how did they get my email? I’ve never contacted the Liberal Democrats, let alone given them permission to email me. I’m pretty sure it’s not my Labour MP or the Vote Leave campaign I was involved in last year who passed them my email address. I make a point not to sign-up to marketing emails and unsubscribing from junk email. How the hell did they get my email and what gives them the idea they have the right to intrude on me like this?

Don’t they think that after 20-odd leaflets I would have made my mind up whether or not I would voting Lib Dem? As a matter of fact I’ve already voted in the local council election and, no, it wasn’t for the Lib Dems. There’s absolutely zero chance I’ll be voting Lib Dem in this election, the General Election or any other election. Even if I had been thinking about it, I would have been put off by this desperate persistence.

What strikes me is how much money they seem to have. All these leaflets and online advertising cost money. On top of that there’s the volunteer effort of delivering all these leaflets. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re bussing volunteers into the area. That’s because here in Plasnewydd and in Cardiff Central we are one of the few places left where Lib Dems still have a chance of getting elected. This is their last-ditch attempt to stave-off electoral oblivion.

There’s clearly some big money behind the Lib Dems – quite possibly big businesses, NGOs and celebrities of yesteryear – who can’t accept the facts that the electorate rejected them at the polls in 2015 after reneging on their election promises and rejected the EU and their cosy undemocratic club in last year’s referendum.

This is the party whose leader has had behind-the-scenes talks with Tony Blair, another of yesterday’s politicians and one who should be in the dock for war crimes, rather than making a return British politics. Then again Tim Farron backed bombing Syria, unlike his predecessor Charles Kennedy, who opposed the war in Iraq – the one and only time the Lib Dems had a principled policy.

So to the Lib Dems I can only say, “Leave me alone. You’re the politics of the past. Accept the verdict of the people and move on. I won’t be voting for you – especially when you’re this cavalier with my privacy and personal data.”

Oh! Something’s just come through the letterbox. It’s a letter personally addressed to my wife, mocked up to try to fool us it’s a handwritten note from a friend, begging us to please please please vote Liberal Democrat.

No. Go away.

Respectfully, Keith Edwards, Roath, Cardiff

The following letter comes from our reader and contributor, Darrell Goodliffe:


I am sure I am not alone at feeling a deep sense of disappointment at the UKIP NEC’s decision to deselect Anne Marie Waters as our candidate for Lewisham East. If UKIP has a purpose then surely one of them must be the principle of speaking truth unto power? I cannot think of an issue where this is more badly needed than the one of Islam.

Let’s start with brass tacks. If Paul Nuttall thinks this move will somehow ‘broaden’ UKIPs electoral appeal then he is in for a rude awakening. Muslim voters in Stoke Central were told they would “go to hell” if they did not vote for Labour and instead plumped for the ‘Anti-Islamic’ UKIP. I have no doubt that this stratagem actually worked and Mr Nuttall garnered very few Muslim votes in this context. No matter what UKIP do, they will always successfully be portrayed to Muslims as Anti-Islamic and this will sway a lot of votes – so there is absolutely nothing to be gained from this charade.

This move reinforces the fundamentally incorrect presupposition that being anti-Islam is somehow anti-Muslim. I have a great deal of concern for Muslim people – in fact, I have more concern than soft-soaping islamophilic liberals who obviously care very little about the pain and suffering that Islam inflicts on Muslims. They are victims of their own religion and their own capricious and vindictive ‘God’, Allah.

Mr Nuttall has disenfranchised a large segment of UKIP members who agree with the correct assertion that Islam is evil and it is not just UKIP members, Gerard Batten rightly called Islam a ‘death cult’ and once again the establishment media were onto his remarks like pigeons onto a chip – again proving the point, Mr Nuttall is on a hiding to nothing if he thinks this move will somehow magically equate to a broadened appeal or soften our image with a establishment totally in the thrall of Islamophilia. He has also, I am totally sure, disenfranchised many actual and potential UKIP supporters who don’t have to be told the truth about Islam because they live it as part of their day to day lives. People like this are desperate for someone to speak up for them and Mr Nuttall has let them down for nothing.

However, despite this, the fault ultimately lies with the NEC which has failed in its first duty to represent UKIP members. It is here that we must organise to seek change as well as seeking to support Anne Marie in whatever next steps she should take.

Respectfully, Darrell Goodliffe

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15 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Thursday, 4th May 2017

  1. Gods teeth, in the middle of an election and still members complaining of the leadership. Do you have any idea of how much you damage our party or do you simply not care ? Will you stop during the GE campaign or continue in self destruct mode. You might at least wait until after June, it’s been going on for ages. The majority of the party voted for Nuttall, if we had another leadership contest he would still win. You are as bad as the Labour party.

    • Icini, I don’t think that the actions of the Leader has done anything to build either UKIP’s reputation or membership recently.

    • Icini,

      I hope you are not going to blame us and the members for these poor results, which probably reflect what will happen in the GE. Personally, I have no urge to go out canvassing at the present because whether you like it or not the party has become an embarrassment.

      IMO this is not the members fault who have worked damned hard to get UKIP to where it once was, it is not the roots that are rotten but the top, maybe not all but certainly I think Paul is under scrutiny. The problem will be even worse if he does not win in Skegness, I confess I do not know a lot about that town but suspect he is going to find it tough going there just like in Stoke. If he loses what happens then? in fact what happens if we get no seats in the GE? Surely, a change has to happen otherwise there is no point in continuing, we cannot continue on nostalgia alone we need a concrete strategy that the majority of members agree with. Direct Democracy comes to mind.

    • I don’t agree, icini: if we had another leadership contest, Nuttall would NOT win. Look at the wipeout of UKIP so far in yesterday’s elections. Add that to the fantasy Facebook page, the Stoke defeat, the halal leaflet, the blocking of Anne Marie Waters from standing in Lewisham. I think you’ll find that Paul Nuttall has spent all his credit of goodwill and is now overdrawn.
      The only hope is that he will resign in due course and we can elect a leader with a good sense of reality as well as guts to help us regroup and recover.

  2. Darrell, I heartily endorse all your comments, thank you. I would urge everyone to grit their teeth and no to resign membership over this, frankly, appalling conduct from those supposed to be running UKIP. This behaviour has made me personally grimly determined that post election, we try to get back the UKIP that we love – and you have to be a member to vote! I would also guess that there will be a fairly long time membership requirement next time there is a vote of any substance.

    If Mr Nuttall spent any time on line he would know (does he actually care?) about the enormous damage that this deselection decision has done to what remains of the Party post the Stoke leaflet, as well as to those who have historically voted UKIP but have said they now cannot do so. I think I have only seen a couple of comments supporting his decision, and those were simply saying that we should be concentrating on Brexit for now. One would almost be driven to the conclusion that the UKIP Leadership don’t want to attract members.

    On this site we have endless discussion about the correct economic policy for UKIP, but we all know that a policy of Stun-to-kill (though I would prefer an outright ban) would be the ideal addition to our Integration Policy – and would find favour with millions, because Halal has no place in,21st century Britain, any more than Burkas, Sharia or FGM. And I am sorry to say that should include Kosher, because a universal policy is the only fair and proper way to go imo – stun-to-kill in slaughterhouses, end of.

    To deselect the one person exactly capable, knowledgeable and brave enough to explain why this Integration Policy should be followed is an act of gross stupidity. I gather that some NEC Members supported Anne Marie, but as yet no one has thought fit to explain their actions to the members who put them where they are. On a side issue, I don’t recall voting for a Chairman – is that post in the gift of the Leader?

  3. @ Keith Edwards
    No wonder you’re fed up, Keith, sounds more like stalking than campaigning! Your phone number and email: the Fib Dems probably paid for lists of this kind of information gathered by ‘entrepeneurs’ who make loadsamoney out of ignoring people’s right to privacy. Again, where is all this dosh coming from? – well, George Soros likes to fund any group or party that undermines nations and democracy and promotes Leftard dross. Maybe T Blair himself, forking out his millions to try to ruin Brexit, shoved some the LD’s way.

    We have a particularly nasty little Limp Dumb on the council in my neck of the woods. He stood up in the Chamber and opined that “Patriotism stinks!”. He also referred to those who had voted Leave as ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’. This outburst happened because some councillors had asked for the EU rag flying outside our civic centre to be lowered and the England flag to be raised.
    All Remainers are fool and guttersnipes, especially now that the EU has dropped its mask of amity and revealed what seedy money-grabbers, threatening bully-boys and unprincipled racketeers they are. Perhaps Remainers are masochists who like to be trampled on and whipped .

  4. Rodney Goodall // May 4, 2017 at 4:45 pm // Reply

    What I would like to know, is Paul Nuttal going to run for parliament dressed like a clown this time, or is he going to be professional, and wear normal clothes? As things stand I am seriously thinking of resigning my membership of the party, I voted for the NEC, thinking that we would get some momentum going, since then I have heard nothing, except from my local party, who are working their socks off, for what? I have stopped donating as it seems to be I would be throwing my cash down the drain. It’s damned annoying that Nigel Farage does more for Brexit, than the leaders of UKIP, and I’m not the only one who has had thoughts like this.

  5. Please everyone look at ‘, there is something seriously wrong with our justice system. For some reason the police are not doing their duty and we need to know why, they cannot be allowed to continually fail to implement the law for all people in this country, it is their duty. There cannot be any excuses regardless of who the perpertrators are, in this case as in many others I suspect they will give excuses as to why they are unable to charge anyone of this despicable crime against a young woman.

    • P.S.

      Please sign the online petition, perhaps by applying people power we can get some justice for Chelsey and her brother who I believe is in prison for trying to bring these ‘scum’ to justice.

    • Hi DD – I have signed the petition which I have to say, for those of us not too hot technologically, is hard to find. You need to click on the large writing below the video, I found, and that takes you there.
      It’s appalling that Chelsey hasn’t achieved justice for what happened to her – and that her brother is in jail must be an added burden for her to bear.
      Until people are brought to justice, these kind of crimes will just continue and increase, well done Tommy for getting this crime out there.

      • Thanks Dee, I hope others will go to the trouble you have, I am not sure how much clout these petitions have, but what has happened to Chelsey is a national disgrace and it should be on the National News instead of some of the other rubbish they bore us with. How can we get this and the other gang rape of a 16 year old girl by foreigners onto the main news I would like to know?

      • The case of Chelsey Wright is anger inducing heartbreak.
        What makes it even worse is that it is almost the rule rather than the exception. This is happening across England on a weekly basis and nothing is being done.
        I only hope I meet a prospective MP out canvassing in the coming weeks so I can vent my fury.
        Nuttall you are a disgrace to the party if you ignore this continuing war against native white people. This is deadly serious. I urge everybody with a strong stomach to watch the Chelsey Wright /Tommy Robinson interview on Rebel Media.

  6. Darrell Goodliffe // May 4, 2017 at 9:49 am // Reply – if you are interested in joining a Facebook Group to support Anne Marie Waters then please do

  7. Comrade Keith // May 4, 2017 at 9:43 am // Reply

    The reason why the UKIP leadership has to stop Anne-Marie Walters is she’s a threat to that cosy circle of mediocrities who would rather the party died than relinquish their control over it.

    • Or they know it’s going to die due to their cowardice and want to milk the last drops. Just a well-paid temp job really.

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