We just received this important invitation from Helena Windsor:

Calling all members:

UKIP Surrey Committee arranged a local members meeting with Henry Bolton back in the Autumn. Following Henry’s decision not to resign after the unanimous vote of no confidence this meeting is still going ahead. We welcome any member who wants to attend, particularly those of you who will be fighting local elections in May. Whilst we appreciate existing councillors may be busy in their wards on Saturday, if you can send a nominee to speak on your behalf we would be grateful. Our secretary is mailing out branch chairmen across the South East and Regional representatives. Please note the requirement to be a member:

Henry Bolton will be at Lakeside Leisure Complex, Frimley, Saturday 27th January, 2 – 4pm

The Peninsular Room,Lakeside International Hotel, Camberley GU16 6PT

This meeting, hosted by the Surrey Committee, is open to all UKIP Members.

We look forward to welcoming you. In view of the sensitive and private nature of this meeting, please ensure that you have proof of membership or email your name and branch to our chairman Helena Windsor: helena@votepurple.co.uk

UKIP Surrey Committee

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The letters in today’s edition again mirror faithfully the debate raging amongst UKIP members: Bolton yes or no. This debate will continue, we can be sure, until the EGM. Today’s first letter is from Mick Mcghouh NEC who is telling us something we hadn’t yet known:


The EGM (extraordinary general meeting) will have one agenda item only; the support or otherwise of the NEC decision where we unanimously (save for his one vote) voted that we had no confidence in the leader.

Henry is but one person elected by members whilst the NEC has 12 individuals elected by the members, plus a MEP Rep and a Welsh Senedd Rep.

Should Henry win, then the current NEC members are all sacked and new elections called but the NEC as a structure remains. Change to the party structure can only be effected by a vote of members at an EGM at which the threshold for success is far higher than the simple majority required to remove Henry.

Our current Constitution does cause problems but took months to produce if not years. The NEC are aware of the defects and are working towards change. Henry only now finds it defective. He promised the NEC a business plan and budget for two weeks ago but failed to deliver it. The Independence magazine was promised for pre Christmas but Henry failed to produce his article in time. What chance is there he can produce a new Constitution, as he says, in 28 days which in any event would be for a later EGM, not this one? Membership on his watch has reduced by over five thousand!

Today (Jan 24th) Henry has been bleating in the press that the NEC refuse to give him a salary. Had he read the Constitution he would know that the post carries no salary.

He has received expenses and our Treasurer along with the NEC has set up an account ‘OFFICE OF THE LEADER’ to be fuelled by specific donations of which there have been but a few. He has been paid a stipend. What is worse, he has sought today(Jan 24th) to undermine the party finances in the press.

I changed my mind about voting for him when he threatened to sue the Party, that should have served as a warning.

Do we want as leader someone who consorts with an anti-royal racist and will not give her up as he first suggested? If you wished to destroy UKIP the former LIB-DEM and current National Liberal Club member would be a perfect plant. As I said to the Interim Leader when he was elected, ‘he has the perfect CV for an MI5 INFILTRATOR.’

We now need the period of stability that we all thought Henry was bringing, how wrong we were.

Respectfully, Mick McGough

NEC member 2010 to date,UKIP member since 2001

The next letter was sent in by Cllr Alan Dean. He argues for Bolton to be supported and retained as Leader – and he certainly does not mince his words:


I have watched the posts and tweets and listened to all the deliberations before I have put pen to paper and here is what I think for what it’s worth – and after reading it, you can kick me out with Henry.

At last a leader with balls who has the courage to challenge the party’s NEC and also give the media the bird well done Henry Bolton.

We should all stand behind this man, we elected him not the NEC they have been a thorn in UKIP’s and every members side even when the great man Nigel was in charge. They’re the ones who are afraid of him along with the stirrers inside the party. Afraid that Henry will squeeze the pus out of our boil and save the party.

He has the heart of an Englishman and I believe this could be the best result our party has had since all this infighting started. I also believe he will reform the NEC and get rid of the enemy within trying to take over the control of this party and I say good luck Henry I for one will back you.

The man has done nothing wrong, he is having a relationship with another women how many more UKIP top men have done that.

He did not send any racist tweets or messages his lover did and she has resigned from the party so have the weak willed ones who supposedly worked with Henry.

We have been the laughing stock of the whole political scene for the last 12 months due to the actions of our leaders now we have one with balls everyone wants him out.

A leadership battle and election will destroy this party financially and politically.

It’s you people who will destroy this party not Henry so knuckle down lets drain the swamp and rise above the wreckers.

Why can every other political party ignore criticism from the media but UKIP is like a sponge and has to soak it up.

Respectfully, Cllr Alan Dean,

Chairman UKIP Cannock Chase Branch

Next, a letter from our reader and correspondent Mike Kennedy, reinforcing the argument why Bolton must go:


I watched part of the Select Committee on Exiting the EU this morning (Jan 24th) on the Parliament Channel.   

David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, confirmed that during the so-called Transition Period from 2019 when the UK leaves until 2021 the UK will be subject to the EU Court of Justice, and will probably be paying into EU coffers.

Only Jacob Rees-Mogg asked questions about this while I was watching. He asked Davis if he could name any independent country in the world that was is subject to an external court of law which is supreme to its own courts of law. Rees-Mogg asked about the UK agreeing to implement all new legislation from the EU during the Transition period.

Davis said the EU on average has taken 22 months to bring in new legislation. Rees-Mogg said that is a very weak answer and the EU would have a great incentive to speed up and bring rules in quickly which in effect could punish the UK. Mogg asked Davis why could we not start negotiating our trade deals now rather than waiting another three years. Davis laughed and grinned in response as he did to many of Mogg’s searching questions.

This section of the Committee hearing is now available on youtube.

Rees-Mogg has shown yet again he is outstanding in critically examining the Government approach to the negotiations. He also has shown what UKIP’s leader should be doing every day, holding the Government to account over Brexit and establishing UKIP’s credibility.

This is why Bolton must go, as I have said before. He is an incompetent leader as well as simply not doing his job.

Respectfully, Mike Kennedy

Finally, a reminder from Rob McWhirter on proxy voting:


Rather than repeating the same reply on multiple threads, I’m sending this once, here, to the ‘Letters’.

I’ve just spoken to the chairman, and confirmed that proxy voting is (regrettably) not legal and will not be offered.

The original source of the wrong information I read is here: https://www.ukipdaily.com/no-confidence-vote-carried/

Graham [Ed: Matthews] will post below that this is yet another example of why the constitution needs to be urgently reworked.

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter


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