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Letters to the Editor – Thursday 25th January 2018


We just received this important invitation from Helena Windsor:

Calling all members:

UKIP Surrey Committee arranged a local members meeting with Henry Bolton back in the Autumn. Following Henry’s decision not to resign after the unanimous vote of no confidence this meeting is still going ahead. We welcome any member who wants to attend, particularly those of you who will be fighting local elections in May. Whilst we appreciate existing councillors may be busy in their wards on Saturday, if you can send a nominee to speak on your behalf we would be grateful. Our secretary is mailing out branch chairmen across the South East and Regional representatives. Please note the requirement to be a member:

Henry Bolton will be at Lakeside Leisure Complex, Frimley, Saturday 27th January, 2 – 4pm

The Peninsular Room,Lakeside International Hotel, Camberley GU16 6PT

This meeting, hosted by the Surrey Committee, is open to all UKIP Members.

We look forward to welcoming you. In view of the sensitive and private nature of this meeting, please ensure that you have proof of membership or email your name and branch to our chairman Helena Windsor:

UKIP Surrey Committee

~~~ * ~~~

The letters in today’s edition again mirror faithfully the debate raging amongst UKIP members: Bolton yes or no. This debate will continue, we can be sure, until the EGM. Today’s first letter is from Mick Mcghouh NEC who is telling us something we hadn’t yet known:


The EGM (extraordinary general meeting) will have one agenda item only; the support or otherwise of the NEC decision where we unanimously (save for his one vote) voted that we had no confidence in the leader.

Henry is but one person elected by members whilst the NEC has 12 individuals elected by the members, plus a MEP Rep and a Welsh Senedd Rep.

Should Henry win, then the current NEC members are all sacked and new elections called but the NEC as a structure remains. Change to the party structure can only be effected by a vote of members at an EGM at which the threshold for success is far higher than the simple majority required to remove Henry.

Our current Constitution does cause problems but took months to produce if not years. The NEC are aware of the defects and are working towards change. Henry only now finds it defective. He promised the NEC a business plan and budget for two weeks ago but failed to deliver it. The Independence magazine was promised for pre Christmas but Henry failed to produce his article in time. What chance is there he can produce a new Constitution, as he says, in 28 days which in any event would be for a later EGM, not this one? Membership on his watch has reduced by over five thousand!

Today (Jan 24th) Henry has been bleating in the press that the NEC refuse to give him a salary. Had he read the Constitution he would know that the post carries no salary.

He has received expenses and our Treasurer along with the NEC has set up an account ‘OFFICE OF THE LEADER’ to be fuelled by specific donations of which there have been but a few. He has been paid a stipend. What is worse, he has sought today(Jan 24th) to undermine the party finances in the press.

I changed my mind about voting for him when he threatened to sue the Party, that should have served as a warning.

Do we want as leader someone who consorts with an anti-royal racist and will not give her up as he first suggested? If you wished to destroy UKIP the former LIB-DEM and current National Liberal Club member would be a perfect plant. As I said to the Interim Leader when he was elected, ‘he has the perfect CV for an MI5 INFILTRATOR.’

We now need the period of stability that we all thought Henry was bringing, how wrong we were.

Respectfully, Mick McGough

NEC member 2010 to date,UKIP member since 2001

The next letter was sent in by Cllr Alan Dean. He argues for Bolton to be supported and retained as Leader – and he certainly does not mince his words:


I have watched the posts and tweets and listened to all the deliberations before I have put pen to paper and here is what I think for what it’s worth – and after reading it, you can kick me out with Henry.

At last a leader with balls who has the courage to challenge the party’s NEC and also give the media the bird well done Henry Bolton.

We should all stand behind this man, we elected him not the NEC they have been a thorn in UKIP’s and every members side even when the great man Nigel was in charge. They’re the ones who are afraid of him along with the stirrers inside the party. Afraid that Henry will squeeze the pus out of our boil and save the party.

He has the heart of an Englishman and I believe this could be the best result our party has had since all this infighting started. I also believe he will reform the NEC and get rid of the enemy within trying to take over the control of this party and I say good luck Henry I for one will back you.

The man has done nothing wrong, he is having a relationship with another women how many more UKIP top men have done that.

He did not send any racist tweets or messages his lover did and she has resigned from the party so have the weak willed ones who supposedly worked with Henry.

We have been the laughing stock of the whole political scene for the last 12 months due to the actions of our leaders now we have one with balls everyone wants him out.

A leadership battle and election will destroy this party financially and politically.

It’s you people who will destroy this party not Henry so knuckle down lets drain the swamp and rise above the wreckers.

Why can every other political party ignore criticism from the media but UKIP is like a sponge and has to soak it up.

Respectfully, Cllr Alan Dean,

Chairman UKIP Cannock Chase Branch

Next, a letter from our reader and correspondent Mike Kennedy, reinforcing the argument why Bolton must go:


I watched part of the Select Committee on Exiting the EU this morning (Jan 24th) on the Parliament Channel.   

David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, confirmed that during the so-called Transition Period from 2019 when the UK leaves until 2021 the UK will be subject to the EU Court of Justice, and will probably be paying into EU coffers.

Only Jacob Rees-Mogg asked questions about this while I was watching. He asked Davis if he could name any independent country in the world that was is subject to an external court of law which is supreme to its own courts of law. Rees-Mogg asked about the UK agreeing to implement all new legislation from the EU during the Transition period.

Davis said the EU on average has taken 22 months to bring in new legislation. Rees-Mogg said that is a very weak answer and the EU would have a great incentive to speed up and bring rules in quickly which in effect could punish the UK. Mogg asked Davis why could we not start negotiating our trade deals now rather than waiting another three years. Davis laughed and grinned in response as he did to many of Mogg’s searching questions.

This section of the Committee hearing is now available on youtube.

Rees-Mogg has shown yet again he is outstanding in critically examining the Government approach to the negotiations. He also has shown what UKIP’s leader should be doing every day, holding the Government to account over Brexit and establishing UKIP’s credibility.

This is why Bolton must go, as I have said before. He is an incompetent leader as well as simply not doing his job.

Respectfully, Mike Kennedy

Finally, a reminder from Rob McWhirter on proxy voting:


Rather than repeating the same reply on multiple threads, I’m sending this once, here, to the ‘Letters’.

I’ve just spoken to the chairman, and confirmed that proxy voting is (regrettably) not legal and will not be offered.

The original source of the wrong information I read is here:

Graham [Ed: Matthews] will post below that this is yet another example of why the constitution needs to be urgently reworked.

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter


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51 Comments on Letters to the Editor – Thursday 25th January 2018

  1. DD, The video wasn’t ‘available’ on the link provided but searched it out and and this works: ,

    The only difference I can see is that this one is https instead of http.

  2. I wish to remind Cllr Dean that we are a political party, and one which originated out of a desire for the UK to leave the EU when it became very apparent that it was not a customs union but a political union. After a successful Referendum, the government has misstepped at every opportunity.

    Henry Bolton announced on his election that Brexit was his core task. Since then, the initiative on opposition to the government has come from JRM, in particular, not HB; in fact JRM is making many people think that UKIP does not add value to the debate at all. This is a very dangerous situation for us indeed.

    HB is the perfect example of the Peter Principle; not only that but his extra-mural activities take us way past gay donkeys.

    We need effective opposition to the government’s Brexit ‘strategy’ and we also need about three other main policy platforms to make our membership and the wider public believe that we have a purpose worth supporting at elections, otherwise we are dead.

  3. I would vote for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be our leader. How do we get him to cross the floor?

    • I do not think we should try.
      Where he is, he is pure gold.
      Hard working leaders should be ten a penny.Industry has no difficulty finding them.

    • Jac,

      As if he would, as Nigel Farage said if you cut him in half he would have Tory written all the way through him

    • Jacob has been invited. However he is loyal to the Conservative party.

      UKIP did not stand a candidate against him in 2017. Ernie Blaber stood in 2015. Ernie did well, in third place, increasing the percentage considerably from 2010.

      At the hustings Ernie and Jacob were often in agreement. It was like a pincer movement against the Lib Dem and Labour. The Lib Dem was particularly upset to come fourth – well behind UKIP. I was at the count. Unfortunately she is now the MP for Bath.

      Ernie has been strongly anti-EU since the ERM fiasco. The spike in interest rates trashed his otherwise thriving business. He would not stand again as a candidate because of the anti-free speech clause. The appalling treatment of Anne Marie Waters was the last straw for him. UKIP is stupid to lose thoroughly decent members such as Ernie.

  4. Mr Allen

    You state “We have been the laughing stock of the whole political scene for the last 12 months due to the actions of our leaders…”

    Exactly, with Henry Bolton excelling as the star comedian and he continues his with his encores.
    “Let’s drain the swamp” you say.
    Exactly, and lets start with Henry Bolton.

  5. Please everyone watch this video of Gerard being interviewed outside the Houses of Parliament by the ‘Make Britain Great Again’ TV station.

    Please watch and share we need to get this out there, preferably on MSM, here is the link:, or look at the face book page ‘Make Gerard Bolton UKIP interim leader’ page.

    It is a very good interview and Gerard talks about all the things we have been discussing here, but the public need to here it to to counter act the mad Bolton spouting on about his affair.

  6. Purple Potty Mouth // January 25, 2018 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    Cllr Dean,
    When are you up for re-election?
    What response have you had from your residents on the doorsteps about our party? After all this is what matters, when they go into the polling booth to vote- what is their opinion of UKIP? Most residents don’t have much, if anything to do with their local councillors and, typically, only around 35-40% bother to turn out to vote. If you are good you will have a strong personal vote, the rest will judge the party by its leader or are reflex voters.
    Last night I was asked to stand again for a ward I contested in a by-election in November. November, when I was supportive of Henry, optimistic that he was on the right track and Save Our Services had just been launched, allowing me to capitalise on that in a former garrison town. Last night they asked me to stand as an INDEPENDENT – because Henry & therefore UKIP was a joke, a disaster!
    If you are not up for re-election in May thank your lucky stars. In the London boroughs we have dedicated, hard working councillors who are up for re-election, in Thurrock I understand, they get out there and canvass EVERY weekend. Maybe we should listen to what they have to say about their reception on the doorstep.
    Whatever the outcome of the EGM, from Joe Public’s point of view we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t (another bloody leadership election bang in the middle of local election campaigns) but definitely most damned of all if we don’t get rid of him.
    There is no doubt that our best chance was for Henry to offer his resignation to give us a chance to recoup our losses – incurred by his behaviour. Oh the irony, the ex Lib-Dem is threatening the survival of councillors who won their spurs following the old Liberal adage of working hard for your community to inspire confidence in your Party.

    • There is a chap who fishes in the marina where I live. He has voted UKIP for years. He told me a few days ago that Bolton is ‘arrogant’ and ‘a fool to play around with a girl young enough to be his daughter’ and, most damning of all, ‘UKIP is finished now’.

      So it doesn’t look as though he, and his wife, will be likely to want to vote UKIP in future elections.

      That is the impression Bolton’s behaviour has given to the wider public.


  7. Mick McGough – agree with you, even if he was not a paid infiltrator, Mr Bolton is doing comprehensive damage to UKIP.

    Cllr Alan Dean – I respect that you work hard for UKIP’s goals, I just disagree with your view on Mr Bolton.

    Cllr Alan Dean you and others say:
    “A leadership battle and election will destroy this party financially and politically.”

    I disagree with this statement. It wont and does not need to “destroy the party”. UKIP will become strong again, if it replaces Mr Bolton within the 28 day period from the NEC no confidence decision.

    Mike Kennedy – agree with. At the moment a lone Jacob Rees-Mogg is on point fighting for UK independence and exposing the May-Davis pay-stay-delay doctrine. The Conservatives must not be allowed to keep us in the EU as a vassal state until 2021, when a GE could undermine UK independence.

    That Mr Bolton chooses to spend his time attacking the NEC-UKIP is pitiful. Mr Bolton must Go !

  8. Dear Alan

    Well said Sir.

    Henry is indeed the man to bring real and lasting change to the swamp that UKIP HQ has become. I know there are some very capable, honest and hardworking members who populate our higher echelons, but there are some who couldn’t find their behinds with a mirror on a stick.

    The overwhelming conclusion must be that “there’s something rotten in the state of UKIP” and that started long before Henry Bolton who has had the temerity to challenge the NEC and has the gravitas to see reforms through.

    I read the rebuttals from people who clearly feel under threat or that their valiant efforts are neither appreciated or recognised, but to use yet another metaphors, ‘the fish tots from the head’ and the stink is overwhelming.

    I will (as I have done all along) be voting for Henry Bolton and should he loose the no confidence vote, will happily demonstrate my lack of confidence in the NEC by resigning my 5 year Membership forthwith.

    I really hope it doesn’t come to that but should the NEC prevail UKIP IS FINISHED.

    • That would be a great loss to UKIP were you to resign over a disagreement centering on Mr Bolton’s suitability as a leader.

      You have the experience and skills to help UKIP improve. Mr Bolton is not the essential lynchpin for improvement change process.

      Finally, UKIP needs people like you who have an understanding of the NHS as the politics around the future of the NHS will always be a major battleground.

      I disagree that if the NEC wins the battle over Mr Bolton’s leadership that UKIP is finished.

      No single person is essential for a party to succeed.

    • Andrew
      I too would be sorry to see you go over this issue. I understand the NEC to uphold the constitution/rule book and uphold the finances of the party, the members representatives if you like; they are not involved in the day to day running of the Party.. The NEC are just the scapegoats in all of this and Nigel is cheering this mischief along from the sidelines for whatever scheming reasons only he knows.

    • Well resign if you must fro that is your choice. Bolton will lose the vote and will be gone. If he wins then it looks like you and a few acolytes will still around but the rest of us will be gone instead.

  9. I have to say this.

    It is OBVIOUS, OBVIOUS, OBVIOUS that TRANSITION is pure NONSENSE except for the elite. Desperate to fiddle as long as possible (a la Nero) Especially those who’ve managed to contrive Grants, Subsidies, Bribes, Salaries, projects,freedom from prison, and so on………….

    People have to be told it is their tax for 2 more years.

    • It was always clear to me that transition/implementation period is time between invoking art 50 and leaving the EU – whole 2 years. By the sound of government, we still do not know what they are going to implement or where the UK going to end after the transition. It is only keeping the status quo. Smoke and mirrors to buy more time to correct “mistake”.

  10. Dear Alan Dean,

    I don’t where to begin.

    It was Mr Bolton, not the NEC that was so politically naive that he left his wife and young kids just before Christmas for a wannabe ‘topless’ model half his age. Please explain to me how you think that plays out with the female and family vote and middle England?

    Mr Bolton told us via the press that he had ‘finished’ his relationship with the model, then two days later was caught canoodling with her in of all places the National Liberal Club (he is, sorry was a LibDem). This after he promised some key people in the party that he wouldn’t be seen with her in public again. Why didn’t he meet her in the backwaters of Kent rather than a high profile political club in Central London – just another example of why he can’t be trusted and has appalling political judgement.

    BTW he is on the record, in the national press as saying his leadership is incompatible with a relationship with Ms Marney. He has also said over the last week or so, since he told us he’d dumped her, that he very well rekindle his relationship with her. Square that circle please.

    Yesterday he was in the press saying (i) he is not receiving expenses (wrong, we’ve paid all his ex’s + living allowances adding up to just under £10,000) & (ii) unbelievably telling every man & his dog that the party’s losing £20<30,000 a month. Pray tell me how will such a statement encourage donors to donate and members to renew their memberships? Why is the leader of our party trashing us in public?

    Since becoming leader members have had very little communication from him and the NEC is till waiting to see his business plan, four months after he became leader.

    Alan, if you want to work your socks off for the next five years, upto the 2022 general election then good luck. I won't be doing so under a lame duck leader. I will guarantee that the week before the general election the press will regurgitate this sordid affair and Bolton (and in turn UKIP) will be sunk. If you believe Bolton can survive the mauling he would receive on the national TV debating platform from Sturgeon, May, Wood and probably Jo Swinson then good luck.

    BTW, Bolton (& Nigel's) attack on the NEC is a classic switch & bait tactic i.e. vote for me, a discredited, politically naive, undisciplined and vacuous leader and I'll get rid of the members' elected representatives, the NEC. Only the members can get rid of the NEC btw.

  11. Alan Dean’
    This week already there have been several apalling news items about which he could and should have expressed outrage, Such as revelations about transition, the debate on Monday etc.
    Clearly he’s more comfortable defending himself.

  12. Alan Dean
    I agree with emotions but not your logic.
    Yes. Everything he says about his country about everything sounds right.
    BUT It,s all just regurgitated. The clue is. He’s had 4 months to do a hundred other things that urgently need doing. Yes,he’s trying to mend the shambles that is ukip, but he can’t do it, his part is oversight, half a day a week. As for a Business Plan, The first thing is income, and when & where its coming from. Not a dicky bird. Not even a start.

    I know you are angry about NEC , But so is everybody on and around it. It,s just funny. Monty Pythonesque.

    So. strategically he’s failed, Hard work he’s failed,morally he’s failed, leadership failed,Timing- if this was a publicity thing, it was 2 months late and botched. If you want chapter and verse of an analysis of why he’s not done enough? I posted one yesterday somewhere.

    So, IMHO, he is a clever and practised deceiver. I’m afraid.

    • Dear tg spokes,

      I would be most grateful if you could set in detail (with evidence please) what the NEC have done wrong.

      I will endeavour to answer all your allegations

      • It seems to me that in the few reports about the NEC meeting that have come out, that there has been a remarkable degree of common sense coming from those people. Liz Jones made a very good video interview yesterday , Steve Crowther and yourself have been quite candid too.
        Especially regarding Bolton’s finances.
        This new transparency is a very good thing.
        Far too much negativity is flying around right now and it achieves nothing except divisiveness. Let’s not divert ourselves from real policy or political commentary whilst the inconvenience of Bolton runs its due and final course.

        • Well said Mr Bav. I think the Bolton issue has unified members and the NEC, John Bickley in particular on this forum has given us lots of information. Steve Crowther is also active here and today Mick McGough with more common sense views that we can all agree with. I also had an email from Fiona Mills in reply to mine to all members of the NEC prior to their Sunday meeting.

          Keep it up Ladies and gentlemen, I now feel that you have proved we are all in this together against our enemies which sadly now includes Nigel.

          • Alec, you say John Bickley has given lots of information and that Steve Crowther is active here. I’ve watched a great video of interview with Elizabeth Jones.

            Why has it taken a crisis like this for them to open up to members and supporters? Why has it taken this crisis for them to realise members and supporters aren’t just a lead weight that they are forced to tug around? Could it be that members votes are needed at the EGM so better be nice to the plebs?

          • This is a reply to John Freeman

            “Could it be that members votes are needed at the EGM so better be nice to the plebs?”

            My own experience in the last 24 hours suggests that this could, indeed, be the case.

            I asked J Bickley a question on another thread yesterday and have not received a response. It may be that he hasn’t seen it as the thread concerned has nearly 300 comment posts, but even so….

            Kind regards

      • John
        This is just a suggestion off the top of my head.
        But I wonder what is the cost of a print run and then postage of Independence magazine ? ( You mentioned I think that it had been delayed awaiting an article from HB ? )

        Would there not be a huge saving if Head Office sent Independence mag in a PDF ( or whatever ) file to Branch Chairs, with a request that they print out and distribute to their members locally ? ( Each Branch could also add its own local and regional news ).

        I am thinking that there is a LOT of useful stuff which you have been able to vouchsafe to those of us who read ukipdaily, but of course the great bulk of the membership are probably only getting their news from the papers and the latter include a lot of misinformation from HB and which is not being countered.

        Maybe BEFORE the EGM you need to get an emailing out to the membership / Branch Chairs setting out the NEC’s case ( of course in fairness you should offer HB the opportunity to set out his case also in the same emailing document ).

        I am sure a lot of us have been pleased to note both the fact of and the contents of your postings here over the last week or so – but it would be hugely helpful if you could get all this out to the membership in general.

        Using e~mailings from H.O. to Branch Chairs on a regular basis ( post HB’s dismissal ) with a view to local distribution ( either printed out or electronic or both ) would have other benefits such as promoting regular exchanges between the Branches and H.O. / NEC. ( And all virtually cost free, because electronic ).

        Once HB has gone I can see there is potential for a lot of good to come out of the crisis the mountebank created.

      • The nec have done nothing wrong. The people on it have done nothing wrong. I’m sure there are hundreds of lawyers itching to have a go, including ex members

        If you want to know how to put it “right” OK, delighted. And a good example is the word “wrong”.

        I have set out my opinions of what I feel the nec should be, in posts on previous articles.

        My views on the organisation of UKIP would require a college course, However, I’ve done a (I think ) reasoned selection of options relevant to UKIP. Thes have been sent to selected ( by me )individuals.
        I trust my own judgement of individuals as to whom I pass them. I’ve never met you or indeed heard of you until recently. If you have further ambitions good ( You have my permission to get my email address or any other means of communicationfrom Viv.) and may have my help if you want it )

      • Dear John Bickley,
        I’ve responded to this but it went somewhere else on this page . It’s there somewhere.

      • I have responded to this but it has appeared right down the bottom nearer to the ‘Comments’ box

  13. What’s the difference between a salary and a stipend?

  14. Mick: It is not a national EGM that can change the constitution, but rather a postal ballot of the membership. Otherwise good letter.

    • mick mcgough, nec member // January 25, 2018 at 11:11 am // Reply

      SURE ROB, my mistake apologies. I recall a huge response to the last change. The current constitution was built around protecting a leader from flippant challenges and it certainly works in this case.

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