In the wake of last night’s terrorist attack in London we have just received the following letter by our contributor and reader Jack Russell, which speaks for many, if not all of us:


Another weekend in Ramadan, another terrorist attack killing six people and injuring 30 at the latest count. This time in London, again. The London Mayor would call this without doubt ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’ – because such attacks – driving a van into people and then running around stabbing whoever is close – happens every day somewhere, in New York, Mexico City, Tokyo … it must be so common that nobody even reports them, right?

Well, the police shot the three terrorists who wore hoax ‘suicide vests’ – and good riddance. It’s what they wanted.

There are three aspects I found noteworthy:

@ one: there were too many witnesses and victims who heard the ‘gang’ shout “this is for allah’. So there’s no way now the authorities can wriggle and say this attack had nothing to do with islam.

@ two: the MSM appear to have abandoned their ‘non-racist’ description of such criminals as ‘Asians’. Perhaps a sufficient number of Japanese and Chinese have complained about this stereotyping, since they most certainly have not perpetrated any terror attack or indeed have run gangs of groomers and gang rapists. We’re now informed that these terrorists were ‘of mediterranean appearance’. So – were they Italians? Greek? Spaniards? Can we still not be told these men were of Middle Eastern appearance?

@ three: I note that some people now demand – on that platform of ‘direct democracy’ that is Twitter – that the GE now be suspended, ‘for the security of our country’. Do those who think this is a great idea actually think? Does it not occur to them that by creating this precedence, islamic terrorists have the perfect means of disrupting our political processes? Why not give in to the islamaniacs straightaway: elevate sharia law to the law of this country, demand all British women wear burqas, insist on gender segregation, forbid music, destroy the paintings and sculptures in our museums, demolish our churches and cathedrals – just so that ‘nobody gets killed’ and we can ‘live in peace with islam’?

What happened to the spirit which saw us through the years of actual terror bombings during the Blitz and later? What happened to the spirit which saw Mrs Thatcher declare that we would never give in to terrorists and open the Party Conference hours after the Brighton Bombings? Bombings which were carried out by the friends of Jeremy Corbyn, who thinks negotiating with terrorists is the way forward?

What a weak and feeble lot our Establishment has become! How weak and feeble have we become! I hope there are still some tea lights and teddy bears left over from the Manchester Terrorist attack two weeks ago – because ‘standing together’ and singing Kumbaya certainly impressed islamaniacs so much they gave up on killing us – oh wait …

Respectfully but angrily, Jack Russell.

The second letter comes from our contributor and correspondent Toby Micklethwait who takes issue with the reporting of the BBC on ‘climate change’:


I’ve been watching the BBC. Their propaganda (about the Paris climate agreement) is mendacious, but is no doubt effective.

The BBC recently referred to CO2 emissions (wrongly) as “carbon emissions” and showed a picture of some filthy black coal.

On 1.6.2017 they were putting out pictures of smog over cities, without mentioning that the smog that you can see is NOT CO2.

The BBC fails to mention that many people (including Trump, and including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother) think that the “science” behind the Paris Accord is Fake Science.

Regards, Toby Micklethwait

Finally, a letter by our reader Felicia C., who takes issue with an email to members sent out by UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden after the BBC’s “Leaders Debate”:


Like so many of us I watched the “Leaders Debate” broadcast by the BBC on May 31st. Like so many viewers – not all UKIP – I was staggered by the biased audience, which apparently was ‘selected’ not by the BBC but by a polling company. It was in all the papers. It was obvious early on that the BBC moderator had totally lost control. One doesn’t even need to address the fact that the questions were obviously scripted and must have been known beforehand to certain ‘leaders’ on the platform

Anybody who watched it could see that Paul Nuttall barely had a chance to string a couple of sentences together, thanks to the audience and the moderator. Unlike Nigel Farage in 2015 Paul did not point out the bias of the audience, even though it was worse that night than when Nigel debated.

What makes me angry is that UKIP headquarters seem to think we needed an email from them, spinning this into something ‘positive’. We’re Kippers, we can see what is going on and we can think for ourselves. We don’t need to be sent an email repeating what Nigel said in 2015, namely that he, Nigel, was addressing the viewers at home, not the biased audience.

Why, given that doing away with the BBC Licence fee is in our Manifesto, could HQ not have taken this opportunity to address the obvious bias of the BBC, after a night when millions of viewers could see this for themselves? Are they afraid the BBC won’t ‘invite’ Paul and the rest of our team ever again?

Respectfully, Felicia C.