Today’s letters are the first crop after the General election on Thursday, and thus give a first impression of thoughts on what happened. Our reader and contributor Dr Tomasz Slivnik sent in this letter:


Paul Nuttall has stepped down as Leader of UKIP, but notable is the absence of him having sacked the architects of UKIP’s electoral fiasco, i.e. Suzanne Evans, Patrick O’Flynn, Peter Whittle and Paul Oakden, thus ensuring the continuity of the failed Red UKIP regime. Which confirms what we’ve suspected all along, which is that Nuttall was never the real leader of UKIP and that those who have been the pulling the Pinocchio puppet’s strings all along, have sacrificed and pushed him out in order to ensure their own continued control of the Party. What is most revealing is that Steve Crowther has engineered his own elevation to Interim Leader (with the help of his usual partners in crime, John Bickley and Alan Bown) thus revealing who the real puppet master of O’Flynn, Evans, etc. and thus of those they have been controlling has been all along.

Respectfully, Dr Tomasz Slivnik

Our contributor and reader Jack Russell takes issue with some rather worrying news which went under the radar during the last days of campaigning:


Thursday we went to the polls. The results are in. We, the people, have had our say. Now we can all go back and lead our lives as before – or can we?

Ms May told us that she’d ‘tear up human rights legislation’ … well, I have my severe doubts that she’ll be allowed to do so. After all, we’re still in the EU and Brexit was not a key point in the election. It is now, and we’re back to ‘single market’ and varieties of Brexit all of a sudden …

What will happen instead, I fear, is that we ordinary Britons will get it in the neck. Here’s my ‘evidence’:

“The Metropolitan Police have arrested 25 people since Saturday’s terror attacks, using hate crime legislation to crack down on words and actions deemed either offensive, or which target people “because of their race, religion, sexual orientation” or disability.”

Read the whole report here – I hope you’ll be as outraged as I am.

I bet other police forces have been doing the same because Police forces go on social media to ‘warn’ us, see for example this:

“Cheshire Police are under fire for issuing a warning to Facebook users to “think carefully about what they are saying” online in the wake of the London Bridge terror attacks, or they might end up in prison.”

The tweet can be seen in this article.

It’s odd, isn’t it, that the various Police forces trumpet the numbers of arrests they’ve made in connection with the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London Bridge – but the fact that they are releasing these suspects after a few days never gets headlines. Our intrepid ‘reporters’ in the MSM also never seem to ask how come these arrests are made if they are released later.

I’m going to ask a very nasty question now: who collects the data to enable the MET Police to arrest so many for online ‘hate crime’? Police constables sat in offices, scouring facebook and twitter accounts? Or do they get data from somewhere else?

And what about this staggering report:

“Parking wardens issue £130 terror tickets to drivers caught up in London Bridge attack” 

Is there no common sense left in the brains of our bureaucratic police forces? Or is this actually indicative of the box-ticking culture in our security forces who have been given one set of marching orders and adhere to them for fear of losing their jobs?

With this new government in place, and with their aim of getting to grips with jihadi terrorism – will we finally get a debate about what is actually ‘hate crime’? I’m afraid that nothing will happen, expect that we ordinary citizens will have our mouths stuffed …

Respectfully, Jack Russell.

Finally, here’s a letter from our reader Felicia Catto, looking at a strange aspect of these elections:


Now that the General Election is over, and we can speak out, there’s one aspect which I found fascinating and a bit disturbing. It’s the sudden ‘youth vote for Corbyn’. It’s not just that they were so extremely well organised online, it’s that they choose as their standard bearer an old man. The same, if you remember, happened in the USA where the young went full-out for that old-age socialist Bernie Sanders.

I find it puzzling that the same age group who blame the elderly for everything, from Brexit to ‘stealing their future’, are so keen on celebrating someone who is of exactly that ‘old’ age. And I find it vaguely disturbing that they are obviously keen to follow not a father figure, but a grand-dad figure while ‘rejecting’ a granny-figure such as Ms Clinton and indeed Ms May.

I wonder if some psychologist has an explanation for that – plain old ‘the young love socialism until they get mugged by life’ doesn’t explain this.

Respectfully, Felicia Catto.