Today’s first letter from Cllr Richard Leppington, who is referring to his work, underlines why the coming Local Elections are so important for UKIP:


I have been an elected UKIP Councillor for the Forest of Dean since 2015. Six months ago I was invited to become a member of a “Rainbow” cabinet comprising UKIP, Green, Independent and ex Labour. Upon assuming power we sat down to set out our vision going forward. These centred around getting decent housing and well paying jobs for our people. As part of my portfolio I am responsible for economic regeneration, housing and asset management.

Since I have been in post, the Cabinet has formed a housing delivery company to start to build our own council housing again. We have also formed a new economic development partnership to bring new business into our authority as well as encouraging existing companies to grow. Our vision and our actions have been broadly welcomed by all sides with the exception of the Tories.

Our policies have found particular favour amongst my working and lower middle class constituents. These are the classic ” Left Behind” people who  have been shafted by successive Tory and Labour Governments. These are the very same group that voted to Leave and supported UKIP in 2015.

If UKIP are ever to prosper again at a local level we need to set out a domestic agenda based around around looking after our natural constituency of the patriotic lower middle and working classes. Building more Council Housing for social rent, re-industrialisation and proper control of immigration are all policies we should embrace.We should also set out our stall around “English nationalism”.

As power returns from Brussels the Welsh and Scottish Governments are manoeuvering to get more . England needs to do  the same. For too long UKIP has fumbled along with no clear philosophical direction. I have high hopes that under our new interim leader we will get this. If it means we lose some of the ex Tory and Tea Party types along the way then I think it is a price worth paying.

Respectfully, Cllr Richard Leppington, Forest of Dean District Councillor

The second letter which came in over the weekend is from Mike Hookem MEP. He describes another ‘little’ issue for which we Brits are paying: extra security, a ‘private army’, for the EU bosses:


The European Parliamentary plans for a £1.7billion spending splurge, which will include the introduction of an armed “private army” to protect MEPs and bureaucrats are reminiscent of underdeveloped juntas headed by tinpot dictators.

Under that plan, MEPs and bureaucrats would be given a dedicated 46-person ‘close protection’ team, which will include twelve dedicated bodyguards for the European Parliament president, Antonio Tajani.

The new security team, known as “Unit Protection,” will only be answerable to the Parliament’s internal administration.

While I understand Brussels is a hotbed of potential terrorist activity – especially considering the EU’s open border influx of unchecked migrants – the majority of ordinary people would not know the strutting peacocks of the EU elite if they bumped into them in the street.

So why then do the elite of the European Parliament think they warrant a 46-person private army? The Parliament is already protected by groups of Belgian soldiers, backed up by the city’s armed police.

However, it would seem this is not enough for an EU elite who seem to put their own security above that of the people of Europe. Where is the extra security and protection for ordinary citizens who face the same threat of terrorism, and who are now being asked to pay for this private army? If Mr Tajani and the EU’s other faceless bureaucrats feel insecure enough to warrant a private parliamentary ‘army,’ then why don’t they take steps to make all the countries of the European Union more secure. This could be easily achieved by properly monitoring borders and ending the free movement rules which have been exploited by terrorists in the past.

But the real sting in the tail is that British taxpayers will be asked to stump up the money to help fund this new private army, despite voting to leave the EU over 18-months ago.

The fact is, the sooner we are out of the European Union and can stop wasting the British people’s money on these crazy pet projects, the better.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP


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