First an urgent appeal from Stuart Agnew MEP:

“At our Conference in September I donated a raffle prize of a Selfridges gift voucher. At the time, the voucher itself had not arrived at my house, so I put an explanatory note on the envelope, that should have contained the voucher. I believe this prize was selected by somebody, but I don’t know who. It arrived at home a day or two later, but none of the organisers of the raffle or auction can tell me who the winner was; no one has contacted them wishing to claim this prize. If you know the winner, can you please contact me at [email protected] – Stuart Agnew MEP”

Next, this letter by our contributor Christopher Gill came in just now. It’s on the issue of Brexit which other contributors are also addressing in today’s publication:


We are where we are because that is where a supine British Government, enfeebled by an unnecessary General Election, has chosen to put us – in the unenviable position of being a supplicant at the EU’s table!

The decision of the British people on 23rd June last year was to leave the EU and all its institutions.

Rather than honour his pledge, the Prime Minister of the day, David Cameron, who had undertaken to implement the Referendum decision whichever way it went, immediately quit in the light of an outcome he hadn’t anticipated and one with which he clearly disagreed.

Because of the Parliamentary arithmetic his successor was in no position to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 but took an inordinately long time to trigger Article 50 and has subsequently chosen to interpret the Referendum decision as a mandate to negotiate an open-ended Brexit involving concessions and compromises – an option that nobody voted for, because, simply put, the only choice on our ballot slips was to LEAVE or REMAIN.

Admittedly Article 50 states that

“the Union (i.e the EU) shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State (i.e the leaving State), setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union”.

Sadly Theresa May has appeared more and more willing to appease a rapacious Brussels rather than tell them, forcibly, how many beans make five!

Quite apart from the difficulties it is creating regarding citizenship and the Irish border, the EU wants us to stump up billions by way of a severance payment – the facts surrounding which are as follows:

  1. There is no mention of financial liabilities in Article 50.
  2. As far as we know, the body demanding payment has not presented an itemised bill.
  3. We haven’t got the cash – every penny that HMG agrees to pay the EU will have to be borrowed and added to the £1.8 trillion National Debt.
  4. The EU’s demands (with menaces!) are totally unreasonable given the huge amounts of British taxpayers money that have already been channelled into infrastructure and miscellaneous projects in other member States – not to mention the blood and treasure that Britain and its allies have freely given, more than once, to liberate Europe from tyranny!

Britain originally had a strong hand but has played it badly. By agreeing to negotiate the conditions of departure quite separately from the terms of a future trade deal we immediately put ourselves at a distinct disadvantage.

That being said, all is not yet lost.

In December we must be prepared to end the futility of negotiating with an organisation which appears determined to frustrate us at every turn and walk away; proceed to sever our statutory links with the EU and all its institutions, as ordained by the Referendum result; use the intervening 16 months as the transition period to trading with the EU on WTO terms and then subsequently, from a position of strength and independence, offer to negotiate a Free Trade Deal – but the choice must be theirs simply because a successful outcome will, in the final analysis, be dependent upon goodwill from the EU, as well as ourselves.

Respectfully, Christopher Gill.  

Finally, our correspondent Ceri Jayes sent us this letter which was written as report on the “Brixham – get out of the EU Action Day” for the SW Newsletter. We re-publish it because it’s a morale booster par excellence. Other branches and members: take note!


I have sent this short report to Tony McIntyre and to Guy Parfitt for the SW Newsletter:

“Hi Tony,

You know how we all ceased campaigning after the Jo Cox murder on the Thursday before the Referendum.

We wondered when the ‘right’ time, if any, would be the right time to get back to it? Had we missed the boat completely? Was the Referendum vote going to slip away from us (The Remainers were still out leafleting).

We wondered what the reaction would be when we went out on to the Brixham Road the Monday afternoon after her murder with the Vote Leave trailer and banners and 4 ‘cheerleaders’ for 4 hours from 2 – 6. The cacophony of klaxons, hooters and thumbs ups was amazing. It started whilst I was still putting the ‘I Want My Country Back’ placards on the car! It was clear that we had got back on the horse at the right time. In fact we went there for 3 consecutive afternoons and the night before the Referendum we could hardly hear ourselves think over the horns of traffic, ‘If Cameron could hear this he wouldn’t sleep tonight’, said one of my guys, the afternoon of June 22nd. We knew we were going to be OUT from the response we were getting from coach loads of holidaymakers heading back north from their holidays. They were filming us and cheering, taking the message back home.

I had that ‘feel’ today in Brixham. People are ripe and ready to support us and push for getting out of the EU. I was encouraging people to add a PS to their Fishing For Leave template letter to Theresa May – to personalise them. ‘Get On With It’ and similar were popular additions! 


My handful of Kippers were ‘lit up’ with how it went today.  We got hundreds of letters signed and I have packaged them up to post to No 10 Downing Street tomorrow. We gave out loads of FFL leaflets with an attachment about Mike Hookem’s petition to be out of CFP in March 2019.

Come on UKIP! People want us to fight! They were really pleased to see us. Homing 100% on the fishing and UKIP’s total support of getting out of the CFP is a winner in our fishing towns. Go for it!