Brexit, the Brexit negotiations, the Tory government and the Tory ‘rebel’ MPs are the subject of today’s letters. The first is from our contributor and correspondent, the indefatigable Cery Jayes:


I have sent this open letter to Sarah Wollaston and to the local press covering her constituency of Totnes. She had the gall to write to me to say that she would have just one vote, just as I would, in the run up to the Referendum. In face that statement was on her website following her high profile flip flop from Leave to Remain campaigner:

“15 December 2017.

Dear Sarah Wollaston

You wrote to me on 6 July 2016 stating that, ‘I will be respecting the outcome of the result on the referendum.’  This was some reassurance and was in line with the £9.3 million booklet sent to all households by David Cameron in which he stated that the forthcoming referendum was, ‘….A once in a generation decision. ..The Government will implement what you decide.’

Your vote against the EU Withdrawal Bill on 13 November has undermined Theresa May’s standing, risked bringing the Government and your party down, and has emboldened our ‘partners’ in Brussels to make negotiations as difficult as they can.

I assume that you do not understand how much damage you have done to the confidence and trust that constituents used to place in their MP. Many members of the local UKIP Branch even ‘lent’ you their vote in the General Election earlier this year so that Theresa May would have the majority she needed to deliver ‘Brexit means Brexit’. You should remember that you work for us. The electorate have given their decision – we want to take back control from the EU and regain our independence. That must be delivered. It is not your right to belittle your party and leader for your own personal ends.

Although the count was announced on a local authority area (South Hams),Totnes constituency voted 54% for Leave. The iconic UK fishing port of Brixham, the largest town in the Totnes constituency, was counted under the Torbay voting area and polled 63.2% for Leave, the highest in the South West. It is no surprise that at a UKIP action morning there on 25 November your constituents were queuing up to sign a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the UK to be out of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy on 30 March 2019,two years after Article 50 was triggered.

I know from your website that you ‘came into politics to campaign on health’, and also that you changed from backing the Leave campaign to the Remain campaign on the strength of how the use of money saved from EU membership could be used by the NHS. If it is impossible for you to reflect and honour your constituents’ wishes you should consider transferring your allegiance to a party and a constituency more in line with your beliefs.

Ceri Jayes, Chairman, Totnes Branch UKIP”

We publish this open letter in the hope that many readers will feel encouraged and emboldened to write to their own ‘rebel’ MPs. The next letter comes from our equally indefatigable correspondent Roger Arthur, who also takes issue with the ‘rebel’ Tories:


Giuliano Amato, the former Italian Prime Minister, who wrote Article 50, claimed that it was meant “to show Britain the error of its ways“. He said it was important to “stretch out talks” in the hope that an EU friendly government would emerge from the next UK General Election.

The rebel MPs who undermined the UK’s negotiating position last week have a kindred spirit in Mr Amato. They seem to sympathise with his purpose, but the difference is that he is not a hypocrite.

If democracy had been really important to those MPs then why did they accept the emasculation of Parliament over many years, without so much as a whimper?

Respectfully, Roger J. Arthur

Our correspondent Septimus Octavius points out the important detail in the debate on the ‘fixed date’ :


I do wish our leaders would actually read Article 50.  Its effect is that the UK is indeed released from the Treaties at 11 pm on 29 March 2019, but only if there has been no prior agreement.

I am sure we would all prefer a beneficial free trade deal as part of an Article 50 Agreement, in which case the UK is released from the Treaties when the European Parliament formally ratifies that Agreement. By definition that must be before midnight in Brussels on 29 March 2019.

The correct formulation for the Government’s fixed date proposal is therefore that the UK leaves the EU no later than 11 pm on 29 March 2019.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Supporting Septimus Octavius’ point it this more lengthy article by Michael Howe QC, published in today’s ‘Brexit central’ which should be of interest to readers.

Finally, a letter from our contributor and former UKIP member Jeff Wyatt which is self-explanatory:


UKIP members are asking me continually “what’s happening at For Britain?” Last week Anne Marie has broadcast an excellent video via her personal Facebook which you can view here [Ed: correct link, h/t Mike Kennedy]

In my opinion I believe the content of this hour long piece will give your readers an up to date flavour of where we are at with For Britain. I realise it’s a hard slog for some to view all one hour of it, but all I can say is as one of the many passionate faithful, I have watched every second and, as ever I am in agreement with every word. So, I recommend your readers watch every second, as there are some gems of information and comment within it. But failing that, even a flick through the timeline watching a minute or two here and a minute or two there will, I am sure help satisfy curiosity.

For me the highlight’s being

1)      Discussing the censorship of the For Britain Facebook page. Yes folks those self-appointed dictators at Facebook have seen it fit to take down the page of a legitimate new British political Party whose growing membership of thousands is drawn from respectful ordinary law abiding folk ( many ex UKIPPERS ) who are concerned about the way in which their country is heading.  

2)      The Electoral Commissions obstructiveness. Political intervention ? …. Surely not ?

3)      Discussion of the established Church of England.

But I have no doubts that your readers will find much else to comment upon.

Respectfully, Jeff Wyatt