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Letters to the Editor – 18th October 2016 – Special Edition

Ed: After Steven Woolfe’s spectacular resignation from the Party, many members and readers have written and commented. The letter below, which reached us this morning, summarises the thoughts of many of us. we therefore publish it in full in this special edition of the ‘Letters to the Editor’.


If you were Leader of UKIP, and a potential leadership candidate, popular with a section of the Party, was considering defecting or going independent – what would you do? I refer of course to Steven Woolfe whom we know was Nigel’s preferred successor and whose resignation, coming as it does at a time of party crisis, is no help at all and may possibly be detrimental.

Would you, as Leader, do all you could to dissuade him? Would you call upon the loyalty you so famously demand of those around you and which Steven himself has professed to have for you? Would you tell him not to undo the good that you and the Party had achieved? Would you insist that this is the wrong time to abandon ship, that you need him to stay? Surely you would do all these things and more! And being a charismatic leader you would pull out all the stops to avoid further damage to the Party. You would, wouldn’t you!

And if Steven still chose to betray the party, wouldn’t you make some comment? Wouldn’t you intervene to minimise the damage? Wouldn’t you think of all the ordinary members who feel badly let down and say something for their benefit? You would,  but, alas, we do not have such a leader.

So why has Woolfe chosen to be an “independent”? What good does that do for anyone? It seems he is no longer defecting but that is likely to be because the Tories no longer want him after his belligerence. With that avenue closed off Steven claims the reasons are that UKIP is ungovernable and riven with infighting, and continues with  the (unsupported) claim that the NEC is not fit for purpose. But these reasons do not stack up. He has been very much involved in the infighting by “liking” and thus encouraging the so-called Woolfe Pack’s facebook campaign, a particularly nasty group who have been so obsessed that they claim Neil Hamilton has been controlling the party. Yes, really, they have claimed that. So controlling has Hamilton been that he managed to get himself removed as deputy chair and exiled from Nigel. Such mastery!

It is not the infighting then that bothered Woolfe so much as losing, something he managed to do all by himself but for which everyone else is to be blamed. He even belligerently caused the `altercation’ – he initiated the ‘come outside’ challenge to Mike Hookem – but now claims to be the victim. In his personal statement he claims that the events in Strasbourg “led to me later being treated by doctors for two seizures”. Really? There is a medical opinion about that?  All we were told was that there had been a scan showing no bleed on the brain at all and that he was being kept in as a precaution. There are a number of causes of “epilepsy-type” seizures, and if I had seizures I would want doctors to get to the bottom of it.

On Newsnight Raheem Kassam claimed he had been told that the investigation will report “equal culpability”. Indeed, I have said as much in my letter. Woolfe was at fault for his combative attitude and Hookem at fault for taking the bait. But I highlight now again that a journalist has apparently been given advance notice of the investigation’s result.

My own conclusion is that Woolfe, aware that he is now damaged goods, that Hookem is threatening to sue for slander, that his own complaint to the police (contrary to what Nigel said) is presumably now up and running, as is the EU’s own investigation, is probably also aware that yet more may come out that is unflattering. But not being man enough to stay and face the music, he resigns as the only way to free himself (he believes) of the mess he got himself into.

In so doing he shows how little loyalty he really has to the members who voted for him.

We all worked together in the referendum campaign, and many ordinary members gave their all in that campaign and in the preceding ones for the elections to the EU Parliament (2014) and the GE (2015).  Woolfe appears to feel no respect for these members at all.

Surely, if he loved the Party that gave him the opportunity to do nicely as one of its MEPs, if he respected the members who supported him and campaigned for and with him, if he believes, as he says he does, that only UKIP can keep Brexit on course, if Brexit was and is still worth fighting for – then surely he would stay in the Party and fight for what is worth fighting for, something more important than personal ambition!

Personally, I do not believe him. I think he is weak. I am disgusted with him actually and deeply, deeply disappointed with Nigel. If UKIP is, as Woolfe claims (and probably hopes, such is the spitefulness of vanity!), on a “death spiral”, then history will not judge these people kindly. They are so blinded by their own egomania, so duped by their own vanity, they cannot see that when the dust settles on UKIP it is they who will be held accountable. For there are no conspiracies, no sinister controllers, just sheer bloody-mindedness and incompetence.

They will be exposed for not being politicians at all – reasoning, persuading, dealing, compromising with the factions that exist as they do in all parties – but as the truculent children they are who, when things do not go their way, throw their toys out of the pram.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

Ed: we look forward to your comments on this letter and indeed on the whole affair, and plan to publish a selection of them in the next few days.


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32 Comments on Letters to the Editor – 18th October 2016 – Special Edition

  1. Instead of describing this site as UKIP daily, it’d be more honest to call it Anti-Farage daily. But for Farage, no one would know of anyone in UKIP. He’s given up a lot and achieved so much against all odds. You guys should show some respect, please.

  2. I don’t think we should hold an election for leader at this time. Nigel should be asked to continue as ‘caretaker’ Leader until we are officially OUT of the doomed EU. That will give us time for a new Leader to appear and time for the members to study him or her. This election seems too much of a rush for me. Panic and Desperation?

    • John,

      I don’t think Nigel wants to stay on as caretaker, he was the one who was pushing to get someone else elected. I really think he has had enough and with that in mind we need to get someone in place sooner rather than later.

      I don’t see it as being rushed after all he resigned on June 24th, but the contenders must be serious this time round, and not waste money and time, then we can get on with business.

  3. I am patiently waiting till 11th November to vote for a contestant with tested and proven skills, knowledge, experiences, and education at ethically and apolitically optimising changes management. It is extremely important for such contestants not to be egotist; not be a member of any clique or faction within UKIP; and not have any conflicting interest/s. I hope I am not seen as too demanding!

  4. As overseas Regional Organiser, I would remind oversas members on here that the ERS made special arrangements for them last time, and I am sure that similar arrangements can be repeated. So don’t panic!

  5. Some better news. There are reports that EU leaders want to “punish Britain” for the crime of wanting national self-determination not political union, something enshrined in the UN Charter and officially respected by the EU.

    Negotiations will be far more constructive than people realise, not least because EU exporters and supply chains have a lot to lose.

    The 1970 UN “Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations” reads:

    “No State may use or encourage the use of economic, political or other types or measures to coerce another State in order to obtain from it the subordination of the exercise of its sovereign rights or to secure from it advantages of any kind.”

    – It is accepted as a valid interpretation of the UN Charter in international law.

    • I for one will be delighted to join Russia in the doghouse.

    • Should the ‘EU Leaders’ wish to ‘punish Britain’, perhaps they ought to read Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty:

      “….8.1 The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation….”

  6. Recent goings-on within UKIP have indeed been deeply worrying and must be immensely frustrating for all the party faithful who genuinely believe in the UK and have put so much effort into raising UKIP’s profile.
    Since UKIP is thus a major thorn in the side of the corrupt and treacherous “elite” who have done so much damage to the UK over the years, it comes as no surprise to me that there should be infiltrators wishing to damage UKIP. (I include Carswell amongst the trouble-makers but he is certainly far from being the only one.)
    The evidence strongly suggests that there has been some serious skulduggery and that some rather nasty threats have been made by the bullyboys sent in to damage UKIP.
    Politics in the UK has turned extremely ugly of late and we’ve seen the same sort of thing, if not worse, throughout Europe and the US.
    This is obviously no time for faint hearts so I very much hope that UKIP can pull itself together quickly. There are plenty of people in other European countries who feel much the same about the deliberate wrecking of their homeland as genuine UKIP supporters do in the UK – I therefore suggest that those of like mind in all of those countries need to give each other mutual support and work towards what is, essentially the common goal of overthrowing that criminal “elite”.
    It must be remembered, though, that time is getting very short since the war-mongering Clinton and those behind her are extremely dangerous and could easily end up wiping out the entire planet if allowed to persist with their globalist agenda.

    [The above was also posted earlier at]

  7. Who ever the new leader is , his/her first priority is to take on Hamilton and his awful wife and Tory plant Carswell. Get rid of them they are no help to UKIP

    • Under our constitution and rulebook the only obvious way to get someone kicked out of the party is to apply the Discipline process. To get that process going you need to make a specific allegation. And you need to provide proof.
      The Discipline Process cannot be initiated by the Party Leader. It can be initiated by the Party Secretary, who is normally a lawyer. As a lawyer he has received training in justice. Unless pretty strong evidence of wrongdoing can be produced the Party Secretary would have a duty NOT to initiate Discipline proceedings.
      Do you have evidence of wrong-doing?

    • Why, what have they done?

  8. Well put SY. Events are exposing the character of those at the top. Loyalty of those at the top to the membership who they represent and to the people who need UKIP (whether they know it or not)is essential. Steven Woolfe in his resignation statement and negotiations with the Conservatives, demonstrates that he has no loyalty towards the grassroots who have facilitated his career to date and provided the platform for him.

    It’s rather saddening, but the Party will be all the better for it in the long run. Onwards and upwards!

  9. Wolfe thought he could do better personally with the Tories now the MEP job is going. The fight was just a consequence of this not the cause. Once people start making job calculations fighting for a cause becomes nuanced. Better to stick to commerce and give up radical politics if you start viewing life that way.

    What makes or breaks outsider parties is activists. Unpaid, unthanked they are the important people. Cherish them and less attention on the media game of ‘leaders’.

    Everyone knows UKIP now so it’s in a great position to do financially cheap grassroots politics with activists once it has no MEPs and possibly no MPs.

    Nigel Farage will soon be free of the burden of having to exist in Brussels. Can’t he be leader with an easier workload? He may be tired at the moment but he loves this work.

  10. Steven Woolfe was the only potential leadership candidate who stood any chance of making UKIP electable. I fear the party may well be over.

    • Hartlepool anyone? The media follow the party’s shenanigans with glee, and the core activists (moi et al) follow with despair, but there are swathes of voters who do not follow political gossip (masquerading as news) and who are less affected perhaps than we fear.

      We get a leader by 28th Nov. Provided he or she is stable (big if I know) there is no reason why Nuttall, Evans, Farage etc cannot also be public faces and on the telly drumming up support for UKIP. The leader just has to be stable and implement some internal discipline and insist all stay on message. The party could recover. Instead of looking for a charismatic replacement for Farage we should seek out the stable and sane and if or she is not telegenic then let others go on QT, Sky etc. Stability, discipline, sanity, lack of pathological vanity …..

    • Rubbish.
      His allegation that the party is ‘ungovernable’ is absurd………
      The only persons trying to make it so are the MEP Leadership.
      When it came to the Leadership election in summer S.W. chose not to put his application in on time, even tho’ he has STAFF who could have done that for him.
      Then, he being off the ballot, the Membership voted docilely for pointless Diane, who was obviously the preferred candidate of Nigel and others on high.

      Despite her total unsuitablity on a number of counts, the fact that she was Nigel’s preferred candidate was all the mattered to the bulk of the Membership and they did what was required of them.

      Where is the ‘ungovernability’ there ?
      It is hardly the fault of the Membership that Diane’s total unsuitability became apparent even to her, much sooner than expected.

      Neither is it the fault of the Membership that two MEPs should engage in schoolboy type immature shenanigans.

      There is NO ‘ungovernability’ in the UKIP rank and file : just an apparent dearth of willingness to serve the country, ( and incidentally UKIP ) , amongst the MEP cohort, every one of whom owes his / her privilege, position, and sinecured income to the hard slog work of the rank and file members, most of whom I am sure get by on a third or less of the MEPs’ incomes, and don’t complain.

      Nigel has behaved extremely unwisely since the Vote, including the highly damaging ( to UKIP ) support for the stupid, disgusting pig Trump , but such is the greatness of what Nigel achieved prior to that vote that we mostly forgive him. ( he is demob happy .)
      If even at this late stage Paul Nuttall steps forward as candidate even greater things beckon.

    • Julian,

      Please excuse me saying but that is rubbish, the party does not hang on one person, as we are now finding out. It is now time for the rest of the MEP’s to step up to the plate and nominate a suitable contender and then back them all the way.

      • The excellent result in Hartlepool was, indeed, good, but was not representative of UKIP by-elections nationwide. On average, we are well down in vote share.

        I regret that I do not share others’ enthusiasm for the leadership candidates thus far declared. I shall certainly await developments before making precipitate decisions. Suffice it to say that I am singularly unimpressed so far……as, I suspect, are the electorate.

    • Julian: How on earth could you support this man after all the embarrassment he has caused the party? I think that, at the very least, he has shown himself to be disloyal and even petulant. I want a man, or woman, of high morals, loyalty, and charisma. Sadly lacking so far, now that Nigel has gone.

  11. Stout, not for the first time, you get it 100% right.

    S.W. has proved himself now, beyond peradventure, to be a total FAKE.

    In a sense the NEC naively played his game by refusing his late application in July : but 100% of the responsibility for that was down to him.

    As I keep saying, people blaming the NEC for that should remember SW has STAFF who could have got his application in in good time if he had only instructed them to do so.

    He did not want at that time to be a candidate, probably for fear of the undisclosed conviction coming out, but he wanted to be able to blame some other entity for his non candidature……….
    FAKE in other words.

    Them after Diane is elected, he starts negotiations with the Tories about defecting………..
    FAKE !!
    Then he gets wind Diane is giving up the Leadership and he could stand again…………
    so he breaks off his negs. with the Tories……..
    FAKE !
    Then after the shenanigans in Strasbourg, and similar accusations of physical pugnacity starting to come out, he realizes the Tories won’t want him any more but also he cannot be considered a serious candidate for the Leadership……….so instead of just withdrawing and loyally supporting whoever wins………..he tries to do his best to damage the Party, and its membership, who have given him everything that he has in politics, including the extremely well paid, and well expensed, sinecure that is being an MEP……
    FAKE !!
    His alleged reasoning for departing the Party just makes no logical sense at all.
    He allegedly believes the Party is ungovernable……. but logically why not then offer himself as its salvation as Leader…….. ?
    FAKE !!!!!!
    For Heaven’s sake will the people who have long seen him as the wronged Saint Stephen finally admit they were wrong, or at minimum stop trying to blame the NEC for everything this FAKE has done and is ??????

  12. Woolfe was obviously unsuited to this post on multiple levels, & now it looks like he may even be off to join the Tories – if he’d submitted his papers in time a few weeks back this man would now have been the leader of UKIP!

    If Farage is putting up these stooges (the bulk of the support for Woolfe & James came primarily from people mindlessly following Farage’s backing for them) to keep his seat warm he should stop it, as it’s now damaging UKIP quite badly. If he wants the job he should have stuck with it, even now if he was on the leadership ballot I’d vote for him, but in his absence UKIP needs a real leader – not an out of their depth temporary stand-in puppet – to orientate it into a fully fledged domestic political force at this vital crossroads in its development.

    I suggest Paul Nuttall, with Ray Finch as deputy, be given a game to show if they are able to ‘Hartlepool’ Labour in the Midlands & North at the next General Election.

    (At least there’s some comic relief in this mess with Mr. Kassam’s candidacy).

  13. Woolfe will not be the last high profile defection/resignation from the party.
    On top of which overall membership is declining and may go into freefall.
    There is a big difference between party activists – which includes many ex tories appalled at cameron’s chumocracy and liberalism – and many for personal gain and/or social inclusiveness join/rejoin the conservatives; and the millions of potential/actual UKIP voters who are often much more working class especially the millions of vote leave brexiteers in the North and Midlands.
    The MEPs who so dominated all party Conferences are now approaching a spent force redundancy and several of them perhaps are worried about their future prospects. This is understandable if regrettable. Until we have more MPs there are no obvious leaders emerging from the ranks. This is not as bad as it sounds! Only persons willing to risk a great deal by absolute commitment will be worthy of leadership. In the meantime we must accept the flaws of character and the outrageous press/media as things to put up with.
    Today perhaps 100 people may read this missive. That is 100 more than would have read it ten years ago.
    Just as I consider myself superior on clinton to the anodyne comments on the bbc so millions of us are empowered to speak and act via the internet. This really is the beginning of the brave new world. I miss so much the old one but there is no going back.
    I used to know a popular singer called Marujita Diaz and whenever I feel maudlin I go to You Tube and listen to her sing “Adios Pampa Mia”.
    Very kitschy I know but it is/was part of my precious youth.
    We must excuse Woolfe’s immaturity and political incoherence as UKIP will always be the party of the oddballs..the ones who can see the truth of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

  14. Absolutely splendid letter, which says all the right things. Stout Yeoman, you are becoming an important person and you are going to have to take off your mask of anonymity. We are all wondering if we already know you under another name.

    • Mike,
      The Editor in Chief will confirm that I am just an obscure scribbler and party foot soldier, albeit one who cares about the party and the people we represent. I promise I am not anyone well known within the party, not an office holder, and certainly not someone who aspires to be either. Foregoing my nom de plume would not help – who has heard of Sedgewick Porterfield or Alan Slattery (to give examples of how names do not help)? There is an NEC election soon and I hope that the sane will be applying. You? Many of us will support you and other contributors to UKIP Daily.

  15. Ballots will be sent to members shortly after 11th November and we will be announcing who will be our new Leader on Monday 28th November.

    That is going to be very tight timing for overseas members!

    • Impossible for some unless they are prepared to return using FedEx.

      • Rose Lynden-Bell // October 19, 2016 at 1:58 pm // Reply

        In the last contest one of our branch was literally at sea, abroad, and he was able to submit his choice by email to Adam Richardson (Returning Officer) to cast on his behalf. I think all overseas members with email should be able to do the same.

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