At the time I wished to become an approved UKIP candidate I was encouraged to go to a training session run by Tom Rubython (PPC for Northampton South) together with his friend who embarrassingly I cannot now name.  For my two-minute talk I chose Global Warming quite expecting them both to be enthusiastic climate sceptics.  To my great surprise the friend was an AGW, (anthropogenic Global Warming) believer.  Both advised me to NOT to do a talk on global warming as this might not be in the party’s interest.

Thereafter I have been as circumspect about this in UKIP circles as others were about immigrants.  Yet I personally feel that the present stance by successive governments since the Climate Change Act of 2008 under Tony Blair, when Ed Miliband became Sectary of State for Energy & Climate Change and the requirement in the act for no new coal fired power stations to be built in the UK without carbon capture and storage has been as damaging to the UK economy as the regulations of the EU.

No other country in the World has adopted such a restrictive stance and put it into law.  Together with the environmental campaigners who number less than 1% of the population we are steadily being forced to reduce and even eliminate all forms of power generation by fossil fuels.  Not only this but international pressure is being put on third World countries not to invest in coal or gas fired electricity generating stations in order to supposedly save the World.

The environmental movement has for decades been searching for a cause to blame mankind for ruining the World in order to elevate their status as saviours of the planet.  Also to pursue a course by which they demonise something humans do that they can control in order to force mankind into a World Government ideally controlled by themselves.  I mean nothing can be more important than saving the planet and we have to be just lucky that they are the high priests that can save us.

Whilst searching for a cause there was in the 1970’s a scare that the World was heading for another ice age and that we would be unable to cope.  Though I cannot remember what the cause or solution was.  Then from 1977 through to 1998 the World Meteorological Organisation was pursuing the demonising of carbon dioxide emitted by the burning of fossil fuels as the cause of the increasing temperature at that time.

In 1998 the Hockey Stick appeared in an article in Nature by Dr Michael E Mann of the University of Massachusetts based on studies of tree ring growths of Bristle Cone Pine trees in California.  Using in addition some 112 data sets from fairly recent era they were able to suggest that the results were robust enough to claim that temperature in the late 1990’s were warmer than any time since at least 1400BC.

The Hockey Stick was an amazingly powerful tool because from 1400 to 1850 it was almost flat and in the last 150 years the curve just flew upward producing a shape like a hockey stick laid down.

Since then and the efforts of Al Gore on his Worldwide travels promoting global warming we have had a number of proofs that it is happening and we are to blame;-

1.  The Earth is getting warmer since the industrial revolution began in 1850.

2.  The Glaciers are Melting, more today than ever before.

3.  The Sea Levels are Rising and low-lying islands are getting swamped.

4.  The Polar Ice Caps are Shrinking.

5.  The Polar Bears are Endangered.

6.  The Number & Strength of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are Increasing.

7.  Plants and Animals are becoming extinct or moving to colder climate zones.

8.  CO2 levels are steadily rising in line with global temperature.

9.  Coal fired electricity generating stations produce unacceptable amounts of CO2.

10. Vehicles produce unacceptable amounts of CO2 and must be replaced with public transport or bicycles or electric cars.

11. Just recently in October 2016 NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) has announced that this year has been the hottest since records began.

Interestingly though in Roman times Britain and all the northern continents were warmer than they are today and grapes were grown in huge quantities in southern England..  In the middle ages the Vikings invaded a large island in the north Atlantic that had been uninhabitable for centuries due to being covered in snow and ice and started a colony there, they called it Greenland.  Both these periods had temperatures for centuries warmer than we presently experience in the northern hemisphere today.

Now the Climate Change supporters are actually reworking old datasets to rewrite history to show it has always been colder than it is today, and we are to blame.  Hundreds of billions of Dollars have been obtained through taxes over the past two decades to support the reduction of CO2 emissions, to support endangered communities and to save the planet.

In the 1950’s a new type of CO2 measuring system was installed on Mauna Loa in the Hawaiian Islands and has been working faithfully ever since.  It has algorithms to take into account prevailing winds and vegetation absorption of CO2 on the islands so it accurately records only the CO2 around the islands from the ocean and atmosphere.  Interestingly it produced a lower result at the start than expected so they actually just shifted the previous data sets to match with the start of the Mauna Loa data to create a continuous series.

Since then the CO2 level has increased steadily year on year by about 3 parts million of atmospheric gases from 250ppm in 1950’s to 400ppm today.  The prediction from the general circulation models on very expensive computers was that a doubling of CO2 would produce a catastrophic rise of an average of 2 C in world temperature and indeed reach a tipping point in thermal runaway.

Well we have just reached 400ppm, which is a 60% increase in atmospheric CO2 and as far as I can tell there is no noticeable increase in summer temperature and the winters seem as bad as they have ever been.  So what do you think and what do you believe?