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Leadership Candidates’ Statements: Bill Etheridge

[Ed: we received the following contribution from Bill Etheridge’s office, following our appeal to the leadership candidates to lay out their stall for our readers.]


We’re always at our best when we’re fighting a cause

UKIP leadership hopeful Bill Etheridge MEP has said the role of UKIP post referendum is for UKIP “to be the party for the national interest” as he told party members in Torquay, “we have to get the economy right.”
His speech came as former Labour MP Sir Tam Dalyell revealed Ken Clarke believes there are ‘more than 100 Tory MPs wandering around, dazed, desperately wanting to remain in Europe (sic).’
Speaking at the hustings, which was once again boycotted by bookies favourite Diane James, he said the party must become united behind one leader, not one faction.
“Nigel led us from the front and we absolutely went at it and we won an historic victory,” the West Midlands MEP said, talking about the 2014 European Elections.
“That same night, we won council seats – I actually won my council seat on the same night.
“Then the big one came: the referendum, Then we were at our best. We united behind a cause, we fought hard and we fought for our country. And we won.”
As the party reaches a fork in the road where it must decide which direction it goes in post Brexit, Cllr Etheridge said the party needed to remain because “we have a new cause.”
“The British people need a new voice. A fresh, exciting, dynamic voice. New ideas, not the same old tired rubbish and consensus politics; not this great big surge to the middle of the road.
“Ladies and gentlemen, if you stand in the middle of the road, you get run over.
“Let’s look to be different. This is a cause in the national interest: we have to get our economy right. We have to say to the British people. ‘not only will we free you from the EU, not only will we free you from burdensome regulation but we will free you and future generations from debt.”
Cllr Etheridge has issued a challenge to Mrs James to take part in a debate with him rather than touring parts of the country in her roadshow.
“The great advantage [these hustings] have given us is the opportunity to meet the members and, more importantly, hear different questions everywhere we go.
“Every part of the country has got a different concern,” he said.
So far Mrs James has not responded to the request to take part in an event with her fellow MEP and colleague.

[His office also provided us with the link to Bill Etheridge’s speech in Torquay.]

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6 Comments on Leadership Candidates’ Statements: Bill Etheridge

  1. Diane is fully aware of the importance of the voters in North East and in those Labour heartlands and on speaking with her personally she said the full list of venues had not been printed as she was waiting for conformation on dates and locations . She also said she I quite happy to meek local branches in those areas a wel..l As for the France issue I have no idea, but actually but I’m sure we can find out.

  2. Another contribution to ukipdaily from one of the candidates. Good for those two.
    The candidate not reaching me is Diane James. I went on Diane4UKIP and placed a question, but have not received any reply after several days. The question was “Why is the North East missed out on your tour of the country?” Perhaps Diane’s campaign does not expect or need votes from this Region. Perhaps she will not receive many, or any.

  3. I agree with CitizenKain wholeheartedly. I just want to make my own mind up thanks, just give me some information to work with, and please not just gossip.

    I don’t need to know their religion or intimate personal details, just facts please.

  4. How does Paul Iceni know how most of his branch members will vote? Is this not hyperbole tinged with ‘we are right everyone else is wrong’.
    Diane James has not participated in any of the hustings nor has she offered an explanation for this nor apologised to the many members who traveled long distances to attend and hear from all the candidates. Nor has she issued any statements to Daily UKIP or as far as I can tell to members of UKIP in a different format.
    Furthermore I understand that Diane James spends most of her time in France.
    Could she clarify this point please.
    I agree on one fundamental point and that is whoever is elected as Leader it is in all our interests to stay loyal to the Party and to accept the democratic mandate of the new Leader. We must not lose the perspective of the political maelstrom engulfing Europe and the need to steer a passage threw tribulations to become a natural party of government here in England and hopefully the entire U.K. The Labour Party is in very serious trouble and the LibDems remain in terminal longterm decline/extinction. This is our time and we must not lose it.

  5. Having read the reports on hustings so far, I’m not surprised Diane is doing her own thing, few members attend and even candidates don’t turn up. I will be voting for Diane, as will most of my branch.
    Bill is a credible candidate but we require a good face for TV, a strong personality and a willingness to put the party first whilst making the overdue reforms that were always going to be necessary after the referendum. Whoever wins needs to ensure that our collective leadership stays on track, we are too small to allow big differences at the top. I dearly hope that other candidates, who are all valuable members, will understand this and do what’s necessary to unite us rather than going off in a fit of pique, like a bunch of Remainers.

    • I can’t personally see anything wrong with Bill’s face, and thanks for the link to his Torquay speech. There are questions about his vision that would be nice to have answered. That said, quite impressed.

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