There are times in the affairs of a nation when arguments and observations previously deemed to be exceedingly ludicrous by those with vested interests suddenly are shown to have been perfectly reasonable.

There’s the despicable practice by government to ‘hide bad news’ on days of a national catastrophe or tragedy. This has been going on since 7/7. Let’s not forget that after so many years of practice, and after many journalists having moved into minister’s PR departments and moving back to their old playgrounds this practice has now become a fine art.

Then there’s the ancient habit of those in power, from kings of old down to Prime Ministers and Presidents, to stir up a little war in order to take the people’s eyes off some real problems. This they mostly don’t do any longer ‘for real’, but the sabre-rattling, made louder by compliant MSM, is a good substitute nowadays.

Then there are the hidden players, the string-pullers, the ones who actually ‘make’ policies as opposed to those we have elected to do so: our wonderful Whitehall Mandarins.

Looking back on the past two weeks in politics in our country, an unbiased observer would have seen all of that displayed in an exemplary manner.

Let’s first of all identify the main problem we in the UK face: it is Brexit and the Brexit negotiations, is it not?

Let’s then look at the event that has dominated the MSM and Parliament: the attempted murder of a Russian double agent and his daughter in our country. Horrible as this is, and looking at it dispassionately without ascribing guilt to that Russian potentate with such certainty as our PM and Foreign Secretary have done: this event has dominated the MSM and Parliamentary debate to the exclusion of all else.

Let’s look further to reports in today’s papers claiming there’s been a break-through in Brexit negotiations, for example under the headline “Britain makes concessions to secure deal for 21-month Brexit transition”:

“British negotiators expect to clinch a deal on Brexit transition terms as early as this weekend following a series of climbdowns to secure a deal from the EU, the Telegraph understands.”

‘Cimbdowns’ – a sweet word for negotiated surrender …

Of course EU negotiations have been ongoing during this time of sabre-rattling – only, any reports about those were suddenly not deemed to be important enough to waste pixels on. We were meant to be outraged about Russia – and forget Brexit, especially since in a wonderful display of “EU Unity” Merkel and Macron stood ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with May in their condemnation of Putin – and never mind that Macron was sceptical a day earlier. See – pitiful Little Britain after Brexit would not have had the powerful EU at her side …

But then The Sun put a spoke into that particular wheel with their report on a ‘bombshell tape’. Do read the report and listen to that tape if you haven’t done so. One could not find a better proof for Whitehall Mandarins working against the interests of our country:

“Top Whitehall officials were caught boasting to EU diplomats that Brexit will be like a KitKat with chocolate covering ties to Brussels for years to come. Bombshell tapes passed to The Sun reveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers’ cash propping up Brussels defence and foreign projects — including the controversial “EU Army”. As part of the deal suggested by a Cabinet Office adviser, EU military officials would be based in Whitehall forever.”

Quoting from that report, we read:

“A private conference last Friday saw ambassadors and officials from France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Italy meet the Brits at the London School of Economics to discuss post-exit plans.”

So ambassadors of EU countries were given insight in how ’our’ British negotiators were seeing the future after Brexit – not that we UK citizens needed to be told. And these UK ‘negotiators’ are sitting right where they influence our politicians, from the PM down to the ‘Brexit Minister’ David Davis. These Mandarins are the the ones who prepare papers, statements, negotiating positions and ‘advise’ the PM and Ministers on what can and cannot be done. They are indeed the EU’s Fifth Column. This report in The Sun clearly justifies the description of ‘Civil  Serpents’ (see my last article here). These are the people who have more in common with the Barniers and Junckers than with us, who pay their huge salaries.

In the Sun’s report there’s a list of participants, and there’s this quote from those two Mandarins (my emphasis):

Senior Brexit Department official Victoria Billing sparked mocking laughter by describing the defence and foreign policy deal sought by the UK as a “KitKat” – a “cover” hiding the depths of the continued agreement. And Cabinet Office security adviser Alastair Brockbank – who works for top Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins – told the diplomats that Britain stood ready to continue paying “significant contributions” to controversial common EU defence and foreign policy projects adding: “We are interested in it all.”

Mr Olly Robbins is now Ms May’s ‘personal Brexit advisor’ in her Cabinet …

If there’s still someone out there who thinks we’ll get a proper Brexit – step forward and receive your dunce cap.

If there’s still someone out there who thinks we have more important things to debate than getting the Brexit we voted for nearly two years ago – step forward and receive your dunce cap.

If you think we’ll get our Fisheries back – sorry, that’s the chocolate on a KitKat, hiding all those little compromises we won’t be told until it’s too late.

If you think that it’s ok to have EU ‘military’ stationed in our country then do have this other little bit of KitKat.

From Immigration to Border Control to Sovereignty: here’s KitKat Brexit!

Enjoy, that chocolate is really nice …