Having watched what ITV and the media called a “debate” between Nigel Farage and David Cameron, it became obvious that the Remain campaign, aided and abetted by the Establishment consisting of media, Mandarins and EUrophile politicians, is using “It’s the Economy, stupid” as the key factor in these last days before we go to the polling stations.

The well-picked questioners from ‘Remain United’ who attacked Nigel Farage in an unmannerly way, having been given leave by the moderator, showed their economic ignorance but were well drilled to regurgitate the points made by ‘experts’.

Cameron, bless him, managed to turn every question asked into an answer of “it’s the economy, stupid”. Of course, he couldn’t help himself but clobber the audience with the well-known ‘argument from authority’:

“An argument from authority (Latin: argumentum ad verecundiam), also called an appeal to authority, is an argument that argues that a position is true or more likely to be true because an authority or authorities agree with it.”

when he said that 9 out of 10 economists predicted the most dire consequences for our economy, should we leave.

It doesn’t matter that the predictions of these ‘authorities’ have been proven wrong time and time again – they’re ‘authorities’, we plebs are too stupid to understand and must shut up and do as we’re told. It’s irrelevant that these ‘authorities’ support Remain, some even paid by the EU, and of course their evident group-think is irrelevant as well. This article for example describes nicely what is going on and is required reading.

But that wasn’t the worst.

The very worst was Cameron’s ‘answer’ to a young man who dared to ask about Magna Carta, and our judicial and parliamentary system being so different from that in the EU. How dare he! So Cameron glibly turned this around into a plea for staying in because – ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. Trade with the EU, after all, is far more important than our ancient rights, fought for over the centuries by our ancestors. No – being allowed by Brussels to have our fisheries industry destroyed in exchange for strangling our small businesses with EU Regulations – that’s what’s important!

But there’s more, and it is depressing.

The way Cameron brushed off questions about our sovereignty came sadly as no surprise because I’ve watched “Paxman in Brussels”, where he asked the young, enthusiastic Europeans – for them, nationality is obsolete – what they thought about our demand for Sovereignty.

The answers were frightening. To them, the Sovereignty of a nation was of no importance, because in the holy EU, “we share our national sovereignties and that makes us stronger”.
Paxman didn’t ask what they understood by ‘shared national sovereignty’ – but we only had to listen to Cameron to learn: it’s trade, the economy, low roaming charges … (no, he didn’t say the last …).

To round off the image of the young enthusiastic EUropeans, so well represented in the audience given free rein to harass Nigel Farage, Paxman spoke to three British students in Spain who are on an EU study scheme. One might have assumed that these three were a little bit better informed – but no! Their answers showed the same ignorance as those of those other youngsters. They wouldn’t recognise Sovereignty if it bit them on their backsides! One reply illustrated that at it’s most depressing: the EU is good because it allows young people like themselves “personal sovereignty” … Words fail!

But then again – our own Prime Minister, in the debate and elsewhere, demonstrated repeatedly that Sovereignty is a foreign concept to him. It’s a nice word to bandy about, with no meaning as far as he’s concerned, as empty of content as ‘Nation’ which only gets wheeled out by him when he wants to address the old, stupid peasants like us who want OUT.

After all, the proper young EUropeans hate anything to do with nation state, national sovereignty and patriotism. And it’s the yoof that counts, isn’t it! The yoof which can’t be bothered to register on the electoral roll until the very last hour, crashing the Government server, followed by wails about ‘disenfranchisement’ by the usual suspects.

All those MPs who denigrate the electorate as being too thick to understand such complex questions must mean those wonderful young voters, mustn’t they – because the rest of us understand these issues.

And we, not being stupid, know full well that it’s not about “the Economy, stupid”!

Photo by jaroh