We are fortunate.  The arrogance of the shillers for the Sharia has led them to prematurely deliver their crucial opening volley.  After so many centuries of humiliating the dhimmi populations that they subjugated, the habit has proven hard to wrest under control and they have revealed their intent too early.  

Now, whilst we retain the majority and the capability to enforce ‘our’ laws, we need to ensure that enough of those that the Islamic enforcers patiently look forward to humiliating are informed of the real world of the dhimmi and the central role of the Sharia, ‘their’ law, in the future existence of this nation.  The signs are evident that the silent majority already recognises the incompatibility of Islam with our most profound and visceral belief, that we should be free and equal under the law.  The role of the dhimmi does not sit well with a people who, since Alfred the Great set out his laws have been striving to create institutions that ‘judge very evenly’.   

It is true that it was only following Europe’s historic hinge, Luther’s Reformation, that Christendom developed what we now recognise as tolerance, but Islam sailed on unencumbered by doubt and retained the timeless mores of the Sharia: the killing of those with the temerity to become apostates from Islam; the payment of the jizya by the dhimmi – often in an act of ritual humiliation so that, as a Hanbali scholar noted, “all may enjoy the spectacle”; the restriction on infidels building any new places of worship – the list goes on, and on.  Islam has no need of tolerance, simply recognition of its God-given superiority.

Bernard Lewis, recognised as one of the greatest and fairest of the western students of the faith, noted in The Jews of Islam the ever-present propensity to treat the infidel in a demeaning manner – justified by the Koran and the Sharia – from the time that the forces of Islam first cleaved their way across vast swathes of territory, until the creation of Israel provided a refuge for the Jewish diaspora.  The ferocity of the treatment of the dhimmis varied from time to time and from place to place but it never diminished entirely and returned with a vengeance whenever dhimmis got a little uppity, or the external threat to Islam grew.  Just as the ever-increasing numbers of girls in Rotherham had to learn their place in the scheme of things, so, many of Islam’s knowledgeable adherents believe, will the rest of us over time.  

The fact that prior to the Reformation Jews were treated even worse by Christians is now of little account.  That was then and this is now; the most significant outcome of the Reformation and the Enlightenment in the West has been the almost complete eradication of the legal mistreatment of those who think differently.  It is only now, because of the growing presence of Islam in our states that we are seeing anti-Semitism rise inexorably.  

Over the past five centuries the life of the individual in the West changed out of all recognition – but the Sharia, the foundation of the faith of Islam, is almost entirely unaltered and its threats to apostates and Islam’s opponents remain.  The volumes on Islamic law that you can buy today, such as The Reliance of the Traveller, are as relevant to the Qadi, their lawyers, as when they appeared centuries ago.  These are still the basic reference manuals of the Imams and the Qadis across the West because the Sharia is divine, and the forward movement of time brings no ‘progress’ to laws promulgated from Allah’s directives in the Koran, or based upon the behaviour of Muhammad, his final Messenger.

But now, you couldn’t make this up, we have Macron musing over a Frenchified Islam.  As they say, he has two hopes – Bob Hope and no hope!  Haven’t the French philosophes already done enough damage to western snowflakes in their post-modernist university hot-houses?  Any confidence that this latest effort will ‘reform’ Islam can only be held by navel-gazing intellectuals, who, as Orwell famously noted, are the only group dumb enough to credit such mush with any veracity.  

Anyway, enough of the Trump-identified losers, how do we use the over-played hand of the Islamic supremacists in the forelock-tugging world of the multi-cultists, and in the utopia-speak environment of the moron-media’s prescribed grounds of acceptable discourse?  As Gerard Batten recently found on Sky News, biblical bloodbaths will be thrown back at you – but we do not see the Church of England calling for ecclesiastical courts, though Sharia councils are growing in number despite their proceedings being a flagrant abuse of our legal norms.  So, forget their holy book and go for the ground on which we can win, and the target which we can pound ceaselessly without drawing the fire of the knee-benders – the laws which form the foundation of the faith.  If the foundations are destroyed or cannot be built upon, the faith withers.

The Sharia should be the target, and the unacceptable laws which it contains should be the bulls-eye of those defending our freedoms – and those Muslims wishing to leave Islam.  We should always make clear that apostasy is the worst crime in Islam, hence its being a capital offence in eight Muslim nations.  We must make this intolerance the main theme for the eradication of Sharia courts and our efforts must be unremitting and pointed.

As the Poacher moves closer on his target we can take heart that even the middle-class apologists in the Anglican church are waking up.  An Archbishop who actually states in print that the Sharia has no place in our world!  The cracks are appearing, the former fellow-travellers are abandoning the rock-bound ‘all’s well with Abraham’ vessel before it crashes ashore and is pounded by the waves into oblivion.

A last word.  The ‘intellectuals’ will not save us, in fact those cowards have, and will continue to betray us.  With communism we saw the Cambridge spies turn their back on democracy and support the serial-genocidist, Stalin.  When it came to the IRA bombers and their gunmen we saw Corbyn support the Armalite-apologists over the voters of Northern Ireland.  No, we need to rely on the solid core, the visceral centre, as epitomised in a memoir from a different but allied culture, in the classic Israeli account of their war for survival and independence – 1948, by Uri Avnery:

The start of the war presented everyone with a decision.  And the youth divided into two groups – those who joined up and those who did not join up.

For thousands the decision was simple.  They never even considered doing otherwise.  They signed on immediately to the fighting units.  They were not always the cleverest.  Most of them were simple lads.  But they formed the backbone of the generation, they had character.”

For the first time I became aware that this great movement, this earthquake that gripped the youth, had not touched the intellectuals, the poets, or the writers.   Those too who were known as the “young writers” stayed at home, as though nothing had happened.  They did not join us on our road of suffering and endurance.

Those with character prevail, those without wail.  It is time to face down the cowards and make our stand.