I have used the word ‘scandal’ to describe what is happening within the Ukip party at present because that is what it has become. Everyone thinks they have something to say and whilst I am not suggesting that people are not entitled to their opinions the length to which some have stooped to air their grivances is deplorable.Stop this war now as another day will cause very serious damage to the loyalty of the electorate many of whom may have changed their votes of a lifetime to a major party in favour of Ukip. It is not just party members who are smeared by the mud slinging as another contributor has suggested it is all the electorate who put their trust in Ukip. People  in the area I live provided a really good turnout to vote and are still in abject misery at the result of the election. For most of them a vote for Ukip represented hope for the future so concerned were they to see the back of the vile Tories with their promises of massive cuts to the Welfare system.

Conspiracy theories surrounding the election result are rife but local people are dumbfounded that Conservatives won votes in an ex mining community where families still bear the scars of Thatcher‘s rule. Likewise similar theories regarding the vote at South Thanet are still being talked about but one thing is certain in my mind and that is that Ukip troubles have now usurped the media attention and they won’t be letting go in a hurry. The Tories are loving this parading themselves in the media as the chosen ones. Whether by some form of jiggery pokery the country is faced with them having seen off Labour who might take a further ten years to rise again and the Lib Dems are not even on the radar anymore. What a coup it would be if they could also see off Farage. Already there seems to be some sort of a ‘mystery’ surrounding Chukka Ummuna’s instant decision to quit running for the Labour leadership. It is my opinion that dirty tricks are involved in this so called ‘mystery’ as broadcasters have been naming him as the ‘person most feared’ by the Tories. Is it possible that dirty tricks are behind disloyal members or ‘enemies’ of Ukip? Certainly there seems to have been a good deal of backstabbing and some of it very nasty indeed.

Whoever is responsible is not just betraying their party but 4 million Ukip voters. If party members cannot countenance their leader staying on then maybe they should consider resigning immediately if they cannot back the party one hundred per cent. However it is my opinion that this ‘war’ is more about certain members who are seeking self glory. Try as hard as you might you cannot be Farage. He has proved time and time again that he is a strong, charismatic leader who can take on both the EU and the Tories. The party need him now more than ever and so does the country so my message to you all is this. Work honestly with your leader and give us all a fighting chance to stop the Tories inflicting their savage cuts and taking away our human rights. The country needs Ukip more than ever so stop the war now or face the prospect of fading into oblivion like Labour and the Liberals.