It has long been known by anyone with more than half a brain that capitalism is the only system that works. Trying to turn people into socialist ants simply leads to idleness, inefficiency and “vanity” projects that are not economically viable. It has been demonstrated many times that socialism ends in disaster. It is a problem with democracy that sooner or later some politician realises that votes can be bought, but as Maggie famously said, sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money. Of course it’s necessary to dumb down the population so that they believe the false promises. Socialists are always on the lookout for the fabled magic money tree to finance endless bribes and vanity projects.

Thus it is with the EUSSR, siphoning the wealth of the rich countries in the conglomerate into the pockets of the poorer, also making sure that members of the hierarchy have a good living themselves. They are creating a system of mutual interdependence that they hope will prevent exit. It’s inevitable that their financial demands will increase as there’s a greater empire yet to be built.

This includes incorporating the remaining Balkan states plus Ukraine and Georgia. However, these are all one time members of the USSR; there can be no doubt that they fear forcible re-integration with modern Russia. They believe the EUSSR would defend them, indeed a “European army” is planned (at more expense) to do so. British troops are already deployed in Estonia. In my view the idea that Europe could defend itself against Russia without American help is laughable. Does it seem likely that Donald Trump would come to the rescue?

Having said all of the above, there is now a completely new ball game. When the USSR was alive and kicking, it stood ready to help workers anywhere that wanted to start a revolution. Indeed post WWI, British plutocrats were in terror that Red Revolution would spread from Russia to the UK as thousands of battle trained men returned from France. Thus began the process of a more equal sharing of wealth in order to defuse the situation. Now the USSR has disappeared, the wealthy and powerful no longer have to look over their shoulders. Unfettered capitalism is quietly coming back aided and abetted by the EUSSR. It’s got a new name too; Globalisation.

HS2 is just one part of the plot. In my view HS2 makes no economic sense whatsoever. Back in the days when our existing railway network was set up, coal, land and labour was cheap while locomotives were primitive and towns were small. There was no competition.

Nowadays costs are astronomical. The latest estimate is £56 billion according to official estimates (£40 million per mile). That’s just the first bit from London to Birmingham. It will easily be the most expensive railway on Earth because it will have to run almost straight and level, meaning that lots of tunnels, viaducts and embankments will be necessary. All this to save 20 minutes on the journey time! All for those living near one of the infrequent stations and able to afford a viable ticket price; not a great number of people when you think about it. Will the taxpayer be expected to subsidise the tickets? The capital cost is allegedly coming out of public funds.

All the independent experts say HS2 will be a financial and ecological disaster, a prediction borne out by similar railways in the EUSSR. If we need to shift more people, the old Central Railway could be revived far more cheaply. So, one has to ask, why is a Tory government bent on promoting such a project that cuts right across Tory party doctrine on economic viability?

The answer of course lies with the EUSSR. This is ultimately to be linked to and part of an EUSSR-wide transport system.

The purpose of this railway is for the rapid mass transport of police/army/weapons to suppress any mass uprising. Sound weird? Well, think that railways made WWI and WWII possible. Indeed they were absolutely vital to the war efforts on every side. Why was the Trans-Siberian railway built? Why was the Panama Canal built?

All part of the nibble, nibble, nibble. Control and enslave. The purpose of the proposed European Army is primarily to suppress internal dissent. The European High Speed Railway will move them around. Berlin to London in three hours.  Brussels to Scotland in two hours. The ends of the the Chunnel are well guarded, not just to keep migrants out, but also to keep it open until the EU army can arrive to suppress any future uprising.

The whole project is of course completely unsustainable and intentionally so. It is designed to destroy our existing political systems. When the population is reduced to poverty, the economy crashes, as is already the case in the Mediterranean countries where a generation is growing up in penury, leading to envy and unrest. A generation of new revolutionaries imbued by socialist ideology and will be gun fodder for the new EUSSR army. So once again a small (German?) elite will control everything, backed by a brainwashed security force that can be transported speedily anywhere.

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