“The alt-left wants to destroy everything that underpins western civilisation. The media has sided with them. Let that sink right in.”

Paul Joseph Watson, 18th August 2017

Another ‘incident’ where 14 people were killed and 100 injured. Another 36 hours where our MSM shone reporting what happened – only they didn’t.

On Thursday after the murderous attack in Barcelona, our MSM, especially BBC and SKY, were extremely hesitant in their reporting. For hours they avoided mentioning the number of people killed. The rest of the world knew that number already because the Catalonian Police had published it hours earlier. The rest of the world knew full well that this was an attack by murderous muslims while our MSM still warbled about an ‘incident with a van involving pedestrians’.

There were calls from ‘welcome culturists’ not to show any of the gruesome photos which had already made the rounds on social media. Only sanitised photos are now allowed, like that of the unfortunate toddler drowned and so beautifully placed on that beach. The photos of little girls mowed down in Nice and Stockholm and on Thursday in Barcelona: don’t show them, don’t look! Forget about those children …
I think that we should look: we owe it to those killed, to remember the way they were killed. It is gruesome, but so was their death. The reason for not showing, not looking is that it might trigger us, might make us angry – and that cannot be allowed! 

Later on Thursday night, the BBC spent more time belly-aching about neonazis in the USA than about islamic murders. I cannot resist mentioning that one reporter in the US media actually said that this ‘killing spree’ in Barcelona could have been a ‘copycat’ incident because of what happened in Charlottesville …

This makes sense however in view of what was reported on Friday, and how it was reported. Disregard the incident of two people having been killed in Finland by a knife-wielding “lone wolf” (‘nothing-to-do-with-islam’), let’s not mention the incident of one man stabbed to death and one seriously injured in Germany – that was apparently just your usual business-deal-gone-wrong between muslims. No – let’s concentrate on that protest march of a group of people in Barcelona, protesting against the killing of innocents by a jihadi on Thursday!

All MSM (e.g. here) reporting this protest labelled that group ‘neonazis’. They were Falangists, Franco’s old party, nothing ‘neo’ about them. The usual suspects immediately ran a counter-demo, and there were fisticuffs. After all, we don’t want no neonazis, especially if they protest against a mass murder by a ‘misguided’ young man who cannot help himself, being in thrall to self-driving, radicalised white vans …

There is method to this madness. It is simply about isolating all normal people who are disgusted and angry about the increasing number of terrorist attacks by muslims. It’s about making them shut up. It didn’t work so well when labelling 17 million Leave voters as bigoted xenophobes, but the metro-elite will keep at denigrating the British people.

Take note that the International MSM have now taken the first steps towards connecting ‘neonazis’ with islamic atrocities. The Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Woods is already fully on board – do read this report!

This is how it works:

First, use the latest lefty ‘hate’ label for something everyone despises, e.g. Ms Wood labelling ISIS as neonazis. No proof is needed, the label suffices: we despise ISIS, we despise neonazis, therefore ISIS = neonazis.

I can already see the arguments flowing:

  • neonazis – bad;
  • murdering people with white vans – bad (think Finsbury, do not think London Bridge!);
  • islam = religion of peace – good;
  • muslims – good;
  • ISIS = neonazis – bad;
  • therefore: ISIS jihadi murderers = neonazis;
  • therefore: suppress all neonazis.

But: ISIS = muslims, therefore – good, or have I missed something?

But: protesting against ISIS/jihadis = neonazis (remember: ISIS claimed the Barcelona attack as their triumph) is good, isn’t it?

Therefore the protesters against jihadis cannot be bad because they protest against neonazis, i.e. ISIS, don’t they, and the protest is therefore good, yes? No?

Look at the inanity of the MSM and the political elite in its full beauty:

‘Neonazis’ are protesting against killings perpetrated by (muslim) ‘neonates’ – but that is a bad thing …

Do you understand that? No, me neither …

I do understand however that we have ‘Hate Crime’ legislation. So is it now not a ‘Hate Crime’ to hate neonazis? If it isn’t, are we then allowed to hate ISIS because they’re neonazis? And is therefore islamophobia not a hate crime after all? Or what?

Have you had enough yet? Have you had enough of the prevarication and obfuscation of our MSM and politicians every single time there’s a new muslim-perpetrated atrocity?

The Left are now shown up as islam’s useful idiots. The Right, previously known as ‘conservatives’, are now denigrated as ‘neonazi/alt-right’ and must be attacked, even for their anti-islam stance and never mind that ISIS = neonazi …

We can observe this nicely whenever the MSM interview Nigel Farage, insinuating more and more explicitly that he and by extension UKIP are guilty of causing these atrocities.

We can observe it even in UKIP, where some members, from MEPs down, are frightened of taking a stand against islam and the crimes committed in the name of that religion because of what the MSM might say. Thus, by attacking the one candidate who actually has taken a stand for some time, not just since Thursday, they do the work of the Left and the MSM 

So – have we had enough yet? It doesn’t look like it, does it!

I do wish those Kippers who would rather be ‘friends’ with the MSM and the likes of Ms Leanne Wood in the Westminster Bubble and on the Islington Dinner Circuits were to open their eyes and connect the dots!

More and more voters – which UKIP needs to win over if we want to win seats in Parliament  – are watching what is going on. Believe you me – they have indeed had enough, and they are connecting the dots!

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