Obviously this is a “Bondism” and not my original although I have always thought the third consequence was war, however I will not argue minor points but invite my readers to agree with me that the saying aptly describes the sequence  of events: Westminster Bridge in March, Manchester a couple of weeks ago and now London Bridge

On Sunday morning, Mrs May chaired a COBRA meeting and issued a statement afterwards. She particularly linked the three events, claiming that they indicate a “new direction” in the type of activity in which Extreme Islamic Terrorism is enforcing its presence, particularly using “safe” and presumably hidden cyber-spaces and operating as self-starting (rather than networking) enterprises. While she and I cannot link the three events as being designed to affect the General Election democratic process (the first having occurred in March and the GE called in April), It does seem to me that the latter two, whether designed or not, have had a significant effect, not only leading to pauses in the process, but being timed to gain the oxygen of notoriety  at the optimum moment when the nation is involved in a conscious national process.

Perhaps our Muslim communities are not exactly dancing in the streets here, but I am sure  these “victories” over the decadent and apostate infidels are greeted much more enthusiastically in areas where ISIS activity is overt. Mrs May has brandished her sword, well at least she has tut-tutted and promised a 4-point super plan, said we must all stand together and meanwhile stay calm and carry on with the election. For once I am in agreement with our own “Zombie” leader who has refused to give any comfort or gain to the terrorists by confirming their capacity to have the self assumed “right” to impose their demonic delusions on populations in such a cowardly fashion.

Mrs May can shelter behind her tough-as-old-boots image, her mantra that this is different this time and her pathetic 4-point-plan which I would have thought was being implemented prior to Saturday’s events, seems to me more like a “Two Ronnies” sketch providing the answer to the questions before; the one that should have been answered after Westminster Bridge and again after Manchester.

Anyway, it`s the old cliches and platitudes and kick the can down the road time, as usual. We don`t even appear to be getting the army out this time (would it have been under 8 minutes before the execution of the three if armed soldiers/police had been regularly patrolling popular areas?) and as usual there is a complete failure to talk about or to get to grips with the gigantic Elephant in the room.

On Saturday morning I awoke to the sound of my Radio alarm which has the dial tuned in to Radio 4s Breakfast programme, my entry point being 7.30am, there was a discussion taking place in that the proposition was

“in the 2016 referendum, Immigration occupied a very prominent position, yet in this GE, it hardly gets a mention”

The upshot  according to a chap called Green was that neither of the two main parties wanted to talk about it, as it was hard to explain how this nation could experience the addition of a city the size of Birmingham every few years and not notice there are cohesion problems.

They didn’t actually say ‘Elephant in the room’, but in fact you will see there are two of the great beasts and neither of them are being tackled.

Great Elephant number one is that catastrophic overcrowding, pressure on services and social cohesion has been building up since Tony Blair’s crackpot attempts at racial blending and diversification.The country is full up and has been for some time, the pint pot cannot absorb even an extra quart without  a concomitant investment in infrastructure and services.

At the same time Great Elephant number two has to be taken into account, having grown from this vast unsustainable influx so that different communities have grown bringing with them their own ideas of conduct of their daily lives and customs and teachings of their faiths which are not just contrary to those of the host nation, but in some cases are downright illegal.

Many words have been written on here pointing out the probability of a British branch of the Islamic Caliphate coming to be established, not just from terrorist radicalisation, but from the pure fact of superior birth rate. It is easy to say that Sharia Law, FGM and Halal slaughtering should be eradicated, in many aspects it is illegal. But there is one trait that must be outed and abandoned and that is the treatment of their own womenfolk in particular which influences wholesale their males` attitude to indigenous women. To say that many women endure a form of slavery, and may not be let off the leash, sexually, physically and morally, or enjoy the full freedoms of life outside their homes or of the rule of their taskmasters, all this under the guise of some sort of religious taboo is abhorrent.

Mrs May, the MSM and the rest of PC society cannot legislate or fight to end terrorism alone, there must be an overt impetus from all these new communities to utterly destroy and cast out old customs. If they wish to continue to live, harmonise and blend in with their adopted nation then they have to fully open up their hearts and commit to full female emancipation.

Photo by State Library of New South Wales collection