Ed: This article was first published on Gerald Gravett’s blog “The World According to Gerald” and is reproduced below with the author’s permission. Gerald prefaces his blog thus:

As a UKIP member, I am inspired by the Duke of Wellington’s comment before Waterloo:

‘I have an infamous army, very weak and ill equipped and a very inexperienced staff.’

We all know what happened next.

As was widely predicted, ‘Auntie May’ has succumbed to the pressure and announced that effectively there will be an additional two years or more of transition which will take us up to at least 2021.

There has been speculation recently as to whether she would fire prominent individuals from both sides of her Party. included in this speculation have been Chancellor Philip Hammond, a leading light of the ‘Remoaners’ and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a ‘Brexiteer’. She is not in a strong enough position to risk upsetting either side and is clearly attempting to appease both. In this, she is not satisfying either and is leaving the door open for virtually any outcome. She is letting the country down – again.

We must leave the EU and quickly. Article 50 provided for a two year transition period up to March 2019 – 2 years and nine months after the refereendum. Mrs ‘Maybe’ is in a weak position and has effectively extended this period by at least two years to a minimum of almost five years after the referendum, presumably in the hope that ‘it will all go away’.

The position is dire. During this extra two years – or more – we will presumably have no representation, no MEP’s, no say at all. We will still be subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court, have no control of our borders, be tied into the single market and customs union and all the other baggage that comes with EU membership. But, and it is a big but, we will continue paying over two million pounds net an hour for each and every hour of that two or more years, with the added prospect of a huge ‘signing off’ fee running into tens of billions of pounds at the end of the whole process – if, in fact, it does eventually come to that.

The last two Conservative Prime Ministers have ‘led’ weak Governments. Both have got it wrong on vital issues – from their point of view at least, It cost Mr ‘Chameleon’ his job and will almost certainly ultimately cost Mrs ‘Maybe’ hers.

From 2010, there was Mr ‘Chameleon’, that wearer of a coat of many colours, who had to rely on the support of the Liberal Democrats to last as long as he did – an action, which all but destroyed the Liberal Democrats, whilst enabling Mr Clegg to add the title ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ to his curriculum vitae.

Mr ‘Chameleon’ promised for many years that there would be a referendum, but prevaricated saying that it would happen ‘when the time was right’ – presumably meaning when he thought the ‘Remoaners’ would win. What a blunder. He promised to get immigration levels down to the ‘tens of thousands’ in the full knowledge that this would be impossible whilst we remained members of the EU. Another blunder.

Mrs ‘Maybe’ has proven to be a characterless Prime Minister, who is not in control of her own party, viz. her fudging of ‘Brexit’. Her judgement has been proven to be flawed by the last General Election Campaign and the resultant dependence upon an expensive deal with a handful of Irish MP’s.

We should not forget another blunder on the part of both these Prime Ministers. The European Arrest Warrant scandal of 2014. I reproduce below my article of December 2014 which clearly demonstrates what happened.

Mr Cameron’s  and Mrs May’s handling of the ‘European Arrest Warrant’ scandal

Home Secretary Theresa May had responded to a question in Parliament regarding the ‘European Arrest Warrant’ from Sir Edward Lee by saying, and I quote, ‘The House will have the opportunity to vote on this matter in due course’.

On the 29th October, during ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’ in Parliament and broadcast on the ‘BBC Parliament’ television channel Mr Cameron said in response to a question specifically about the ‘European Arrest Warrant’ and I quote ‘We are going to have a vote, we are going to have it before the Rochester by election’.

Come the day of the promised vote on 10th November, the Speaker was asked ‘Does this vote secure the European Arrest Warrant?’ His reply was very specific ‘The European Arrest Warrant, along with other measures, is not part of the measures before the house today.’There was no vote on ‘the European Arrest Warrant’ on the 10th November.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary said, by way of excuse, ‘The ‘European Arrest Warrant’ is not on that list because it does not require to be transposed into our legislation because that has already been done.’ Should this be true, then whatever possessed her and the Prime Minister to make such a promise?

Let us be clear about this. There are only two possible answers. It was either a lie or they are both incompetent. Honestly, I do not see any other possibility and I am genuinely sad to have to say these things about a British Prime Minister and his Home Secretary.

The whole situation is a disgrace and the decision of the people to LEAVE the EU must be respected. The time has come for all patriots to step up to the plate.