A few facts badly need repeating: UKIP won the 2014 European Parliament elections; UKIP polled 3.8 million votes at the 2015 general election (more than the SNP and Lib Dems combined); at that same election UKIP came second in 120 seats; UKIP represents the real opposition to Labour in its own northern heartlands; UKIP represents a real threat to the Tories in the shires. UKIP forced the establishment to give theplebs the referendum denied for so long; thanks to UKIP, we, the people, voted to leave the European Union. UKIP still has much it can achieve domestically. While it was mainly associated with the European Union question, it had a vibrant and workable set of policies on offer in 2015. These are still valid today, perhaps more so. UKIP councillors are at work in their communities, for their communities. UKIP offers so many people a real alternative to the tired old status quo. What was the point of all that worn-out shoe leather, the money and all those words, both printed and spoken?Is this all about to be sacrificed – and for what?

Before UKIP came along I just did my electoral duty as and when allowed. As the mainstream parties became ever more detached and self-absorbed, UKIP began to give voice to my worries and fears. I responded. At last, a party in touch with ordinary, decent people who had been taken for granted and largely ignored. I sat up and took note of UKIP. For the first time in my life I became actively political. I attended UKIP meetings, I delivered UKIP leaflets and I began writing for UKIP Daily in support of the party.

UKIP, your relevance is far from over. We may have voted to leave the EU but we are nowhere near that point yet and given half a chance the others will prevaricate and obfuscate hoping to keep us in by sloth.  I can’t think of a better example of how crazy things have become when we cannot stop thousands of people, who have no connection with country, from turning up, mostly unwanted, while a decent Aussie family, who may well have historic ancestral links to us, face being deported. If UKIP diminishes now, we’ll be back to the same old business as usual. Just look at Cameron’s tawdry resignation ‘honours’ list. Are you seriously attempting to compete with Labour’s destructive internal machinations while the smug Tories and the mischievous SNP look quietly on? UKIP is the United Kingdom’s one true national party and we need it right now.

An empire cannot fall from without until it has fallen from within.I make no comment on individuals or process; that is for others. All I want to say think country, not self.

Get a grip UKIP, for all our sakes. Your country needs you.