I can still remember the early hours of the 24th June last year when the returning officer for my area called myself and the remainer designated person over. He showed us the written result and the feeling of relief and euphoria that we had voted to leave by the same eventual percentage that the nation had, swept over me.

But in the last ten months since that day many things have happened. A new Prime Minister gave us all the belief, although very brief, that she was the strong woman in charge and that `Brexit means Brexit’. Safe to say nothing has happened, court cases in the high court, challenges and debates in the House of Commons, allegations of backsliding and now to cloud and dilute the issue even more, we have a General Election in which we have to submerge ourselves.

Alongside this lack of anything concrete happening on Brexit we saw the virtual destruction of the political party that vociferously argued for and brought about the referendum and the momentous decision that this nation would in fact divorce itself from the EU.

Ukip have put themselves completely through the ringer; changes in leader, arguments and fisty cuffs in the EU parliament and our one MP leaving has not in any way endeared ourselves to the electorate. The abysmal debacle that was the Stoke Central by-election further underlined just how low we have got.

The science of elections, the electorate and how people vote is a subject that this party, it seems, could not even get a CSE in, let alone an A*. But we trundle on unabashed and with a confidence that can only come from a true British patriotic collective of people jutting their bottom jaw`s out and demonstrating very loudly what that `stiff upper lip` is.

National and local issues now to the fore, unless you are a Lib Dem of course. Theresa May has without a doubt caught us all out. She has played a blinder and blindsided the political parties, including for sure, her own. We were, at the start of a re-build. Things we were told were beginning to happen and much needed direction, changes and leadership were on their way. Shelved now, we have to make the best of what we have. However, what is emerging are the battle lines of confusion.

Labour are in total complete melt down. They have a leader who does not believe in the country and its people. The main players, the shadow Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Education and Chancellor of the Exchequer have handed to us on a plate so much ammunition with which we can legitimately hit them with, and this is without talking about their policies. Anti -Semitism, Racism, praising the IRA, refusal to sing the National Anthem, open door immigration, borrowing £500 Billion… goodness it is a feast.

The Tories are over confident, almost arrogant. They are backsliding on immigration and control of our borders, they are also dipping their toes in very dangerous waters; the triple lock on pensions, the five locks on tax, the cutting, not to the bone but to the marrow now, of front line services. They are all it would appear to be up for debate as they consider getting rid of them. £15 billion on so-called overseas aid confirmed as a policy. A decision, it would seem that was made on the hoof by Mrs May. Again a veritable feast for us to gorge on.

The Lib Dems are, safe to say, a single issue party; have they actually mentioned the NHS, Education etc? Tim Farron is almost demonic in his pursuit of a second referendum, his language is becoming more hysterical and singular in its message. I have yet to know who their spokespeople on national and other issues are. Mr Farron is their spokesperson and he has only one thing to say.

Tim Farron last May, when had rather different views on the idea of a second referendum.

So where are we? Well that is the million dollar question. Half way through a campaign for local councils on the 4th May we have been caught, well and truly with our pants down. I was arguing for and very disappointed with the lack of support, assistance and leadership with regards to these elections, so the spectre of a General Election can hardly be a good thing at this present time.

That being said, the tide of opinion can be swung, it appears to me that there is a need within this country for something that people can latch onto, get behind and support. Something that they can flock to in thousands. Working class people in this country desperately need a champion, they need an edge, a cause and a belief in a party that stems from and is grown from them. We have to be that party. We have to speak their language, we have to engage, talk dirty and use the industrial language that they understand. We have to have common sense policies. It is essential.

Our edge is to shun the mainstream media who have already, before we have even got going dismissed us, written us off. We need to show strength and unity and use social media, town hall meetings, and street meetings and get the message out that way. The media could then be our greatest friend and asset if we adopt the attitude that is Trumpesk. Ignore them, call them out and they will want to, and be desperate for our business.

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