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GE 2017: the challenge for UKIP

Ed: this video by Anne Marie Waters sets out the challenge for UKIP in the coming General Election, the issues UKIP must take on board because if we don’t – who will? As Nigel Farage said, and as Paul Nuttall repeated: UKIP must be radical or it is nothing.


Please watch Anne Marie’s video:


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49 Comments on GE 2017: the challenge for UKIP

  1. The video loses all impact when that music begins. Not good.

  2. Toby Micklethwait // April 30, 2017 at 12:36 pm // Reply

    Dear Vivian (Evans),

    Paul Nuttall did well on the Andrew Marr show (minutes 17-22):

    Also at the launch:

    Nigel and Paul seem to agree that UKIP is nothing if it is not radical. UKIP’s vital function is to pick up important policies that the other parties will not touch.

    Anne Marie Waters is great at enunciating such policies.

    I (and everyone I have talked to in UKIP Surrey) wish AMW the best of success in Lewisham East. We are lucky to have her.

    Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

    • But she has been stopped from standing in Lewisham by an NEC decision? Or has that been reversed now?

      • Toby Micklethwait // April 30, 2017 at 5:10 pm // Reply

        Dear Brian,

        Thank you for your comment.

        It seems I had been failing to read the “GE 2017 – UKIP, the ‘Burkha Ban’ and how to appease the establishment” thread on which the news that AMW could NOT stand was reported 29.4.2017.

        Regards, Toby, 01932-873557

  3. Anne Marie can teach many poeople how to speak with passion. I watched the speech here and the one sahe gave for the Swedish authority. I am sorry to say, that I have not heard anyone else speak with the same conviction and passion as Anne Marie.

    Yes, there might be multi meanings for the word beating. Let me tell you that the same difficulty arises with the word peace, in Arabiuc there appears to be three meanings.

    How insulting to the Danes, that their country did not offer the economic migrants sufficient benefits that they had to continue onto Sweden. WEhy is this never mentioned today?

    If you really want to know what is being said openly in the Islamic and Arab world, go online to MEMRI.ORG (Middle East Medias Research Institute) a highly respected site, used by various intelligence and security organisations, especially the Americans.

    On the campuses, Jewish students are disallowed to hold conferences and pro Israeli speakerts are banned. Why? Simple, the truth will out. Wherever we look at the world’s trouble spots, it is vitually within the Islamic regions whether they are in the minority or majority. They murder each other and non believers. They demand everything that they forbid to non believers. How often do we hear that Islam means p[eace, it actually means submission or to submit? How often are we told that Islam is a religion of peace? Yet, our highly paid news editors never really question just exactly what that means.

    Anne-Marie is being wasted, sadly. If UKIP end up badly, as I suspect then PN m,ust resign to be replaced by a more dynamic person, such as Anne-Marie. Go girl!

    Go online to UNWATCH to see just what is happening, most of which is never reported or is only bite size information. What a further waste of our taxes.

    Perhaps Anne-Marie might want to find an updated map of the Green Islamic map of the world, centred on Mecca.

  4. Excellent video from Ms Waters, eloquent, straight talking and never fluffed her lines. UKIP must consolidate, its hit choppy waters and needs a steady captain. What UKIP must not do is to become like the main stream parties, we don’t need any more of those thanks.

  5. Thanks a million Viv,
    Otherwise, I would not have come across such a “find”
    in fact I think she might turn out to be UKIP`s eventual saviour.
    To be quite honest, I wasn`t too taken with the set piece presentation you printed – far too severe, static and a bit uninspiring to me.
    but…………came the end of the piece and I had an opportunity to look at another piece of her work given to a Swedish audience plus Q & A
    What a revelation!!!!
    She`s a absolute star.
    Such a talent, such an ability to marshall the facts and express them like a machine gun, such authority, she takes no prisoners, such modesty and did I detect a touch of humour?
    The complete article – just what we need.
    But please do the girl a favour; not as leader, she would be wasted in administration far better that she becomes “Chief Strategist,& Spokesperson”, I was also going to say Press agent, but I would suggest that as separate, but reporting and clearing with her.
    I would also suggests she operates independent of the NEC.
    She is undoubtedly the best communicator that I have ever heard, other than Nigel. She has the ability to inspire and I believe get people to work for her.
    Lucky are UKIP that she threw in her lot with us – I suspect, like me UKIP was her only (last) hope.
    I think that`s where UKIP stands now.

  6. Could I suggest that, if Ajax could provide us with a photograph (or video?) of him/herself with his comments, it might allow us to amuse ourselves by making moronic, facile and irrelevant comments about his/her hairstyle, makeup, complexion and general appearance whilst we struggle through the turgid absurdity of some of his contributions.
    Just a thought…

    • It’s not much of a thought, you pathetic little man =/

    • I agree with your thought 100%, Howard, and Ajax should take the insult directed at you and apply it to himself. He’s good at dishing it out, isn’t he, but hopeless when it comes to accepting criticism.

  7. I live in Enfield, North London; and I am an Ex-Enfield Councillor.
    The majority of Muslims I know do not want to integrate and will not integrate.
    In order to reduce my ignorance, I bought and read a Version of The Koran I bought from www. – not; one thing I learnt from it is that ISLAM and DEMOCRACY are highly incompatible.
    UKIP – at all levels within the party’s organogram – should pragmatically accept this reality and pay more attention to issues which will improve our qualities of life and living at affordable £costs nationally. IT CAN BE DONE AND WILL GET US MORE VOTES AND MEMBERS.

  8. This excellent video has just brought me to tears. If only this courageous woman was our leader – I can but hope. Anne Marie, you have earned my deepest respect.

  9. Now that the party has declared itself to be anti-Sharia, it logically must also become anti-Halal. They both spring from the same fetid source.

    A helpful side effect of this bold response is that the virtue signalers over at the Guardian have been thrown into a state of confusion. They perhaps do not recognise the full scope of their predicament, but it is forcing them towards acknowledging that their multiculture mantra has failed.

    Some cultures really are superior to others. Thankfully the Guardian is unprofitable and hopefully will go bust.

    This is our leader in waiting! Not just because of her undoubted truth and passion but also because of her understanding on many other key issues; and do not forget the utter failure of all political parties to support the tens of thousands of British gang raped children. Along with John Rees Evans we would have a winning team ( throw in Peter Whittle for good measure).
    Has corbyn ever spoke with sympathy and anger about the children of Rotherham?
    If you want a scary adventure go like I did ( on business ) to Lille and Roubaix and (accidentally in my case) walk into the police declared ” zones sensitives”. In broad daylight you will find yourself in places more dangerous for a stranger than the souks of Casablanca or Tangiers.
    Is that what any sane person wants – whole towns or large inner city districts where you are told to never go to as your life cannot be guaranteed.
    (How that jackal macron and his madeup party will win beggars belief).

  11. The next UKIP leader – after Paul Nutall resigns following the upcoming electoral humiliations. Lose the “I Vow To Thee My Country” background music though.

    • I agree. I would vote for Anne Marie on the grounds she has courage and a fighting spirit.

    • CK,
      Agreed about the music, but Anne Marie could go far, somehow I do not see her changing her mind about what she believes in just to win votes, this is something that we see happening all the time even in UKIP, (remember that leaflet).

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 28, 2017 at 5:37 am // Reply

      Keith,wouldn’t Anne Marie be a great leader,I too hope that PN does in fact resign.
      I too fear we are going to take a hammering in the up and coming elections.

    • Yes, I was a little dismayed by the music, especially as I believe that background music of any kind detracts from the power and the message of the human voice (something that too many TV programme-makers don’t seem to grasp).
      Maybe it was dubbed on later; I can’t imagine Anne Marie would want something as cheesy as swelling music behind her. She also needs a lighter backdrop to be filmed against.

  12. What a load of junk. No – people are concerned about whether they can pay the bills, whether they can get decent health-care when they need it, and whether their kids can get a decent education.
    People are worried about the time they spend trying to get to work on over-crowded roads and pressures on over-burdened services.
    People are worried about unsustainable housing plans and the decisions in this country being taken by the self-serving elite who govern for themselves and not for local people.
    If UKIP want a relevant agenda, it’s to take back control from the elitist politicians and return it to local people and local communities – give people a real say in what happens in their lives.
    This obsession with Islam is simply rancid and pathetic.

    • Mike,

      I would not go as far as you and say this is a load of junk because it is clear not, we only have to look around us, but you are right about the other things that also need to be included in a comprehensive manifesto, that’s why I ask again where are our other policies?

    • @ M Baldock
      I see that you are as short-termist and short-sighted as career politicians who look only to the next election. It’s a form of tunnel-vision that results in denial and refusal to tackle important long-term issues.

    • Mike. Can I ask what area do you live in please?

    • GEOFFREY CHARLES ELLIOTT. // April 28, 2017 at 5:24 am // Reply
      Mike Baldock,click the link,and you will see that what you say is a load of junk,could not be further from the truth.The rise of Islam,so promoted by the vile and verminous,
      past and present Governments,who are the traitors who are hell-bent on turning this once great country into a Muslim Embracing State.Every party is now pandering and appeasing each and every demand of that most peverted so called Religion,we’ve even had it from UKIP,with that hidden pro Halal leaflet.Anne Marie Waters is the only hope for UKIP,and the country,she is head and shoulders above everyone else.
      Anne Marie is not afraid to speak the truth,I hope and pray that she will become the new leader of UKIP,she really is our last chance.

  13. This wasn’t bad, a little too generic on populist polices maybe, & she could do with styling her hair a bit & using some make-up, as this bare pale faced lank-haired look gives the impression of a secretly angry & repressed Irish Catholic nun who’s unhappy & wants to take it out on the world; but what makes me a tad uneasy about this lady is her apparent fixation with Mohammedanism (which came out here despite her obvious attempts to restrain it for the video, but it still seeped out nevertheless), which is not where UKIP needs to go.

    UKIP is facing electoral meltdown, its councillors that are up for re-election are about to be sent over the top in something that I suspect is going to resemble the 1st day of the Somme, with them on the receiving end. The leadership has a duty to these people to give them 1/2 a fighting chance, and give the P.P.S.’s some hope of saving the deposits, which at the moment there’s little prospect of.

    What it needs to do to claw back the mess the party is in is quite obvious, & I’m waiting for Nuttall to do it. If he doesn’t, then like the late, not so great, Graham Taylor when he was managing England – another man who had been promoted beyond his skill level – he’s in the wrong job, & UKIP will need another Captain.

    • Ajax.
      My understanding is that you do not consider Islam is going to assimilate and integrate with the rest of society and UKIP going in wrong direction in hoping for this.
      I am very interested in hearing your ideas on what UKIP should be doing and the main policies UKIP should be adopting.

      • Maximus, ‘Integration’ is a false idea regardless of religion persuasion, it’s ridiculous when the Tories & civil service mandarins in Whitehall espouse it, & depressing to hear UKIP dumbly echoing it, as Nuttall currently is.

        UKIP has too little time before the new Parliament is elected to form a cogent manifesto, & it has lost a year post-Brexit rather than transitioning smoothly into a domestic political entity chaotically stumbling around.

        Farage in no small measure is responsible for this by walking away as he did leaving the party with no obvious successor, & then using his influence to try to appoint several keeping the seat warm candidates for his absence, all of whom were out of their depths.

        He therefore has a lot to answer for for the mess that UKIP is in & Nuttall has inherited, however Farage publicly offered Nuttall a guide-rope a couple of weeks ago on how to transition UKIP into a domestic entity, which N. appears oblivious to with the nonsense of the last few days.

        The key UKIP policy attack in the GE 2017 should be stopping the Liblabcon’s mass foreign immigration policy, which is running at the astonishing sum of 300K every year now.

        UKIP under Farage spent the last 6 years brilliantly wresting this issue from the control of the Cultural Marxist zeitgeist of the last 50 years, to the point it became one of the key weapons that smashed the Liblabcon’s control of the EU Referendum debate (it became so effective that even elements of the Liblabcon like Johnson & Grayling began using it).

        Each part of the Liblabcon Order has facilitated, supports & is currently facilitating mass foreign migration, making all parts of it equally extremist & vulnerable to attack upon this key policy area.

        The public is now deeply disquieted about this area (despite the MSM ignoring it & trying to drown it out with all the phoney cheer-leading for May “The Brexiteer”), & this presents a large gap for UKIP to become the expression of its will on this issue against the governing order.

        May is up to her neck in this policy personally also, having been in control of it at the highest level since 2010, & having supported Remain in the Ref. (which would have assured that East European mass migration would have remained uncontrollable) & she has every intention of continuing it as long as she is in Downing Street.

        What’s going on is the biggest, most radically extreme change in the England & Wales’ demography in more than a millennia, which has unknown & dangerous potential, economically, culturally, civilizationally & societally, & UKIP should use it in this election as a electoral weapon to ruthlessly attack the whole Liblabcon Order with (including running attack ads on May, Corbyn & Farron’s records on the issue), & present itself as an antidote to their extremism.

        There isn’t much time, but if it were done quickly, & expressed well (with the master of presentation Farage assisting with fronting it alongside Nuttall), it might stabilize UKIP’s ship from a total electoral capsize on June 8, & give the party a new horizon line to steer itself on, to do to the Liblabcon Order in Westminster what it did to the eu.

        That, to answer yr ? – is what UKIP should be doing.

        • Ajax.
          Thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed and clearly written answer to my question. I very much appreciate this. I am learning much of value on this site.
          You have written an excellent description re the overall situation we are in.
          You have also stated the main policy UKIP should adopt.
          I am in full agreement with you that mass immigration is the issue on which UKIP should fight this GE.
          I agree that if immediately adopted it would transform UKIPs prospects in the coming GE.
          Main policy. Complete halt to further immigration.
          Constantly talking about immigration will get loads of publicity – Trump found all publicity helped – even when it was negative.
          Going forward UKIPs reason for existence should be as a campaigning party on this issue.
          UKIP should put immigration at the top of the agenda of political debate for the next few years.
          Drawing the mainstream parties into having to discuss and defend their own policies on this issue.
          It is also essential that the entire party of UKIP can agree on and be united re this policy. Put aside differences over all other policies for the time being.
          Thanks again for your detailed answer.

        • Yes to all that, but immigration is not enough – it never was.
          We have to have a strong economic policy to appeal to a patriotic alliance of low and moderate earners.

          • @Q: There’s no time to develop that in a few weeks before the 2017 GE poll, which is what I’m focusing on. UKIP needs a central domestic political big theme (backed up by other filler policies for plausibility – which N. laid out today in the manifesto launch), & foreign mass migration is it.

          • Point taken Quercus. I still need to read your articles. I expect it will be worthwhile.

      • @ Maximus
        Contrary to Ajax’s claims, liblabcon have never done anything more than pay lip service to the concept of ‘integration’ in this country. Having foolishly allowed (or, in the last Labour government’s case, deliberately encouraged) mega-mass-immigration, they began to see that it caused problems and so developed the Leftard policy of multi-culturalism, which is as far from ‘integration’ as it is possible to be.
        This policy is now recognised by anyone with a functioning brain-cell as a completely disastrous and divisive failure. But it has been fully exploited by muslims, enabling them to build up a mini-theocracy with power bases in certain towns and cities: muslim ghettoes where many women and children don’t even realise and are not encouraged to realise that they inhabit Great Britain whose sophisticated political and judicial systems, culture and society have been the pattern and model for countries around the world. Those women who cannot speak English and those children going no further than islamic schools and the mosque might as well be living in a Pakistani village, dominated as their communities are by imams and the respected ‘elders’ who dictate everything, including how to vote.

        And so we have sharia law operating to the especial detriment of women and homosexuals, we have cruel ritual halal slaughter, we have abominable, illegal FGM, we have appalling, illegal forced marriage, we have women covered from head and face to foot in a way that impedes social interaction and compromises security, as well as offending British women who had to fight long and hard to escape their own subjugation.
        We have muslim rape gangs that no one had the guts to expose or prosecute for years, so entrenched were these criminals within their self-ruling ghettoes which protected and defended them with ‘political correctness’ as their weapon.

        So UKIP’s ‘Integration Agenda’ is not the ‘dumb echo’ of Westminster politicians/civil servants as Ajax unthinkingly claims, but a radical challenge to those in power who have allowed a dangerous situation to fester for years while denying it existed. It is also a challenge to muslims to realise and remember where they are, whose country this is, and that there is a limit to tolerance when intolerable, unBritish, grossly unfair, cruel things are happening in the name of an alien religion/ideology. ONE Law for All – and obey it!

        • Panmelia. Thanks for your detailed post. The knowledge on this site runs deep. So much to learn. The task ahead is indeed great. Really all the nation needs is a patriotic government with a common sense mindset and things will soon start moving in the right direction. I believe it will happen.

          • @ Maximus
            I, too, believe it will happen, but only if UKIP sticks to its guns and keeps hammering home its message. It did this for years when exposing the iniquities of the EU and making people realise that if we continued along the same road, we would be absorbed into a European super-state that respected neither democracy or the British people’s right to decide anything for themselves. We got out just in time.

            Controlling islam is a comparable problem, because we have only a certain amount of time to escape the consequences of allowing it to get a firm foothold here: not only in terms of a sizeable population that will eventually outnumber the true British, but also the support they can depend on from anti-Semitic Labour to get into positions of power, and the PC hate speech laws which protect them from justified scrutiny and criticism.

            And now UKIP has shot itself in the foot by rejecting Anne Marie Waters as a PPC. They’ve just set the cause back by allowing themselves to be bullied by the usual suspects.

    • Ajax,

      I know you do not want me to reply to your comments but I could not leave this one, do you not think you are being a bit personal about Anne Marie’s appearance perhaps even a tad misogynistic (I am presuming you are male please correct me if I am wrong), does it really matter whether she wears make up or not and what her hair looks like? Surely what matters more is what she says.

      The one thing that really annoys me about Mrs. May is how perfect and coiffured she always looks on camera, dressed to the nines in very expensive clothes looking like she has never done a days work in her life, which let’s face it she has not. Then she tries to tell us how in touch she is with working class people and wants to so improve their lot, I ask you when did she last meet one? All her visits are carefully choreographed never mingling with ordinary folk at all, as she may get asked some embarrassing question or worse still heckled.

      As for comparing Anne Marie to a repressed Irish nun, I think that is going a bit to far, she just holds strong views which she backs up with facts, what is wrong with that? At least she shows some passion and frustration at what is going on, is’nt that what we want, someone with conviction? In all honesty the only thing that grates with me a bit in this video is the background music which to my mind does make it a bit ‘cheesy’, but that is a small detail.

      • I don’t mind you replying Donald Duck, you can do what you wish, just don’t expect me to always counter-reply when you do & I have nothing more to add.

    • @ Ajax
      I notice how casually sexist you are with your comments about hair and make-up and nuns: shallow and trivial comments which you wouldn’t dream of making about a man. I met Anne Marie last week and she’s a very friendly, intelligent, committed woman who’s not looking out for Number One – a refreshing change in a politician. But I don’t suppose that matters to you as much as her having the latest hairstyle.

      ‘Fixation about Mohammedanism’?! Why don’t you just write ‘islam’? – it’s so much easier to pronounce and spell, for one thing. The other thing is that a serious concern does not amount to a ‘fixation’, and all of us need to be seriously concerned about islam in this country and around the world.

      Personally, I’d like to be able to ignore it completely as I used to, before its unlovely adherents insisted on thrusting themselves on my and everyone else’s attention with noisy threats, warnings, tirades, bombs, flying bombs, guns, knives, machetes, lorries and cars as weapons, injury, death, destruction and mayhem wherever they go.
      It must be nice for you to be loftily above it all and so dismissive. You’re in the company of liblabcon politicians who dismiss the concerns and even try to make people shut up about it with accusations of ‘hate speech’.

      • Panmelia,

        You put this so much better than me by hitting the nail straight on the head, Ajax does seem to adopt this sniffy supercilious rather pompous attitude. I do wonder what he looks like and would love him to make a video putting forward some of his superior viewpoints, perhaps he would do us the honour and forward one to this website. Can’t wait to see it. There is one thing for sure he cannot be accused of and that is: Mohammedanismphobia, my God that is a mouthful!

  14. Viv, at your brilliant best! Thank you so much for introducing this brilliant speaker to us. She really nails it.
    To those confused as to where UKIP fits on Great Britain’s existing political landscape I say this.

    It doesn’t.

    None of the legacy parties are for Britain. Whether they say they’re from the left, the right or for environment, they all support, sustain and promote, each in their own devious way, the same anti-British globalist agenda. They’re not working for us, the ordinary Briton. They’re working for them. They are all the enemy.

    UKIP: Not left. Not right. Just Straight Forward!

  15. This should be adopted as a UKIP party broadcast and get MSM coverage

  16. Dear people, who will indeed! This is a wonderfully heartening video, in that Anne Marie addresses the issues that many of us in UKIP have hung on for. We know that UKIP has a purpose, and we know what that purpose is – now we have a spokeswoman who is willing and most importantly able to speak out for us.
    I’m realistic enough to know that there are those in UKIP who may not agree, and I would ask those people if anyone, any other party has been willing to address this crucial question – who will speak for Britain, if we don’t?
    Last night on Cross Talk the French commentor said that the problem France has – and there are large areas that are ‘no go zones’, whatever the MSM likes to lie about – is because Politicans have been afraid to address the problem of their changing culture, first because of political correctness, and now because they are afraid of what will happen if they do. We are almost in the same position. If we don’t face it now, we abandon the people of Britain.
    UKIP has made a start, let’s go forward supporting Anne Marie, Margot, Anish, Peter and David, to mention a just a few of those Standard bearers, and let’s encourage our Leader to give them all the help they need.

    • Dee, I’m stunned by her courage and obvious ability to put forward her opinion in a controlled sensible way. I think I’m feeling confident enough to rejoin UKIP, just waiting for some more policies to make sure. I only wish UKIP had a more able leader, who was able to stand up to the media and give them what-fore. I still rate Raheem , he seems fearless.

      • I still rate Raheem, too John. So many able people – sadly, hardly any being used. I would say If and when you feel able, remember you will have to be a UKIP member for a given time should there ever be a vote you might want to participate in!
        Whatever happens in the forthcoming elections, I now don’t think we should give up on UKIP, just sort it out! Onwards and upwards – Anne Marie has the courage required to lead a radical party, and,the calm under fire to cope.

      • John. Please rejoin. It is up to us to battle for the type of leadership we want. I am not waiting for the right policies and the right leader to come along. Taking action instead. Such as vote for Anne Marie if the opportunity comes.

  17. Quite so Panmelia, but we must not delude ourselves we’ll get anywhere on this alone. Too much dependence on this and we’ll soon be up a blind alley.

  18. The UKIP hierarchy has tried to marginalise Anne Marie Waters and this must stop. She is their best asset in her ability to get over the importance of the Integration Agenda to voters, to combat the predictable triviality of the MSM, and the weasel words of the apologists for islam.

    Anne Marie is as far from the ordinary run of careerist ‘don’t rock the boat’ politicians as it’s possible to be. She is vital to the future success of UKIP.

    Viv, thanks for this video. I will certainly be googling ‘The New Brit’.

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